What does an Auto Dialer Do?

How Auto Dialers Can Help Your Business

How Auto Dialers Can Help Your Business

Benefits Of Using An Auto Dialer For Your Business

If you’re employed in a customer-facing position, you’re probably familiar with dialing the phone calling a random string of numbers then hopefully having your ideal conversation. It’s an automatic process in this day and age, don’t you think?

Although you may not think twice about the act of making an outbound phone call to a client. Have you stopped to consider the amount of time you could be able to save if a computer did the job for you? If not, you should take the phone off. Since a device like that is already in existence – it’s known as an ”auto dialer”.

What does an Auto Dialer Do? In this article we will explain what an auto dialer does, what they do, how they function and lastly what benefits they could offer your business.

What is an auto dialer?

Auto Dialer For Your Business

Auto dialers are an outbound solution for call centers that can automatically dial customer telephone numbers, and provide important information using an automated message or connect a customer to a live person when the call is answered.

What does an auto dialer do?

What does an Auto Dialer Do? A dialer that auto-dials automatically dials numbers from the call lists and saves call center operators outbound in the process of calling these numbers manually. Automated dialing systems can be employed by a range of companies across different industries, including e-Commerce hotels, health care, educational institutions, insurance companies, financial service providers including real estate as well as debt collection organizations (when conducting political campaigns) and many more. Through this automated call system, companies can contact and follow up with thousands or hundreds of potential customers, clients or leads in very short periods of time.

How does an auto dialer work?

Traditional auto-dialers function alongside technology and voice dialers to aid human agents by removing lengthy tasks, and then calling the number automatically. If a call is answered by an auto-dialer, it can either make the connection to live agents or play a recorded message. If the call ends up in the person’s voicemail, autodialers can leave a message or record the number on their system to be called at a later time.

The systems allow employees to concentrate on their customers requirements without having to spend time dealing with rings and unanswered phone calls. The majority of auto-dialing systems function in four components:

  •  Auto-dialer software
    Auto-dialing devices are created by using computer software. The capabilities and features of an auto-dialer are controlled by the software and provider you choose. A majority of auto-dialing solutions can operate on ordinary computers, with the direct connection between the power of your CPU as well as audio performance. However, when you go into contact centers with up to 10,000 channels, you’ll require servers with powerful processors, many CPU cores, plenty of memory, and a speedy broadband connection to run your system.
  • Human agents
    Although some auto-dialing systems utilize pre-recorded calls, live agents play a crucial function in a variety of auto-dialing situations. In the simplest case you’ll require a person who can record messages. choose the right call list, select the dialing mode, and then start the system. A majority of autodialing systems require a significant number of people to take calls that are inbound.
  • Voice modem
    Voice modems are needed for transmitting and receiving recordings of voice over telephone lines. The technology was designed for fax and data communication and therefore make sure the device or modem you are using is capable of handling voice transmissions. If you’re uncertain if your particular modem is capable of handling voice messages, search for any indications that the device comes with a form of software for voicemail.
  • VoIP or landlines
    Connecting calls using auto-dialing devices can be done using either landlines or VoIP. However, the majority of auto-dialing systems are shifting towards cloud-based connected systems that are integrated with the top CRM software and offer a comprehensive array of advanced capabilities that could remove the requirement for a voice modem.

Why use an auto dialer?

Reasons to use an auto dialer

The goal of making use of software such as the auto dialer’s purpose is to remove the need to waste their time manually dialing each number they have to dial. So, they can concentrate more on the content and the successful transmission of the message.

Who uses dialers?

Dialers are employed by a majority of customer-facing teams spread across the company. Although sales reps are the most frequent users, dialers have also evolved to accommodate the demands of support and marketing teams as well.

  • Outbound sales teams: Outbound sales teams and telemarketing professionals use sales dialers to increase effectiveness to their outreach efforts and sales processes. For example, outbound sales representatives can load sales call queues, or prioritize those with high value customers, thus reducing idle time as well as increasing call duration.
  • Marketing departments: Lead generation campaigns can be a treasure collection of prospects who are engaging. Dialers aid marketing departments to identify prospects and connect with them based on the interests shown in various campaigns.
  • Customer service representatives: Customer service representatives team members handle an enormous amount of calls. Through the use of a smart dialer the calls can be diverted by self-serve IVRs or directed to the correct agent according to availability, expertise or expertise, as well as other rules that can be customized.

There are three kinds of auto dialers including power, preview, predictive, and progressive. The type you choose should be determined by the business purpose and the way you’ll utilize the auto dialer in order to benefit from it.

Here are some examples to help you make an educated buying choice.

