What is a cloud contact center?

Cloud contact center and how it benefits your business

A cloud contact center is an inclusive system of cloud-hosted services, tools, and applications for contact centers in large companies that require numerous communications channels, agent management, sophisticated call routing, and analytics.

What is a contact center?

A contact center is a department or section of the organization that deals with direct communication or contact with customers. A contact center is able to handle various forms of communications over different channels. This is different from a call center where it only deals with phone calls. 

A contact center is essential for any large company, support calls and sales are crucial for a good reputation and for making profits. 

Cloud contact center vs traditional contact center

Previous technology gave organizations limited options when it comes to contact centers. Apart from limited options, the contact center infrastructure was bulky, had to be on the business premises, and made scaling very difficult with the numerous hurdles it had. All these translate into a very expensive investment. 

Step in cloud contact centers. They utilize the latest technology in communications to give businesses a more efficient alternative to the on-premise traditional contact centers. This saves a lot of money, space, and is overall more efficient with more options. 

Benefits of a cloud contact center

Advantages of a cloud-based contact center

Switching to a cloud-based contact center will prove very beneficial to your business. Below are some of the benefits your business will enjoy.

Cloud solutions are cost-efficient

Your overall costs will be significantly reduced when your business switches to a cloud contact center. These reduced charges can be felt at different periods. Upfront costs, for example, are much cheaper compared to on-premise services. It is also cheaper when it comes to buying hardware and infrastructure because it requires less and you only have to buy what you will use. Hosted solutions also make upgrading or scaling much cheaper. In every angle, a cloud contact center will save you a lot. 

Hosted contact centers make agents more efficient

There is a significant increase in efficiency when agents use cloud contact center technology. This can be attributed to its interface that is intuitive and helps agents resolve many different issues with greater precision. Additionally, the interface allows agents to manage customer data across different channels. Cloud contact centers have features that efficiently route customer calls to the right department or person. Other features save agents time by prioritizing callbacks. 

Cloud contact centers allow for greater scalability 

These cloud solutions are usually on demand; that is, you only pay for the service when you need it. This allows for true scalability, especially for businesses that have peak and off-peak periods. During the peak season, additional agents may be needed to cater to the high demand for services. And when the season passes, the temporary agents can be released. This enables your business to scale up or down as needed without having to pay for services you do not requires. 

Cloud contact centers offer better customer experience

With a cloud-based contact center, customers will naturally feel more satisfied and appreciated. Any issues from a client will be dealt with easily and will save time for both parties. When your business is on good terms with its customers, then the reputation and profits of the business will increase. With this technology, you only need skilled staff to operate it and engage with the customers. 

Cloud contact centers offer enhanced security

Security for cloud contact centers can be in the form of how well your data is protected and also the chances of recovering the data in case of a disaster. If you are dealing with sensitive information, there is a provision of securing it in a private cloud. For a reduced cost, less sensitive information can be saved in a public cloud. When it comes to data recovery, especially after a disaster, cloud-based contact centers are better equipt to recover your data than on-premise contact centers. 

Uses for cloud contact centers

How your business will take advantage of the cloud contact center technology?

We have discussed what a cloud contact center is, and we have seen how a business can benefit from this cloud-based technology. But what are some of the ways to use cloud contact centers?

Cloud contact centers unify communication channels

Today, company-client communications can be achieved through different platforms and devices. Customers can reach a company through a phone call, email, SMS, video calls, and social media. All this can be overwhelming. Cloud contact centers collected all these means of communication under one roof. This makes the information collected seem like one, making it easier for agents to implement on them. This also has benefits to the clients as they will be served with more efficiency. 

Cloud contact centers can be used to properly manage data

Cloud contact centers collect a huge amount of data that can be used for the benefits of the business and of the clients as well. Consumers are attracted to highly personalized, or custom made products and services. With the data the cloud-based technology collects, businesses can know more about specific clients and provide services that best suit their needs. The collected data can also help agents to save time and be more productive. 

Cloud contact centers can be used to measure performances

There are a lot of metrics that are now easily measured, thanks to cloud-based contact centers. These metrics range from customer preferences to employee performance. Such insights are very important for decision making and moving the company forward. The performance of employees that are under probation can easily be monitored and gauged. Permanent employees that perform poorly can also be cautioned or terminated. In the long run, such insights will maximize the productivity of the employees and grow the business. 

Cloud contact centers can be used for intelligent call routing

It is very frustrating for clients to be moved around and redirected to many different agents for their queries to be attended to. Apart from the frustrations, the caller gets the impression that the business agents do not understand their work properly. The reputation of the organization can take a hit. Cloud-based contact centers are equipped with artificial intelligence technology that help agents provide quicker and laser-focused responses. 

The intelligent call routing system in hosted contact centers can instantly identify callers, the reason for their calls, and immediately get them connected to the right expert to deal with their issues. The system can also show any previous interaction with the client through call history and therefore allows the expert to serve the client better. 

How to choose a cloud contact center service provider?

Which cloud contact center is the best?

With all the benefits of cloud-based technology, it is logical to switch to a cloud contact center. There are services or features to look for or consider when choosing a proper service provider for cloud-based solutions. 

SIP trunking services

Choosing a cloud contact center provider that offers SIP trunking services is very important. This will allow agents with physical phones to connect SIP phones without using PBX. 

The contact center uptime

Your provider should be able to provide quality and reliable connection anywhere around the world. The recommended uptime should be above 99.95% SLA.

Choose a contact center with video, chat, and click-to-call options

If you want your clients to easily connect to you via chat, voice, or video, make sure your provider has these options. This enables customers that browse your sites to instantly get in touch with you. With this, your customer interaction will be at a new level. 

Choose a contact center with a web interface

Web interfaces allow your agents to make and receive calls from CRM or the browser. WebRTC will allow you to add agents in new locations without local hardware or capital expenses. 

Choose a contact center with customizable IVR

With an IVR, you will be able to build menus, create greetings, and make other customizations. You will not require expert-level skills to make such customizations as you can use the web languages that are at your disposal. 

Choose a contact center which has SMS services

This is still a very crucial and basic service. Customers want to be able to quickly send an SMS and connect to your business. Having this option will be appreciated by many clients.

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