How Many Types Of Auto Dialers Are There?

Learn Everything About Auto Dialers

How Many Types Of Auto Dialers Are There

Why Do Contact Centers Need An Auto Dialer?

Everyone would like to have a fast and efficient Contact Center, and an automatic dialer will help you reach this target. It dials a ten-digit string of numbers on your behalf which can save you time (and ultimately, money).

There are various kinds of auto dialers in cloud call centers. This article explains how many types of auto dialers are there?  What do they mean and which one is the best to your center?

How many types of auto dialer are there?

How many types of auto dialers are there?  There are four kinds that can be used as an Auto Dialer. Each type has a distinct purpose and uses different cases. The four kinds that auto dialers come in are:

  • Progressive
  • Predictive
  • Preview
  • manual agent-initiated call

What is an auto dialer?

What is an auto dialer

Auto dialers are software that allows outbound dialers to lets contact center personnel automate bulk dialing of several numbers with the smallest amount of time – making it easier for them to avoid manually dialing numbers after numbers. If the customer or other person is able to answer the call, they will be connected to a live person or recorded message.

Auto dialers bring call records and customer service on the table. They reduce time, process data from calls and reduce the need for cold transfers as well as idle agent time thereby improving the efficiency and ROI of contact centers.

What are the Different Types of Call Center Auto Dialer?

Predictive, power, progressive and preview are three main kinds of auto dialers. Here’s a review of each:

    • Predictive Dialers – By calling multiple phone numbers at once predictive dialers boost efficiency to a whole new level. It’s not expected to talk with multiple customers at the same time However, there’s no reason to fret.Predictive dialers are able to identify when a caller will be finished talking to the customer on the current call. When the caller is finished repeating the entire script then the predictive dialer will place an additional call. Predictive auto dialers achieve this through the pacing algorithm. If you’re looking to connect with the most customers possible at the other end of the line, a prescriptive dialer is the most effective method of doing it.
    • Power Dialers Or Progressive Dialers – Power dialers make the next call as soon as the previous call is completed. Progressive dialers are the best option for you if your goal is to connect to the most people possible in a sequence of calls.
    • Preview Dialers –  If you would like to be able to select making an outbound call or not making it, make use of an advanced dialer. However predictive dialers and progressive dialers will dial the next number in your list automatically, without offering you a choice.When users need to look up some information about the person they’re about to talk to prior to beginning with the automatic dialing A preview dialer is the best option.If it’s a follow-up email or discovery phone call, auto dialers can be used to facilitate more planning for customer interaction and personalization.

For calls which need unique customer data, Preview dialers are the most popular choice for call centers. You should consider using them in the event that the outbound phone strategy you’re employing puts greater value to quality over quantity, involves sophisticated customer situation management, and is run at a lower scale.

How does Auto Dialer Software work?

The software that handles auto-dialing is the first to tell the computer which numbers to dial and what to do if it gets unwelcome calls (such as busy signals or automatic voicemail).

Dialing systems employ the following technologies to dial:

1. Voice broadcast This system is used primarily for marketing and sales calls, which work by auto-dialing with a prerecorded voice message. Marketing companies can save money by using pre recorded messages instead of live operators when making their sales pitches.
2. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Incoming callers can access information from pre-recorded messages with interactive voice response (IVR) without speaking to an agent or pulling up a menu. Your clients can communicate with specific departments and specialists via the touch-tone keypad or 0. An effective IVR system can help improve customer satisfaction and credibility of the customer service department. KPIs will be achieved with the support of this system.
3. Answering machine detection This setting determines whether a machine answers the call or if it’s answered by a person. Users can pick what action to take when the machine answers their call. To accomplish that, a detection time of a minimum of five seconds must be attained. You can choose whether to mute the call or continue to play your message to your end users’ mailboxes if a machine is detected
4. Call routing The software responds accordingly once it recognizes an answering machine or a person. With it, calls are queued up and distributed among teams of agents. Contact centers use call routing to manage high volumes of incoming calls, unlike call forwarding. Your business phone system or call center can benefit a great deal from call routing. 

