What Is My Microsoft Teams Phone Number?

Microsoft Teams Phone: What you need to know

Learn more about Microsoft Teams Phone

Learn more about Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams, formerly known as Skype for Business is a business collaboration platform. With more than 270 million active users, its usage exploded during the COVID pandemic, which ushered in the new age of collaborative as well as hybrid work. The platform is recognized for its video conferencing as well as instant messaging, and document sharing tools, it also offers a robust telephone suite that allows customers to call and make calls right within the application.

From small companies to multinational companies, businesses all over the world are recognizing that Microsoft Teams Phone is more than able to replace complex telephone systems for business – eliminating complicated hardware, cutting down on overheads and, most importantly, giving their employees greater integration and a better communications experience. You may be thinking of migrating onto the system, or recently heard about it.

What Is My Microsoft Teams Phone Number? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look at the capabilities and features that are available on Microsoft Teams Phone. Microsoft Teams Phone and the advantages of implementing it into your company.

What Is My Microsoft Teams Phone Number?

What Is My Microsoft Teams Phone Number

What Is My Microsoft Teams Phone Number? To view your Teams phone number, go to your Microsoft Teams admin center. From the left navigation menu click Voice > Phone numbers. To look up the phone numbers assigned to them check the column titled Assignment Status, which will also show the kind of service it will be assigned.

What is a Teams Phone?

Microsoft Teams Phone is a service offered by Microsoft that allows cloud video and voice calling from your tablet, computer or mobile phone, as well as your desk phone. Teams Phone is a 100 100% cloud-based VoIP phone system integrated within the familiar Microsoft Teams platform. For companies who use Microsoft 365, Teams will already be a standard tool for working with colleagues through video, chat, voice and shared documents. With the introduction to Teams Phone users can now make and receive calls with the same software.

Why use Microsoft Teams phone?

  • A modern phone system: From call control, auto-attendants, voicemail, and much more, Microsoft Teams Phone is a modern-day phone system that was specifically designed to meet the needs of modern communications demands.
  • Call from anywhere: With increasing demands to stay connected from anywhere and at any time, Microsoft Teams Phone users can remain connected in motion. One number is available across all devices, including computers tablets, mobiles, as well as desk phones.
  • Hold online meetings: With dial-in conferencing, real-time transcription and captioning, Microsoft Teams Phone enables companies to hold meetings online that is safe and simple for everyone to connect.
  • All-in-one solution, integrated with Office 365: Microsoft Team Phone’s all-in one solution, users can easily communicate with a single app. They can also connect contacts easily through Microsoft 365.
  • Maintain seamless business operations: With Microsoft’s 99.9 100% uptime guarantee, businesses will be able to be productive and efficiently at any time using Microsoft Business Voice.

Features And Benefits Of Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft will let you use their software for everything. This is now a reality, including making and receiving calls using Microsoft Teams Phone. This is an incredibly powerful communications software Let’s explore some of its most impressive capabilities and benefits.

  • Use auto attendants, call queues, and call escalation: Let’s start this list by introducing features that you’ve come accustomed to from top-quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions:

    Auto attendant Routes callers directly to the person or department they want to reach without having to go through a receptionist or an operator first.
    Call queues Treat callers to custom greetings and play pre-recorded messages or music while they’re on hold.
    Call escalation Easily turn a one-on-one call into a group call with video, screen sharing, and other features.

    A variety of more common (and uncommon) VoIP features can be included within the following Microsoft document.

  • Do away with desk phones — or use feature-rich ones: Why would you spend more on office phones when you could simply connect internet-connected devices like laptops, desktop computers, and mobile phones to Microsoft Teams Phone? If you’re only installing your telecommunications through Microsoft Teams, you won’t necessarily require desk phones, which will mean savings from the start.

    But, if for some reason, your team must make use of audio equipment for the conference room There are many that have been certified to be compatible with Microsoft Teams. Desk phones and other devices certified by Teams include a range of unique features, including:

    1. Authentication – For the sake of security, do not allow anyone to access your phone. Agents for phone use authenticate themselves using their credentials for access on their desk phones or other devices like their mobile phone or computer.

    2.Hot desking – If the user logs in to a certified phone with Teams the phone will be able to access the contacts they have and meetings. Additionally, the preferences they have set will be displayed to that phone. After they’re done making use of the device, they could quit the device to ensure that the phone will be available for the next user.

    3. One-touch join – One-touch join allows users to check their calendars and join meetings easily by pressing one button.

    Do you have any ideas? To connect your telephony device into Microsoft Teams Phone, just log in into the Microsoft Teams account on that device. It’s as simple as that!

    Microsoft is working with a growing number of manufacturers of mobile phones to ensure that you provide your employees with the phones they require to accomplish their work as well as allowing your supervisors to monitor them effortlessly.

