How do multi line phones work?

How does a multi line phone system work?

A multi line phone works in the same way as an ordinary phone apart from it has been built to have two lines. This indicates the two phones may work off the same telephone line and might receive the same calls. This can be used to either allow one person to receive multiple important calls or to let someone screen calls before passing them to an executive.

Multi line phone systems are often used across a broad range of sectors and industries to improve productivity, communication, and clarity. multi-line phone systems let the business to transfer incoming calls to the appropriate contact, easily and quickly.

The multi phone is designed to accommodate all of your communication needs; these kinds of phones are a perfect solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It thus does not come as a surprise that they are the go-to solution for companies looking for flexible phone systems with user-friendly, business-focused features, and benefits.

With the advance in technology, today, switchboard systems now provide exceptional performance, versatility, and functionality- completing and improving your day to day business operations. A multi-line phone system will also raise the status of any new business as it shows investment in a phone system instead of depending on personal mobile.

Multi line phone system offers you an ability to communicate professionally with clients, which is essential; in building trust with customers. This will help to grow business – besides, communication generates high consumer satisfaction rates, while creating a trustworthy impression.

How do multi line phone system work?

Multi line telephone system – how it works?

Multi line phone systems come in two types- multi line phones and private branch exchange lines. For standard multiline phones, typically go up to 10 phone lines are linked to every phone unit and can be answered individually- these are represented as lines- and are supported by a receptionist. A PBX system utilizes an automated directory to funnel callers where they require to go. You possibly have used this and been requested to press 1. 

Multi line phone systems are not as complicated as they sound to use. They work similarly as a regular phone operates, except they let you enjoy the benefits that come with having multiple lines and enhanced functionality.

This indicates that your company will not only be able to accept multiple calls at ago but will also be able to successfully screen calls before passing them onto another team member. If you would like to assign every member of your team their own number that can be dialed directly to their handset, or you want all of your team members to be able to dial out external numbers, multi line phone systems are perfect communication systems that can be integrated into many different business environments.

Multi line phone system for business

There are many reasons why businesses would warrant investing in a multi line phone system. The ability to communicate efficiently with clients is essential to getting the customer to trust your company. This will assist your business to grow, as greater customer satisfaction leads to better consumer retention.

There is a wide range of simple and more complex phone systems available, and the model that is suitable for you will be based on your individual business needs and expectations. Note that multi line phones work differently depending on the option you settle on. However, they all let you receive multiple calls at the same time. For example, in case you have four incoming calls at once, they will go via different lines.

Other universal features that you can get include call transfer and a convenient voicemail system, as well as a speaker system that lets receptionists or consumer-facing staff alert team members of any incoming calls.

Communication varies from business to business. Besides, there are no two businesses that are the same when it comes to kitting your business out with a multi line phone system- it is critical to consider your individual needs.

Some of the best multi phone on the market include; BT Versatility 2-line Analogue Telephone, Xblue X16, and Panasonic KX-TES824E among many others.

How do you answer a multi line phone?

To use a multi-phone system, program auto-dial by pressing the key marked Autodial with the headset on the rest. Telephone the number or a list of numbers you wish to call, then press Autodial to store the number in the phone. To auto dial, select the number you want to dial, then hit Auto dial. Auto dialers will call up numbers automatically from a database, sense the difference between Voicemail, Live Answers and Answering Machines, and deliver a pre-recorded message.

You can conference others by pressing the conference key and dialing the number you wish to call. Click the conference again. To call up a number outside the building enter the external access number, in some cases is nine, and then the number. 

When it comes to dialing internally, or within the company, dial the four-digit extension number of the individual you want to reach. When you want to assign numbers for speed calling, press speed call, then key in the number you wish to assign to spaces one through the highest allowable number. Click speed call, once you assign the number. 

To speed call press speed call then the position the number you desire to dial is placed in positions one through allowable number by your phone. Transmit a call while on a call by pressing the transfer, the four-digit number of the call recipient and Transfer again.

What are the types of multi line phone systems?

Types of multi line phone systems for your business

There are various switchboards systems you can choose from:

  • Key telephone systems

Key telephone systems are the most traditional multi line phone systems. Users simply require to accept incoming calls or place outgoing calls by pressing the dedicated key on their telephone set. The issue with these key telephone systems is that they are not part of a business network, as they do not let any extension system be used. Besides, these systems do not have any scalability, and quickly turn absolute when technologies and the needs of users evolve.

  • PBX systems

These multi line phone systems have become very popular. Since they represent a real, connected enterprise telephone system, they let you use extension numbers and other communication devices such as fax machines. They can also be used in more than one physical location, and are thus recommended for big companies working across multiple sites. 

  • Hybrid telephone systems

Hybrid telephone systems are very similar to PBX  systems, but they depend on the internet to transmit some voice communications. They are thus known as a hybrid since long-distance calls will be transmitted over VoIP, while local calls will go via the traditional phone system. This enables substantial savings on telecommunications costs, and call quality is less and less of a concern.

These multi line systems have become increasingly popular, even for small companies. 

  • Hardware packages

A large number of manufacturers produces Multi line phone systems. The simplicity and small size of modern systems let them be sold in all-inclusive, ready to use packages. The Panasonic KX-TES 824, BT versatility and Orchid PBX 308 plus telephone systems are good examples of hardware packages.

  • Panasonic KX-TES 824 multi line phone systems

These multi line phone systems from Panasonic have been designed for small and medium-sized companies. They can accept up to eight exchange lines and 24 extensions. Pricing starts slightly over £300, excluding VAT.

  • Orchid PBX 308+

Orchid PBX 308plus system, designed mainly for small businesses, comes in a 4-phone, 3-extension line, 8-user extension package, together with all necessary cables and connectors. The usual essential features are supported, but also more advanced ones such as flexible ring assignments, power failure transfer, and programmable call restrictions.

VAT-exclusive price stays below £300.

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