What is a dialer app?

The dialer app is the phone part of your business phone system. It is where you place automated outbound calls, and every phone comes with a dialer that does the basics- dial numbers and display contacts. However, there is so much a good auto dialing software app can do. This can vary from a better search to a floating chat head that allows you to call a favorite contact.  Automated dialers app inserts and modifies the numbers depending on the time of the day, area code, and country. It allows the user to subscribe to the service providers who offer the best rates. A line-powered dialer app does not need any external; power but instead takes the power it requires from the telephone line.

Dialer app: Call centers dialing modes 

What are the various dialing modes?

In outbound call centers, different dialing modes are depending on how the call is placed. Manual dialing refers to sales calls that are set manually by a sales agent. There are four different dialing modes that a dialer app can offer based on how the dialer systems choose the contacts that are going to be called and starts making the calls. Voice dialers such as kookoo cloudagent, Five9 omnichannel contact center, and Adversus dialer can place calls using predictive dialing, power, progressive, and preview dialing. The dialing modes are distinguished according to the calling campaigns and type of business.

Call center software: Power dialer

A power dialer is similar to auto dialer systems that allow telemarketers, sales teams, and cloud call centers to auto dial a list of phone numbers automatically. By automatically dialing numbers, power dialing mode saves call centers energy and increases talk time.

Predictive dialer: How do predictive dialers work for contact centers

Predictive dialing is a kind of art of the pacing mode used to place thousands of calls within a short period. Predictive dialing mode optimizes the time of call center agents by decreasing the idle periods between connected calls and freeing call center agents from dialing calls. Predictive dialing collects statistics regarding the duration of automatic calls, how long it takes for phone calls to be answered, and how frequent calls are answered. When an agent is about to get idle, the automate dialing system places various calls.

The system keeps updating predictive dialing probabilities and call monitoring nuisance ratios for performance and compliance. For instance, predictive dialing is useful in outbound sales campaigns to call a large number of contacts and increase the dialing rate. The performance of predictive dialing accommodates the accuracy of the telephone numbers lists and the policies on nuisance phone calls. In case the contact list is poor, the performance of the predictive dialing campaign is at risk as sales agents are not connected to a live person and are not able to do business.

Preview dialer

Preview dialing allows agents first to view the available information about the customer and decide when to place the automated call. Besides the information about a customer, agents may see all the history of the customer with the contact center. After viewing the information about the customers, the contact center solutions allow the agent to request the system to place the call. For instance, a preview dialer is useful in debt collection campaigns to enable agents to view info about the customer and define a strategy before beginning to talk to the client. The system dialers preview calls to agents automatically, taking into account the priority of the call and the skills of the call center agents to handle the call.

Progressive dialers

A progressive dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that connects agents to only the calls that are answered by a live person. When in progressive mode, the dialer runs through your phone calling lists across the multiple calling campaigns at the pace of your operations. The system automatically paces phone dialing based on recent abandonment rates and only automatically dials when an agent is available.

Using progressive dialer, contact centers can experience the productivity benefits of automatic dialing features such as: Voice broadcast, call routing, call recordings, workforce management, call transfer, interactive voice response, dialer CRM integrations, answering machine detection, and automatic call distribution software integration. Progressive dialer ensures that outbound and inbound calls are delivered to an available agent. Predictive progressive dialers help to avoid dead ends like prerecorded voicemails, busy signals and answering machines which limit dropped calls. Agents are also able to automate appointment reminders and appointment scheduling using the disposition timer and redial feature.

Power IVR

Power IVR is used to deliver a prerecorded message to a vast call list. When a phone call is answered, power IVR will play the audio messages, and then collect touch tones responses at the end of the message, and then transfer the call to an agent or remove the caller from the list. In other words, interactive voice response is a technology that enables a computer to interact with a live person via the use of voice.

Voice drop

Voice drop is similar to power IVR, except it will not wait for the speech command at the end of the message or touch tone key responses, after playing the audio message, the call is dropped, mostly this is used for payment reminders.

The best dialer apps for android

What are the best dialer apps in 2019?

Below are the best free dialer apps for android.

Ready contact list

Ready phone number list is one of the best dialer apps for android. It has smartphone calling and phone messaging features. Its best feature is click to call that allows you to scroll through your contacts quickly. It has other smart features like call recording, workflow automation, and offers to save the contact after the automated phone call is ended. The phone dialers look beautiful are free- no credit card required.


Contacts+ is more than an app dialer. It comes with a power contact manager that connects to many of online profiles, caller IDs, and spam blocking and centralized messaging hub. Contacts+ is a rich experience that also holds on the essential features such as numerical speed dialing.


This telemarketing software has two great features that make it one of the best apps. DialApp allows you to save numbers that it can automatically delete after a week or in a month. This feature is ideal for trips when everyone around has temporary numbers, or you will not be meeting people you might not run into again.

The dialer also lets you establish notes against certain contacts, which serve as reminders.

DW contacts

This is ideal for people who require to juggle various groups of contacts each day. DW contacts have labels for numbers added to groups and those with company information making it easy to find people. There is also an agenda view that indicates you all the events you have scheduled. Also, events and birthdays are imported from Facebook and calendar meetings from outlook.

Advantages of dialer app to outbound call center

Various types of auto dialers are accessible to suit multiple outbound dialing procedures and bring their benefits to outbound call center operations. For example, an autodialer software with voice broadcast capability can be used as emergency notification solutions to alert people of danger. While a dialer app with preview dialing mode capability can be used to improve the conversation rate for its sophisticated inside sales process.

Automating the dialing process makes sure only connected automated phone calls are routed to the agents since auto dialers can sense the busy signals, prerecorded voicemails, and non-serviceable numbers. Thus increasing the call connect ratio remarkably. A call center manager can monitor call center agents’ performance using dialer apps. Real-time dashboards enhance call center manager’s decision making and assists agents in taking actions to improve the problems in real-time.

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