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The internet is a basic part of business today. Even if you have a very stable  and successful brick and mortar store, a digital presence is a must. Think of it like this, anytime a customer wants to look for information about a local store, they first search online.

No matter your organization, the internet has become vital-it can help you make access markets both national and international. Therefore if you want to remain competent and relevant in today’s market  you will have to make online marketing a fundamental part for your business.

As you grow your presence this post, will help you to know exactly what you need to do in online marketing.

What is an online marketing?

What is online marketing for business?

If you want your business to succeed,it is important to reach out to consumers of your product and establish a brand.

A business without marketing solutions are at high chance of failure. With digital marketing strategy your business’s reputation will be buildup and online exposure by using various internet tools and solutions.

Definition of online marketing

Online marketing also known as digital marketing or internet marketing is a strategy of getting the business name out to the public, especially consumers.

The advertisements can be of various forms  and some strategies focus on subtle messages rather than clear-cut advertisements.

So how does online marketing promote my business?
  • It builds up the company’s reputation by increasing its ability to be found online. Many customers browse the internet looking for information about a product they would love to buy or simply because they enjoy their time with the internet and this way they get to know of your business and your products.
  • Encourages potential customers to look for information further.

Top advantages of internet marketing

  • Broad and global reach-you are not restricted in one region.

This is one of the best benefits of using online marketing. You are able to market your brand beyond your local area and reach out to your target audience. Online marketing allows you to associate with individuals around the world without having to travel.

  • Attract targeted online users, highly adaptable to multitasking and have continuity effect.

Unlike conventional marketing methods, online marketing helps you draw customers who need what you have. Most importantly you do not have to be there doing the marketing only well organised website.

  • Better brand engagement with 24/7 brand optimization

Having an effective online appearance is the most vital marketing tool a business can have.This way you will stand out in a crowded market,  and build up while keeping up constructive brand awareness.

  • Online marketing is cost effective and time effective

To fully implement a digital marketing campaign, you need less or even no capital to start up.You can decide to begin with a blog promotion, web based social networking and email advertising. These three channels require less investment compared to traditional advertising strategies. 

  • In online marketing everything can be measurable and well automated

Everything can be followed and tracked on online marketing via detailed diagrams. The diagrams delineate activity development, traffic growth, leads and deals transformations from specific search marketing efforts. Tools such as google analytics can also be used to measure the success of your internet marketing campaigns.

  • Provides real time targeting results and ensure quick and convenient service delivery.

Digital tools enables you to explicitly focus on the particular buyer demographics. With a well based online marketing strategy you do need to hold up weeks to see a noticeable boost in your company.

  • Follow ups are easy and helps marketers maintain an after sale relationship

Basically in traditional marketing, consumers easily replace business cards and look for them when they are in need of a service or product. However, with digital marketing you can easily get the email addresses of both the purchaser and the prospects. This enables you to have an effective after sales relationship with your existing customers.

  • Helps you to refine your strategy and optimize marketing campaigns for target markets

Internet marketing tools makes everything fair and permits even small companies to compete in the marketing field. They help you track the status of marketing campaigns and also help you make digital marketing campaigns that are target and result-oriented. 

  • Promotes personalization, and customer data collection.

With online marketing you can serve a large number of clients at the same time with particular and different interests. This can be depicted by customer whitelists, items purchased previously, IP addresses, pages visited and cookies. Other methods of personalization could include opinion surveys, study. Geo-targeting just to mention a few.

  • Enhances better diversification that ensures faster growth and more profits in the shortest time possible.

Use of online marketing tools helps you to gain prospects and gain their confidence.

What are online marketing channels?

Types on online marketing channels

If you need to boost your organization online marketing opportunities, there are various types of online marketing channels that you can adopt.

This post will help you understand the different types of online marketing channels and their applications in optimizing your online presence.  Let’s go through them-

  • Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, SEO, is a way of enhancing rankings of a site or website page in the unpaid organic lists. SEO works in the concept that the higher the page positions, the more striking and unhidden, and along these lines will get more activity, traffic and conversions.

Some of the common SEO practices include;

  1. Direct mail
  2. Public relations
  3. Guest blogging
  4. Collateral material
  5. Brand evangelism
  6. Search engine optimization
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is an effective type of marketing tool, if utilized well. If utilized aimlessly it can cost an organisation. To ensure you are successful with PPC, target on several keywords, think of some copy, write them, and then let money pour in. The main objective of using  a PPC is to transform latent users into engaged prospects and then engage prospects into purchasers. So how do you pay per click online marketing tool.

