What Is A Call Center Auto Dialer?

Understanding a Call Center Auto Dialer

What Is A Call Center Auto Dialer?

Why Does A Business Need Call Center Auto Dialers?

A growing number of companies are establishing their own call centers instead of outsourcing. This is due in part to the low cost of cloud-based auto dialer services as well as their subscription model.

If you’re employed in a customer-facing position, you’re probably familiar with dialing the phone, calling a random string of numbers and then hopefully having the conversation you want to have. It’s just routine at this moment, don’t you think?

Although you may not consider the consequences of making an outbound call to a client Have you stopped to think about the amount of time you could have saved if a machine performed the job for you? If not, you should put your phone down. A machine similar to that exists, it’s referred to as Auto dialer. This article will describe what is a call center Auto Dialer? And how software for auto dialers aids call centers in scaling.

What Is A Call Center Auto Dialer?

Understanding a Call Center Auto Dialer

What is a call center Auto Dialer? An auto dialer for a call center Auto Dialer is a program that dials numbers automatically for outbound calls, thereby helping the users (typically call center employees) from needing to dial the numbers manually. Auto dialers are fairly basic capabilities. They dial automatically and can tell if calls were answered by a human or an answering machine. Depending on the situation, they are able to play a message or transfer calls to agents for them to manage the call.

Auto dialers are employed by outbound call centers to make service or sales calls. However, due to the ease of the system and affordable costs for implementation They can also be located in small companies as well as in doctors’ offices and schools. If you have children in school, you are likely to have received an automated call informing them about early starts or warning them about snow days.

How Does An Auto Dialer Work?

Auto dialers, as their name implies, automatically dial out the contacts, eliminating the need to dial manually. After the dial number has been entered by auto dialing, the system will detect if the call was received by an answering device, if it was picked up by a real person, or when the line is busy. After the voice detector has identified who is answering the call, it will transfer the call to an agent, or provide a list of choices to the person who answers the call, play a recorded message or leave an email.

Benefits of an Auto Dialer

  1. Advertising. An auto dialer can help to efficiently run marketing campaigns by making sure that your agents pay focus on leads with the highest conversion rate.
  2. Ensures 100% Utilization of Agents’ Call Time. As opposed to manual dialing, auto dialers allow you to maximize the most efficient utilization of your agent’s time on the phone. By reducing idle time agents will become more productive and aid in increasing the number of calls connected.
  3. Keep Constant Interaction With Customers. The main goal contact centers must pursue is interaction with customers. This is where an excellent auto dialer software can be of great help. Instead of performing unnecessary tasks, agents can focus on making calls

Weaknesses of an Auto Dialer

  • It isn’t checking to determine if an agent is available, resulting in being disconnected from calls.
  • It requires more than the presence of a few call agents outbound.
  • It creates a brief wait for agents to join the call.
  • It is not always able to recognize answering machines.

What are Pros and Cons of Using an Auto Dialer

Pros of auto dialer

Once you’ve figured out the meaning of an auto dialer and how it operates Let’s look at some of the benefits of making use of it.

1. Expedite outbound calling Without auto dialers, your agents need to put a lot of extra time and effort to manually and sequentially dial each telephone number when they want to make a call. Also, it takes more time and it is somewhat difficult for people to differentiate between a productive and unproductive number. Because of this, auto dialer software can help your company to boost the efficiency of your operations by dialing telephone numbers and doing automatic calling of your agents.

Auto dialers also route only those calls that were answered to live agents. This makes it easier for agents to focus only on making a personalized customer experience and improving customer engagement. Some types of auto dialers can also boost agent productivity by increasing their call connection ratio.

2. Reduce agent idle time Progressive and preview dialers are a type of auto dialing software that make outbound calls using a one-to-one ratio, while predictive dialers are designed to ensure that the agents are handling more calls in a short amount of time. Most auto dialers use predictive algorithms to decide what is the right time to initiate the outbound call.

Because of this, auto dialers dial the numbers before an agent becomes available to handle the next call. Many companies using auto dialers these days can leverage predictive dialers to increase the talk time of their agents and customers and to reduce agent idle time. The auto dialers can also make agents productive by allowing them the option to only handle connected calls.

3. Boost Sales Preview dialers allow agents to access up-to-date information about the customer or lead before interacting with them. The information then helps the agent to decide how to personalize the conversation before handling the specific call.

Those personalized interactions between the agent and the customer or leader make it easier for agents to keep the leads engaged and possibly convert them into customers. Many companies use the power of preview dialers to increase their revenue by converting leads of a certain value into customers.

Cons of auto dialers

Although an auto dialer may be fantastic, there are certain cons to think about. Let’s examine these.

1. Predictive algorithm can fail Most predictive dialers use algorithms to determine when an agent will be available to handle the next outbound call because only then can auto dialer software help ensure that the agent is handling the biggest number of possible leads.

However, the algorithm often makes the dialer make new calls without actually checking agent availability. Sometimes, customers disconnect the call when their calls are still there in the queue, which could be a problem.

2. Additional staff requirements Auto dialers call customers sequentially and route answered calls to the next available agent. However, since most companies rely on predictive dialers and their algorithms to decide when to initiate the next call, a company needs to have enough agents to actually leverage the power of predictive dialers to its full capacity. Auto dialer software cannot run outbound voice campaigns efficiently with just a few agents.
3. Inability to accurately detect calls In theory, auto dialers detect answering machines, voicemails and numbers that do not go through by using voice recognition technologies. They use the technology to only route connected calls to the live agents. 

However, many auto dialer software just use basic voice recognition technology. This type of technology sometimes does not differentiate between human beings and answering machine calls. It sometimes can route voicemails or answering machines to live agents.

Are auto dialers illegal?

Are auto dialers illegal

The use of the auto dialer can be legal so long as you’re in compliance with federal and state laws. These laws change frequently and it is important to be aware of them to ensure you’re calling legally.


In the age of fast-growing technology and cloud computing businesses that want to expand and get an edge in the market and gain an edge, it should also search for a product that offers its customers an excellent experience. It is crucial to choose the right product that will scale to meet the demands of a growing company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Types of Dialers for Call Centers?

There are various types of dialers an outbound call center could utilize, depending on its objectives. For instance, one company may require a dialer for large outbound calls to promote sales and marketing and the other may require it to monitor customer information using a CRM or customer experience management system.

The Different Types of Dialer for Call Centers Are:

  1. Auto Dialer
  2. Power Dialer
  3. Predictive Dialer
  4. Progressive Dialer
  5. Preview Dialer

What is the Difference Between Predictive Dialer And Auto Dialer?

Auto dialers are known for their ability to manage the load through the assignment of connected calls to the available agents. Predictive dialers are a popular choice for campaigns that seek to increase connectivity.

Predictive dialer software makes the call just a few seconds before the agent finishes his previous phone call. It does this by estimating the agent’s time and its availability. In contrast, an auto dialer will dial an “x” number of contacts and connect calls answered to a live representative.

When you create the auto dialer cost per agent the predictive dialer calculates and sets the rate of dialing based on the amount of agents, the duration, and so on.

An auto dialer is ideal for teams with fewer than eight agents, and for campaigns that have limited contact lists.

The predictive dialer program is ideal for teams that have over eight employees, and campaigns that have high volumes of calls and quick turnaround times.

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