The Benefits Of An Auto Dialer In Your Contact Center

The Benefits Of An Auto Dialer In Your Contact Center

Below are the following benefits of using an auto dialer in the contact center:

  1. Auto Dialer Saves Money
  2. Auto Dialer Improves Internal Processes
  3. Auto Dialer Empowers Call Center Agents

Auto Dialer Saves Money

It doesn’t matter if it’s for personal reasons or at a corporate level it can be a challenge and is something everyone tries to improve at. There are tips and tools that are specifically designed for people to make savings, no matter how challenging it is. These useful tools and suggestions are also available for businesses and call centers. A dialer auto system is one of the tools that can aid your company in saving time and money.

If call centers have a large number of active agents could automate routine processes like outbound and inbound calls. In this scenario they can expect positive outcomes by the reduction of time and cost through automation. The money and time saved will be then reinvested to the company and utilized to address other issues that require to be taken care of and addressed.

Auto Dialer Improves Internal Processes

In addition to saving the company and the business money and time and effort, automation also helps improve internal processes. Automated processes like the entry of data, information sharing and dissemination, ensure that the agents have the most accurate information about every call. Auto dialers will prevent repeated efforts, decrease time spent calling wrong or dead numbers, reduce repetition, duplicate dialing calls, and even agent over.

Auto Dialer Empowers Call Center Agents

One of the most effective automation functions is that it assists call center agents to enjoy their work more, by removing unpleasant and unpopular tasks. The elimination of less appealing assignments in exchange for more prestigious tasks gives call center employees more power. They are more motivated and are doing their best at the job that is in front of them.

When coupled with IVR An auto dialer helps in the process of directing customers to an agent equipped to answer the call. The reduced time saves for both the agent as well as the customer. It also improves the experience for customers, and in many cases, increases the efficiency of agents and their productivity.

Final thoughts
An auto dialer can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of agents in call centers. It also serves as a useful limitation that allows businesses to successfully automatize their call centers prior to trying to streamline other areas of their company. Therefore, the type of auto dialer that you select is dependent on how you’ll use the software for auto dialing to help your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of dialer are there?

There are five different kinds of dialers that attempt to connect to their target. The most popular ones are:

  • Auto Dialer
  • Power Dialer
  • Preview Dialer
  • Progressive Dialer
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Auto dialer

What is the difference between predictive and progressive dialer?

Predictive dialers focus on the quantity of calls. Progressive dialers place a high value on call quality and user experience.

In this way predictive dialers are suitable for contact centers that are looking to extend their agents’ reach as wide as possible. Progressive dialers are ideal to contact centers that are looking to maximize their effectiveness as well as ensure the quality of their interactions with their customers and agents remains at a high quality.

Predictive dialers are ideal for large-scale calls. They are ideal for large-scale outbound calls, telemarketing and outreach calls. However, advanced dialers can be the best call distribution system that is best suited to companies that wish to reduce its operational costs while increasing the customer experience and reducing the rate of abandonment.

What is the difference between a predictive dialer and an auto dialer?

Auto dialers are renowned as a way to effectively manage the burden by distributing connected calls among available agents. They are the preferred choice for campaigns that seek to boost connectivity.

Predictive dialer software puts calls a few seconds prior to the time an agent has completed his previous phone call. It does this by estimating an agent’s call length and its availability. In addition, you must configure the auto dialer’s rate of call for each agent, predictive dialer calculates and sets the dial rate according to the number of agents, the length, etc.An auto dialer is perfect for teams with fewer than 8 agents as well as campaigns with smaller contact lists. The predictive dialer software is ideal for teams that have greater than 8 agents as well as campaigns with high volume of calls and quick turnaround times.

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