Is there an app to make phone calls with WIFI?

Best Unlimited FREE WiFi Calling Apps

Best Unlimited FREE WiFi Calling Apps

Free Calling Apps (Unlimited Calls With Wi-Fi)

The days of searching for a signal on your cell phone to make phone calls are gone. WiFi calls that enable users to reach their contacts through the WiFi internet connection is now the norm for many companies. Moving over to WiFi calling is a great method to reduce the cost of phone bills and allow your team the freedom to make calls using any device.

But it is true that not all internet phones are created equal. Is there an app to make phone calls with WIFI? We’ll help you discover the most effective WiFi calling applications and let you pick an option that meets your needs for business.

Is there an app to make phone calls with WIFI?

Is there an app to make phone calls with WIFI

Is there an app to make phone calls with WIFI? Yes, there is an application that allows you to make phone calls using WIFI. A WiFi calling app permits users to make calls at no cost. You can make a no-cost call to people linked to the Wi-Fi network.To make an unpaid call it is necessary to be connected to the internet.

What is Wi-Fi Calling?


Like its name implies, Wi-Fi calling, also known as VoWiFi (short for Voice Over Wi-Fi) is an option that lets you make calls or send texts using Wi-Fi.

Making calls over Wi-Fi or the internet isn’t new. Since the beginning, we’ve used services and apps like Skype or WhatsApp to make calls or send messages on the internet. However, what differentiates Wi-Fi calling from these apps is the final-mile connectivity. Everything else remains the same. Instead of using the cellular network for voice calls through the network of your carrier the phone is connected to Wi-Fi. You’re still using the identical dialer, the exact text messaging application and the same contact list. Everything is working flawlessly.

Once you’ve enabled the Wi-Fi calling feature on your phone, it will automatically begins to work when your cellular connection is inaccessible or not available. All of your texts and calls are sent to Wi-Fi. According to the service provider the phone could remain connected to Wi-Fi and keep your calling features on even when you’re located in a place with high-quality mobile service, but is connected to Wi-Fi networks. This helps carriers decrease the amount of network traffic while also providing improved voice service to you.

When you go out of Wi-Fi coverage area, texts and calls switch to the cell network. The whole process is smooth and, in the ideal scenario, there shouldn’t be any drop calls or any other problems because of switching.

How Does Wi-Fi Calling Work?

The easiest method of making calls over Wi-Fi is to use a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system. It works by contacting an internet-based carrier connectivity to set up a telephone line. There’s a lot going on under the hood that makes this possible however, for you, it’s simple.

Apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger use VoIP technology to make calls. With the latest technology that you don’t need to be a pro to establish a reliable network connection. Apps allow businesses to make Wi-Fi calls on any device even if it does not possess a cellular network (or SIM Card).

In essence, Wi-Fi calls use VoIP to give callers an enhanced experience when they call. It is possible to select the rate plan and number that will work for your company. It’s also an excellent method to not pay your cellular provider the high international rate. With the advancements in wireless routers, users can benefit from solid network connections with no missed calls.

Top Unlimited FREE WiFi Calling Apps

Top Unlimited FREE WiFi Calling Apps

Utilizing WiFi calling is among the most cost-effective ways to reach out to clients and team members via the phone. WiFi calling apps allow you to make calls on the internet using a simple download.

The convenience of not having to purchase the latest Apple or Android phones or devices for each team member or pay for expensive phone plans is among the major benefits of using WiFi calls. The top WiFi calling apps also provide options that traditional phones don’t.

Here are the top Free Wifi calling apps that you should think about using to bring your phone’s calls to the internet with just the WiFi connection.

App Name Best For Unlimited Free Calls Platforms
Talkatone Calling and texting using cell data or WiFi. USA and Canada only Android and iOS
Google Duo Making high-quality video calls for free on almost any device. International Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Xbox, HDTVs, and Web.
Skype Call and text anyone around the world online for free. International Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Xbox, HDTVs, and Web.
TextNow Call and text using a real phone number anywhere in North America for free. US & Canada only Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.
Text Free Make free calls using data or WiFi. US only Android, iOS, and Web.