  1. Preview dialers: The preview dialer gives users the choice of placing an outbound call, or to cut it off. An alternative to this is to use a dialer which instantly calls next in the list but without offering users the option of choosing.Preview dialers can be used for situations when the user wishes to look at certain details about the person they are scheduled to talk with prior to beginning auto dialing. This allows for a more personalized experience and preparation for the customer interaction that could be the discovery call or follow-up message.
  2. Power or progressive dialers: Power or progressive dialers: (or power) dialers differ from preview dialers in the sense that they do not allow users to choose which call will be placed. The dialer puts the next call in place once the previous one has ended.They’re a little more geared towards quantity in comparison to the dialers that preview. Therefore, if you’d like to get in touch with the most customers you can in a succession of one after the other a power dialer could be the best choice for you.
  3. Predictive dialers: Predictive dialers take efficiency to a new level when you dial multiple numbers at the same time. Don’t worry, you can’t be expected to call several customers simultaneously.Predictive dialers are an efficient method to connect to as many people on the other side of the spectrum as you can and on a massive size, too.

Auto dialer features

Auto dialers have a wealth of features to allow you to create as many memorable customer interactions as possible. When choosing a product ensure it comes with these features to provide the best possible experience.

  • Unproductive number detection: Auto dialer technology is able to identify when a telephone number you have on your list isn’t worth calling right now and whether it forwards numbers to voicemail or an answering machine or just a busy number.
  • List filtering: Auto dialer technology is able to identify when a telephone number you have on your list isn’t worth calling right now and whether it forwards numbers to voicemail or an answering machine or just a busy number.
  • Integration: Automatic dialers are able to connect to other software around contact information for customers. The most significant one is the customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRMs are tools that allow companies to monitor customer data such as their past interactions with you preference, their location within the buyer’s journey. 
  • Contact list management: auto dialers are able to manage your contacts list, which includes segments. If you’re using a cloud-based system it is possible to upload your contact details of customers in another database. Being able to have the most current method to contact a client is crucial for efficiency and auto dialers will help with the task for you.
  • Time zone management:  There’s several debates on the ideal time to contact potential customers and incorporating time zones is another stress-inducing factor. If, however, the auto dialer you use is an automatic one, you could make it easier by adjusting the time zone to ensure that you call customers only when they are at the right time for the time zone.
  • Call transfer options: Your employees are dispersed, and you may be unable to access your office’s phone. Perhaps your task is to determine if a client is a good candidate prior to them engaging in an exchange with someone else in your company. Whatever the case, if you require to forward the call to a different device or individual using auto dialers, they can do the job for you.
  • Speed customization:  As we’ve mentioned earlier, certain types of auto dialers allow you to dial a number before you’ve finished the current call. It’s an excellent feature, however it can be a little preposterous in terms of the amount of time a user should be allowed between calls.
  • Message broadcasting: In addition to streamlining the process of calling out, auto dialers also provide various pre-recorded messages after the receiver has answered the call. Companies can, and probably will, use multiple broadcasting messages that they can use based upon the type of call.
  • Key campaigns:  Following the broadcast, the message may require action from the person who received the call. Auto dialers provide users with the possibility of offering an option to their clients according to the actions they wish to take to proceed. For instance, it could be something like: “Press 1 to be connected with a sales representative.”
  • Dashboards: These auto dialers offer an insight into the performance of a call-out campaign by providing dashboards that are updated in real-time. So, both users and managers can view the overall performance of the campaign activities, levels of activity, and other statistics.
  • Call monitoring and recording: When you call a business has anyone ever heard an automated voice announce something about the message that’s being recorded or monitored to ensure quality? It’s known as the monitoring feature. It is extremely useful for optimizing outbound calls. When you call a business has anyone ever heard an automated voice announce something about the message that’s being recorded or monitored to ensure quality? It’s known as the monitoring feature. It is extremely useful for optimizing outbound calls.
  • Callback scheduling: When you call a business has anyone ever heard an automated voice announce something about the message that’s being recorded or monitored to ensure quality? It’s known as the monitoring feature. It is extremely useful for optimizing outbound calls.
  • Security: When you call a business has anyone ever heard an automated voice announce something about the message that’s being recorded or monitored to ensure quality? It’s known as the monitoring feature. It is extremely useful for optimizing outbound calls.

Pros and cons of auto-dialers

While autodialers have experienced problems due to their association with robocalling as well as unwanted telemarketing, their wide usage benefits both customers and businesses.

Reduced agent wait times Today’s most advanced auto-dialer systems include sophisticated voice detection technology that allows them to know exactly when to route a call in real-time to a live operator. This way, agents can hop from caller to caller quickly, as there is no downtime spent waiting for ringing and unanswered phone calls.
Increased conversion ratios The information provided by preview dialers can be used to increase personalization in every human interaction. Preview dialers also provide sales agents with the information they need to identify high-quality leads, so they can spend their time where it is the most valuable for your company.
Reduced customer wait times These systems help inbound callers reach an agent easily with callback features, instead of holding, or getting pushed to an auto-attendant or voicemail.
More employees Predictive auto-dialing systems typically require a large workforce. The predictive dialing algorithms don’t route calls based on availability; they predict the exact time an agent spends on each call, and will start dialing the next number on their list a few seconds before the agent hangs up. If all of your agents on a small team are busy, the individual on the other end of the line may not get through quickly.
Errors in detecting live calls Some auto-dialing software in lower-quality call conditions may struggle to distinguish between a live voice and a voicemail greeting. In these instances, voicemail greetings will be routed to live agents who will then need to decide to leave a voicemail or hang up – neither of which is the best use of an agent’s time.

