How to get a toll-free number for my business

How to get free toll-free number?The Total Beginner’s Guide

To get a toll-free number for your company, first, contact your service provider and evaluate the features available. Once you have completed setting up the account, assign the phone number to a designated line and your service provider. Your toll-free number will be activated within one hour.

What is toll-free number and how does it work?

What is a toll-free number?

Toll-free numbers are telephones that can be dialed from a landline for free. They come in definite three-digit codes. 

Mainly a toll-free telephone number improves communication with consumers and enhances marketing by providing a freeway for clients to communicate with the business. Most of toll-free numbers service providers support 800 numbers with various level options. Nonetheless, most providers assume companies already know what to do when they require number because toll-free numbers have been in the market for quite some time.

How can I get 800 number?

How to get a toll free 800 number for your business?

To get an 800 toll-free number, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Decide if your company needs an 800 number

If your business spends most of the time on the phone with their clients, you need a toll-free number. A toll-free number is especially essential for companies. It can be personalized to be compatible with the business, and potential clients do not incur the cost. If a client is going to spend around fifteen to thirty minutes on a single call to your business, letting them call your business for free will be very beneficial to the customer.

Step 2: contact your existing 800 toll-free service provider

Go through your current service provider to see what he has to offer. You might get a better service by signing an account with them than a new provider.

Step 3: Go through other toll-free number service providers

Many companies advertise the capability to provide toll-free 800 numbers. To ensure that you have settled for the best service and support, you should contact other reputable service providers to configure your number. Some of the best toll-free service providers include AT&T, Vonage, Verizon, and Flowroute.

Step 4: Compare prices and features of various providers

All toll-free number providers have different packages. Some offer some features at an extra cost, while others provide them for free or they are included in the packages. Some providers require a minimum payment that is inclusive of a set number of minutes, while other providers do not require payment; however, they charge for every minute.

Note that when it comes to 800 toll-free numbers, incoming calls from various regions will cost you different amounts. For example, if you have a business in the US, receiving a call from Canada will cost you more than a call from any State in the United States.

Step 5: Look for features which are suitable for your business

Some toll-free number providers provide additional advanced features like office administrators, virtual, voice-to-email, voicemail, and caller ID. Only get a feature that is within your budget and business needs.

Step 6: Configure your account

Once you have chosen your provider, contact the business, then configure an account. Most toll-free service providers will allow you to select your number if it is available. You can customize the number by personalizing it and making it memorable. To make your number memorable for customers, make sure it matches your business service. For example, if you are in the auto business, try to get a number like (800) 555-CARS.

Step 7: Assign your number to a designated line

This is the last step. Toll-free 899 numbers need to be routed to existing telephone lines. Routing your number to an existing landline will be cheapest and simple since you do not have to be concerned about bad reception or running out of minutes.

Toll-free number takes less than an hour to be activated.

Who are the cheapest toll-free number providers for business?

Cheap toll-free 800 number service providers 2019

Knowing where to look for a toll-free number speeds up the process of getting one. Below are some of the best toll-free 800 providers in the market today.

  • FreedomVoice

If you are looking for immediate service, then FreedomVoice is most suitable for you. Freedom provides vanity number or 833, 844, 877, 866 or 888. It provides a free mobile app and a virtual attendant.

Other FreedomVoice features include: call recording, get Name&Address, random hold music, ease of use, and signing up and affordable prices. However, FreedomVoice needs to be upgraded if your business does not have desk phones or softphones with CloudNumber plan.

  • RingCentral 

RingCentral provides 800number prefix. You can also choose 844, 855, 844, 888, and 877. RingCentral allows you to import your number directly to them if you have a toll-free number from a different provider. This ensures that everything is the same.

RingCentral comes with features such as optimizes unified communications, call logs, screen sharing, conferencing and faxing. However, RingCentral is not transparent when it comes to pricing for minute bundles. This makes it hard to evaluate how much getting a toll-free 800 number will cost. 

  • MightyCall

MightyCall is not fully committed to toll-free 800 business numbers. But, the company provides a solution. MightCall provides VoIP services just like RingCentral and Vonage. The initial step you take when you set up MightyCall is to choose a toll-free number; this is reported on their website. This service aims to make sure your business has a dedicated, professional number for customers.

MightyCall toll-free numbers have the following features: call recording, call routing, mobile app, call forwarding to any device, make and receive calls on the go, VIP or blacklisting, mobility, visual call flow configuration, call queues, unlimited calling, no hardware is required, and users can port a current number for free. Besides, since MightyCall is a VoIP service provider, their toll-free 800 numbers come with the same features found in regular business VoIP phones.

However, MightyCall does not have the np pay as you go option which makes it hard for starters to decide if they should upgrade from the service of the basic plan to their standard package.

  • Grasshopper

Grasshopper provides immediate services and allows your business to check for available numbers from their homepage.

Grasshopper features include: 833 prefixes, voicemail transcription, ability to text from a toll-free 800 number, multiple lines, you do not need to obtain new hardware to be able to use a smartphone and collaborates with Jive to enable customers to place calls from their desktop.

However, Grasshopper lacks auto-attendant. Thus callers cannot easily find the appropriate department or agent to speak to. If your company needs to optimize the user experience, and they rely mainly on toll-free 800 numbers, auto-assistance can assist.

  • CallHippo

CallHippo describes how to get a toll-free number on their home page. It is suitable for small businesses with tight budgets. It offers low prices and gives the company the ability to add many users. However, CallHippo lacks features like call blocking and blacklisting.

  • is similar to Grasshopper. It mainly focuses on providing businesses with toll-free numbers. All you have to do is go to their homepage, and check if the number you need is available through the search bar. To make the process easier, provides options that you can buy immediately. features include call forwarding, number parking, vanity phone numbers, auto-attendant menu, number porting, user-friendly website and 833, 844. 866, 877, 88, 800 are all accessible.

However, lacks call recording or auto-attendant for a low price. This can force customers to look for the service from other toll-free 800 service providers with affordable price and more advanced features.

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