  1. Firsts you need to lure customers to click on a promotion
  2. Then send them to the ideal landing page with content that matches the advert.
  3. Keep similar phrasing all through the experience so that your new visitor stays engaged and involved all through the experience.
  4. Let pay per click act as sponsored stories on different social media networks. They can also be portrayed on niche sites.
  • Email

Email online marketing strategy is basically the bridge between the highest point of your business channel that is-SEO, social media, and online marketing-and related sales.

Certainly email online marketing is not mostly prefered especially among the youth but still  it is a standout amongst other online marketing tools. It is a great tool in optimizing sales through ensuring engagements. To be successful with email marketing, treat email subscribers special compared to non subscribers. You can offer access to elite content, unique email subscribers’ rebates just to mention a few. The best part about email online marketing is you are able to attach correct dollar ads up to individual clients. This way you are able to develop loyalty and more conversations.

  • Video marketing

First you should know that Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world, and also the third most went to the website. Videos are social and good for branding content. They are the most interactive types of online marketing.

You can use a video to convey the correct message to the correct target audience and pull in potential customers.

Basically, most people love videos . The best part is that you can shoot a video with your phone, publish it and watch it on your mobile phone. For best results it is important to get training so that you can ensure that there are great profits from the investment. 

  • Blogging

A blog is a channel. It can have recordings, podcasts, content articles, news subjects, offer affiliate marketing and the list is not limited.

For online marketing blogging you can plan content, label and order content,oversee interior linking, upgrade navigation and other activities.

Basically basic administration is a fundamental part of online marketing using a blog as it helps search engines list your blog for the content you need it to be known for. It also helps online users to go to the right pages inside your webpage. 

  • Content marketing 

Unlike blogging where everything is circulated and organized, content marketing is the act of making media that carries the individual cooperating with it towards the following goals.

  1. Sharing content– The main aim of content marketing is spreading all through a group and get more exposure. The content should interest mostly people who relate with your market’s identity. You can do code the content through funniness, stun, inspiration, pity, charming or inconceivably genuine.
  2. Get discussed– This kind of content aims to start a discussion inside a group. To do this you can utilize new things, tending to a common issue, uncovering a grimy mystery or even making evolving assets. Aim at making people to talk.
  3. Generate leads– Unlike the first two content marketings, which typically bring an issue to light, generate leads content is about making content that gets your prospects to first recognize their issue  and offering an answer on the issue.
  4. Make sales- This content is similar to lead content. Make sales aims at making sales through content, by ensuring conversations.
  • Social media 

Social media is the latest type on online marketing in the market and also the most powerful. Most businesses have embraced social media to brand their images. Social media networking sites include-YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin just to mention a few. The basic concept of social media marketing is to create and distribute. The best part about social media is that you can create social media communication that helps you construct a considerably more extensive gathering of people after some time. 

  • Network marketing

Network marketing and social media are quite similar. The marketers distinguish small networks and target to the aggregate outlook of gathering while recognizing the influencers. The best part about these two marketing channels is their capacity to associate individuals inside their own particular system with each other. Networking marketing and social media basically involves a lot of messaging, remarking on online journals, collaborating in discussions and ensuring conversations. To succeed in these marketing strategies ensure you know your product well, have better engagement with audiences on the networking channel and have more traffic authority and sales. Why should you consider networking marketing channel;

  1. No employees required
  2. It is tax advantaged
  3. Low overhead and low start up required
  4. Ability to leverage
  5. It is not time consuming 
  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where another person sells a product for you, or selling another person product is involved. Affiliate marketing is also called commissioned sales job. Every affiliate marketing strategy has its own guidelines, and controls to be acknowledged and stay in the program. Most affiliate marketers give their own one of a kind products in addition to the affiliate services. If you go with this channel ensure that the item involved is valuable, and then locate the correct individuals to offer their item and offer a commission that is alluring.

  • Contextual marketing

Contextual marketing is a channel of online marketing which is involved in discovering new opportunities all through the web and making funnels that lead back to your website. Context makes marketing message unique and personal for every consumer. However, not all like web based social networking in any case, this kind of online marketing happens outside of interpersonal organizations. Examples of tactics of contextual networking are-

  1. Guest blogging
  2. Purchasing reviews from bloggers
  3. Contextual marketers will search for various opportunities to advance their organizations, paying little mind to the medium being utilized to do it. 
  4. Contextual marketers need to find the platform with great number of audience overlaps
  5. Marketer is in charge of finding important stages and building sheer numbers of increase business sales.

Tools for contextual marketers include-

  1. Similar sites– this is used to search for sites similar to the one you are trying to search
  2. FollowerWonk– Used for searching overlaps in social media networks

Open site Explorer– Used to search who is linking to the high ranking pages for any particular keyword


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