  • Easily monitor and enhance call quality: If calls that are not working are identified, Teams’ call analytics lets help desk admins and agents examine those particular calls to identify connectivity and call quality issues. Administrators can also look at their call quality report for an overall view of the quality of the Microsoft Teams Phone system.

    Teams also includes the feature known as Quality of Service (QoS) that prevents calls from separating as well as video chats from freezing. This is accomplished by prioritizing transmission of delay-sensitive network traffic like voice calls or video streaming for conferencing. This means that QoS lets data packets originating that are delayed-sensitive to network traffic get before other information streams that are able to delay, like app downloads.

  • Easily port existing phone numbers or obtain and assign new numbers for users: If you already have phone numbers from another provider, you can simply provide a letter of authorization (LOA) in the mail to Microsoft and they’ll handle the transfer of your numbers.If you require new numbers for people in Utah Then, using your Microsoft Teams admin center ought be enough. Actually it is possible to count upon the administration center to obtain the phone numbers of different countries and regions, and to follow the rules and regulations.But, in the event that you are unable to get new numbers through the admin center, or if you’re required to use particular area codes or wish to utilize vanity numbers, simply submit the LOA directly to Microsoft. They’ll manage your request there.
  • Have someone receive a call for you when you’re busy: There are occasions when you’re unable to answer or return a call on your own and you don’t want to be unable to respond to anyone, particularly when they’re important customers. Luckily, Microsoft Teams Phone has the feature of delegating that allows for you to let the Teams user receive and make calls on behalf of you.

Types of Microsoft Teams Phone Numbers

Types of Microsoft Teams Phone Numbers

Microsoft Teams uses different telephone numbers depending on the reason you’d like to utilize the number.

Teams make use of number numbers for users. These are assigned to employees within your organization, as well as service numbers that are assigned to specific services like audio Conferencing Auto Attendants, and call queues. Service phone numbers offer greater capacity for concurrent calls over user numbers. Phone numbers for service are accessible however, they differ by region and also the kind that the phone number is (whether it’s a toll or a toll-free number). If you require additional or different types of numbers different from those listed in the Teams administration center, you may submit your request for a telephone number at TNS Service Desk. TNS Service Desk.

User numbers

The numbers assigned to users can be assigned to the users There are 2 types:

  1. Geographic numbers: These numbers are those that have an association with a geographical region and are the most popular. For instance, geographical telephone numbers generally are only available to those who reside in an address city, state, or region within the country.
  2. Non-geographic numbers: Non-geographic numbers are numbers from national networks that don’t connect to a geographical area within a particular country or region. For instance, non-geographic numbers typically have the same price for calling from any location within the region or country. Some countries, for instance Denmark only have non-geographic numbers.

Service numbers

Service numbers are offered in various types of numbers and the availability varies depending on the country or region.

  • Toll service numbers: Toll service numbers could result in a cost for tolls for the caller. there are two kinds of toll service numbers:
  1. Geographic numbers:  Geographic numbers are those that have connection to a specific geographic region. For instance, geographical numbers, in the majority of cases, are only available to those who reside in the boundaries of a specific address or city, state or a particular region within the country.
  2. Non-geographic numbers: These are numbers of national origin that do not connect to a geographical region within a region or country. For instance, non-geographic numbers typically have the same price for calling from anywhere in the region or country.
  • Toll-free service numbers: The service numbers typically don’t require a toll charge for the caller. Teams offer national toll-free numbers for more than 60 countries/regions.

How much does Microsoft Teams Phone cost?

You might be thinking that all these capabilities and features come with high costs however it’s not the case. Microsoft Teams Phone is one of the most affordable business telephone systems currently available. Plans for calling vary by region and depend on whether you purchase directly from Microsoft or through your existing service provider.

Microsoft Teams Phone Benefits

If the features on their own haven’t convinced you to look into Microsoft Teams Phone, lets look at a few advantages for business:

  • Enhanced Connectivity: Stay in touch with colleagues and others through a single, unified platform. You’re no longer restricted to a specific place, your business line is now within your pocket or even your laptop, anywhere around the globe.
  • Security: Microsoft Teams requires multi-factor authentication and calls are protected by using a technology that is end-to-end.
  • Flexibility: Convert a phone call into video meetings with just one click.
  • Affordable: Beginning as low as $8.00 per month for each user, Microsoft Teams Phone plans are among the lowest priced options available.
  • Simple: Microsoft Teams Phone Microsoft Teams Phone is user-friendly and, since your customers already have a familiarity of Microsoft Teams, they won’t require any additional instruction or assistance. With just one more thing you need to worry about, your IT department will thank you as well.
  • Reliable: Microsoft Teams as well as The Microsoft Teams Phone is renowned for their reliability and always-up service.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Microsoft Teams give you a phone number?

If you’re setting Audio Conferencing in Microsoft Teams, dial-in phone numbers are assigned automatically to your business.

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