List Of The Top Free WiFi Calling Apps

Popular and free Texting and Calling Apps list:

  1. Talkatone
  2. Text Free
  3. Google Duo
  4. Skype
  5. TextNow
  6. WhatsApp
  7. Google Voice
  8. Viber
  9. Facebook Messenger
  10. Dingtone


Talkatone Logo

It is ideal for calling and texting via WiFi or cell data. Talkatone lets you make calls for free using the number you have chosen as your personal. It is possible to make a free call via WiFi or VoIP. The most appealing aspect of the app is that it’s able to work even when you’re on holiday in another country.


  • Custom phone number.
  • Free call without a cell phone plan.
  • Free WiFi calling without a data plan.
  • Disposable phone number.
Talkatone allows free calling and texting anywhere in the US and Canada. The app works even when you are abroad. But you need to pay for international calls. Also, the service doesn’t support emergency 911 calls and texting.
Price: Free

Google Duo

Google Duo Logo

The best for making high-quality video calls free on nearly any device. Google Duo allows making free high-quality video calls. It is available for free and is compatible with almost every device and platform. It also works with smart display devices like the Google Nest Hub Max.


  • Voice, video, or text message.
  • High-quality 720p videos.
  • Group calling of up to 32 users.
  • Family mode prevents accidental mutes and hang-ups.
  • AR effects.
Google Duos is one of the best video and text calling apps that lets you call and text for free. However, the app requires a high bandwidth of up to 8MB per minute due to high-quality video calls.
Price: Free


Skype Logo

Ideal for text and call anyone online at no cost. Skype is a Microsoft-owned messaging application that allows you to call and text anyone in the globe for no cost. It is possible to make unlimited videos and text messages through Skype Messenger at no cost.


  • Call anywhere.
  • Available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Xbox, and Web.
Skype is a free app for video calling and texting anyone online. You can also make low-cost calls directly to phone numbers by buying a Skype credit.
  • PC-to-PC: Free
  • PC-to Phone (USA): $3.59 per month
  • Trial: Yes | 30 days


TextNow Logo

It is ideal for text and call with a genuine phone number from anywhere across North America for free. TextNow is a no-cost phone calling application that is available on smartphones and computers. You can purchase a SIM card through Text today to obtain an address. This service lets you communicate and text with anyone in North America for free..


  • Sim Kit
  • Low international calling rates.
  • Voicemail
  • Group texting and conference calling.
TextNow supports free unlimited calling and texting in the US and Canada only. International calling is free in certain countries up to a limit. You need to pay for international calling if you want to stay connected longer with your relatives or friends abroad.
  • Sim Activation kit: $0.99 (one-time fee)
  • Ad-supported calls: Free (US & Canada Only)
  • Ad-free calls (Internationally): $9.99 per month
  • Unlimited data: $19.99 per month

Text Free

Text Free Logo

Ideal for texting and calling anyone at no cost using an internet or mobile browser on an Android and iPhone device. Text Free offers you an actual US phone number, which allows users to text and talk to anyone at no cost. It allows you to send messages via SMS or MMS. It also lets you send users to share messages with friends for no cost.


  • Custom number
  • Unlimited MMS and SMS message
  • Group messaging
  • International calling
  • WiFi calls
Text Free offers a good overall package. But a lot of customers have complained about technical issues. The connection quality of online and WiFi calls is reported to be poor. Also, you need to be active daily, otherwise; the number gets deleted.
Price: Free


WhatsApp Logo

Ideal to make video and voice calls online for free. WhatsApp is among the top used online messenger applications. It has more than 2 billion users around the world. The app lets you connect to anyone in the globe. It lets you connect to your most loved companies and brands.


