How much does five9 cost?

Five9 pricing

Five9  outbound calling service, which comprises of auto-dialing, begins at approximately $185 per month for every user. The pricing is customized based on the number of usage, features, and usage you require for your system. Five9 does not publish the information on their website, so you have to get the pricing from a third party website. The exact pricing is accessible by consultation.

Five9 is a cloud-based contact center application that includes the capability to auto-dial, enabling company owners to control outbound, inbound, and multichannel operations. It provides features like predictive dialing and pre-recorded messages.

The Five9 Multichannel Contact center applications are custom-designed to cater to your outbound and inbound lead generation efforts. It is an application powered by unique Five9 contact technology. Five9 natural language processing engine allows agents to segregate interactions and examine the appropriate contact to engage. It provides rich functionality with various options for enterprises looking to implement call centers with all the software to run a world-class operation.

Besides, Five9 offers one of the leading and most experienced professional services and customer support teams in the call center industry.

How much does Five9 cost?

Five9 cost review

Five9  monthly license fees for every concurrent agent depends on volume and chosen product options. Bundled seat or long-distance packages available. The Five9 pricing structure is that the monthly fee per agent, and additional telecom fees for calls outside of the continental United States. 

When it comes to cost, Five9 blended call center product, which comprises of inbound and outbound calling and all the features below, costs $165 for a month for every agent. In case your call center has more than ten agents and $175 for every agent in case you have less than ten — one-time setup fee of $250.

Features offered by Five9 include CTI and screen pop; Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), power dialer, progression dialer, interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distributor (ACD), skills-based Routing, preview dialer, web callback, list management and queue callback with the campaign. Customer relationship management (CRM) integration, cloud APIs, text to speech, dashboards and real-time reporting, ten plus standard reports, social customer care, predictive dialer, and mobile customer care.

Features that are not included Five9 pricing include calling outside the continental United States. However, Five9 lacks transparency in pricing since it does not disclose pricing on its website. But you can call Five nine agents about their pricing and features.  

What does Five9 mean?

About Five9 cloud contact center

Five9 is an in one cloud call center solution for inbound omnichannel call centers globally. Supported by Practical AI, Five9 allows agents to offer customer experiences across chat, mobile, email and more. The AI-driven FiveEngagement workflow utilizes NLP and intelligent Routing to get consumers to the appropriate agent, whereas Five9 Genius derives consumer intent data from offering agents with the next step guidance before they pick up the mobile. Four changeable dialing modes skip no answers and busy signals to triple agent talk period.

Five9’s IVR with speech recognition can be utilized for common consumers inquires for free up agents for high-value interactions. Observe, analyze, and report on the call center’s performance with real-time metrics and dashboards, and automatically sync all the interactions.

Is Five9 worth it?

When making a decision to purchase call center software, it is essential not to see how experts assess it in their reviews, and also to find out if other people and companies that use the software are actually satisfied with the product. The information will help you understand if the price is worth. That is why this section is essential in this guideline.

Five9 offers great quality inbound call service center for a reasonable price. It is simple to learn and use often. Also using the report features Five9 offers the user one is able to find data on every call. Five9 disconnects from the complication of having a business line.

Subscribers who gave Five9 a positive review said that the software integrates well with third-party solutions, particularly with salesforce. Some users also cited that the business has a friendly consumer service team who resolve problems rapidly. Some Five9 users said that it offered a smoother workflow and allows them to attach and track call activities on salesforce account automatically, and top of lead opportunities.

There are special call center phones with setups and programs that make taking calls challenging. Five9, nonetheless, is easy. With just a pair of headphones and the application and you are set to take calls at any period. The quality of phone communication is also great. 

Generally, call center and service software that can make your company more productive. It equips agents with next-generation and high tech contact management features, and serve outbound and inbound sales, support, and marketing teams looking to offer better customer service.

Five9 features

Multiple cell centers

Five9’s leading role is to ensure you are accessible at many mediums as your consumers could use to reach out to you. This indicates that you will have access to inbound call centers and outbound call centers, omnichannel call centers, and blended call centers.

Smart dialer

The smart dialer is the favorite Five9 features busy staff looking to shorten waiting times. What this feature does is to predict the agent’s availability and to optimize consumers’ requests, ensuring everyone can find what they came for.

On-screen caller info

Five9 introduces handy screen pop-ups to offer agents with a prospect’s history data, whereas they are talking to him or her. The screen pops can data dip into your CRM to get the information for the agent. In this case, the system makes it simple to personalize communication and interact with future consumers and remove the time usually spent on preliminary introductions.

Intelligent Routing

Five9 is an intelligent and very independent system that will route the appropriate call to the right agent with less or no interference. It depends on IVR choices, consumer history, agent availability, and other criteria to correct prospects and agents, but also leaves an open option to reroute a call if the agent is busy.

Valuable CRM integrations

Five9 also specializes in putting customer data at your fingertips and exporting it faster and easier for your favorite database. Five9 ingrates automatically with leading customer relationship management service providers inclusive of Zendesk, SalesForce, Oracle and NetSuite.

Voice quality

Five9 guarantees the best voice quality for clear conversations, as it utilizes voice lines from premium providers. Consumers will have to buy any special hardware to make the system work for them Five9 is totally cloud-hosted and serves consumers equally well on any device they are using.

Practical AI

Five9 brings practical AI  to the contact center to increase your agents’ productivity and consumer satisfaction. Intelligent Routing gets callers to the right agent.

When Five9 may not be worth it

However, some users gave Five9 negative review claiming that calls often get dropped, which impacts their productivity. Some subscribers shared that the system often experiences downtimes, where many agents get logged out automatically.

A subscriber who gave Five9 a negative review on G2 crowd said that he frequently experienced dropped calls and mentioned that there are glitches with the voicemail feature where most of the voicemail messages they receive are empty.

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