Benefits Of Auto Dialers

Auto dialer systems aid in outbound operations for call centers in numerous ways. Here are some incredible advantages they bring to the table.

  • Improved Efficiency Of Business Operations: The end of manually dialing needs to be carried out when implementing an auto dialer within your company. The system will eliminate drop calls and excessive waiting time or misdialing as well as other limitations on calls. It improves the effectiveness of your company positively.If the dialing process becomes automated, the agents will only receive connected calls. The number of connected calls will be significantly higher due to the ability of auto dialers to identify non-serviceable numbers, voicemails, or busy signals. Of course, increased connections to calls will only improve the productivity of your business.
  • Increased Efficiency Of Agents: The efficiency of agents is increased In comparison to a dialer-free setting, the amount of time agents talk per hour is considerably more when a company employs an automatic dialer. This is the main benefit of employing such software.A longer talking speed can be achieved by using an auto dialer with predictive capabilities. The predictive auto dialer begins dialing numbers even before the users are prepared. It wagers on a specific number of calls that will be answered within a certain period of time. It has a low drop rate, but it gives the best agent talk time that is possible.
  • Unproductive Numbers Get Detected And Separated: Automatic dialing services, particularly the most advanced ones are specifically designed to identify non-productive numbers, like fax lines as well as DNDs (Do not disturb numbers).The benefit of automatic dialers is the fact that they are able to be integrated seamlessly with your CRM or customer relationship management software. Based on current customer information the software can not just detect the unproductive calls, but also filter them due to the integration.
  • Increased Blended Campaign Productivity: Some call centers deal with outbound or inbound calls. A majority of call centers around the world do however handle both kinds of calls at the same time. Being able to manage these kinds of calls in an efficient manner leads to an even higher level of productivity for agents.If you are using a blended campaign, in which the same group of employees or agents handle both outbound and inbound calls simultaneously, auto dialers allow for agents to be in touch with customers.
  • Real-Time Monitoring And Reporting: Through dashboards and reports that can be customized Auto dialers add expertise to agent activities and the call center’s operations. In recognizing real-time issues with real-time dashboards, agents are able to quickly take action to improve their performance, and the decision-making process of the manager of the call center is improved.
  • Quick Adoption Of Any Change In Product Sales Strategy: In response to changes in weather conditions or economic situation or even legislation, a lot of businesses must implement changes to their sales strategies quickly. Because auto dialer software solutions already provide a substantial portion of the necessary elements to make your team successful and efficient, it makes the transition to the new sales plan easier. If the team of agents has to undergo a training, auto dialer permits supervisors to accomplish this quickly by call recording, scripting and live coaching.
  • Fresh Data: Call data is composed of sales leads, which is why they must be contacted promptly. The good news is that data can be sent to a dialer by hand or via an automated method such as the synchronization of databases. Auto dialers are able to process the data from calls at a very fast rate. This will make sure that your leads in business remain warm. Certain actions like making calls back, recycling calls unanswered busy numbers, voicemails can also be automated with an automated dialing system. This will ensure that you are following up on a significant portion of leads in a very relatively short amount of time and efficiently.
  • Consistent Branding: In a non-automated outbound call environment, setting and adhering to service level objectives can be a challenge. The main reason for this is the various levels of knowledge, motivation, and ability of the individual agents and supervisors. Staff turnover, negative attitudes within the team of agents and inconsistent service could cause a variety of performances. A dialing system that automates calls forces discipline on your team and eliminates any inconsistent behavior by automating dialing.
  • More Leads Generated: Generated Auto dialers can be an effective tool for businesses to generate leads. The software helps in contact with more relevant customers and prospects easier for telemarketers, by increasing their talk time.With self-service options available for customers, the best auto dialers can also aid in the gathering of information about customers. The Press 1-campaign is a prime example of a collection of self-service choices that an auto dialing software offers. Even without a live representative the self-service options allow users to gather pertinent details about the product or service being provided by your business. Your company can create qualified leads using these methods by permitting interaction between customers and live agents after playing the relevant recording audio.
  • Better Lead Conversion Ratio: If you use an auto-dialer with an intelligence system for complex internal sales processes which require leads of high value You can add flexibility to your company’s outbound call process.
  • Improved Agent Morale: Contrary to what the majority of people believe auto dialers actually increase morale of the agent in general. It is possible because it helps the telemarketers and agents become more effective in achieving their goals regardless of whether they are getting leads to convert or collecting debt. If the sales personnel within your company are compensated for commission an automated system for dialing allows them to make more money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is auto dialer on Android?

The most efficient method to make calls with no needing to be present is to utilize an auto dialer app for Android. It allows you to make unlimited calls and even manage how long each call will last. It can be used as a single salesperson or a team of salespeople depending on what is most effective for you. But you must be aware of the disadvantages of this type of software.

How much does an auto dialer cost?

The price on this caller to applications that call is different between the two primary plans such as unlimited contact center and cloud-based call center plan.


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