  • Texts and group chat.
  • Voice and video calls.
  • Document sharing up to 100 MB.
  • Group chats with up to 8 people.
WhatsApp is not the most private app. The app shares data with Facebook for displaying customized ads. It also shares messages with law enforcement agencies if required. There are also security issues that allow hackers to gain access to recipients’ data.
Price: Free

Google Voice

Google Voice Logo

Ideal for local and international calls and video calls with no cost. Google Voice is a free chat application that allows you to make international and local calls. Google Voice provides you with an unpaid phone number that you can use to send voicemails, text messages as well as calls. You can read or listen to transcriptions of your voicemail. The app allows users to block a specific number of individuals from calling. It also supports phone calls as well as video and voice calling.


  • Voice and video calling.
  • Phone calling.
  • Google AI Spam protection.
  • Call block.
Google Voice is free for calls to the US and Canada only. Calls outside the US are charged. Also, the services are available in limited countries, including residents of Canada, the US, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, and Portugal.
  • Free for calls in the US and Canada
  • International: $0.01 to $7.25 per minute


Viber Logo

Ideal for people and especially students who wish to collaborate and share notes with colleagues. Viber is a no-cost and secure application operated by Rakuten which is registered in Japan. It is a popular app because of its robust security features. It allows you to have control over the personal information saved on Viber servers. The most useful feature of the application is the My Notes section, which lets you save notes, text, as well as images.


  • Share texts, photos, and videos.
  • Record voice and video messages.
  • Save notes (links, files, and text).
Viber is one of the free messenger apps that are outside of the control of the government. Viber chat history cannot be accessed by government agencies, unlike some other popular messenger apps like WhatsApp, iMessenger, and Facebook messenger.
Price: Free

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Logo

The best app for connecting with family, friends and companies on the internet. Facebook Messenger is a free web-based messenger application that is owned by Meta. It lets you communicate with relatives, close friends and even relatives. It also lets you connect with businesses in order to get offers or book reservations on the internet.


  • Connects with Instagram, Facebook, Portal, and Oculus.
  • Transfer money through debit card, PayPal, or reloadable cards (the US only).
  • One-to-one and group calls.
  • Emojis and AR message effects.
  • Face or fingerprint ID.
Facebook Messenger makes it fun and simple to chat with others. Businesses can use the app to offer 24/7 customer services for free. But you need to have a Facebook account to use the app. In addition, the app has privacy issues since the audio calls and text messages are recorded to provide personalized ads.
Price: Free


Dingtone Logo

It is the best option for calls and text messages for no cost over WiFi. Dingtone is an excellent application to make unlimited calls for no cost. It supports advanced features, such as Caller ID and call forwarding and blocking calls. Additionally the app is free and can be used to make group conference calls for up to eight people, and group messaging for more than 100 people. It also has a Walkie Talkie mode for instant push-talk.


  • Free international number.
  • Call and text any mobile or landline number in 230+ countries.
  • Unlimited international call.
  • Caller ID, Call Block, and forwarding.
  • Walkie Talkie.
Dingtone app allows making unlimited free apps. But some users complain about the intrusive ads. You will have to pay a monthly subscription for an ad-free version.
  • Ad-supported: Free
  • Ad-free: $1.99 per month
  • Dingtone number (Ad supported): $9.996 per month
  • Dingtone number (Ad-free): $14.99 per month
  • Custom phone number: $4.99 to $19.99 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make phone calls from a phone with WiFi?

After you’ve set up Wi-Fi calling, it’s possible to make a call using Wi-Fi as you would the other calls. If you’re connected on the internet and you’re connected, you’ll notice “Internet Call” or “Wi-Fi calling” on the notification screen. If you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, calls will be made using the mobile service provider of your choice in the event that you have one.

Is there an app that lets you make phone calls on WiFi?

Application-based WiFi calling is usually free. Apps such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype and Facebook Messenger allow you to make calls to anyone around the world at no cost. But there’s a catch: you must also convince recipients to install the app. If they don’t use the same application, you can’t contact them or pay them.

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