What Are Predictive Dialers For Call Centers?

Use a predictive dialer to help your outbound call center agents

Use a predictive dialer to help your outbound call center agents

Learn how predictive dialers work, the benefits, what to look for in a predictive dialer solution

Agents at call centers make a lot of calls every day. However, between calls there’s a chance of downtime as they wait around for someone else to take the call.

Predictive dialing software can aid in reducing the time spent. If you’re thinking of using an automated dialer, you’re likely to have numerous questions in your head including “What are predictive dialers for call centers?” and “How does it really work for your business?” Here are some answers to the most frequent concerns so that you can choose the best option for your business.

What Are Predictive Dialers For Call Centers?


What are predictive dialers for call centers?
Predictive Dialers for Call Centers are dialers that permit call center employees to increase the amount of calls they’re able to make without the frustration of not being able to answer lines. The system will only make calls that are picked up. This helps reduce the amount of calls that are abandoned and increases the number of clients that agents are able to communicate with throughout each shift.

How Does a Predictive Dialer Work?

Predictive dialers make use of the call center’s contact lists as well as agents’ average length of calls and the status of their current calls to determine the best time they will make their next phone call and what customers to contact if there are agents available. They do this using complex algorithms that run every day to examine the current activities of the call center and the staffing levels.

When agents end their conversation with a customer and the system dials another number and puts another in the call. So, call center employees are less likely to be searching for numbers, calling them and waiting for a customer to answer.

What Is the Difference Between a Predictive Dialer and an Auto Dialer?

Auto dialers are extremely basic programs that just dial an additional number when the call center agent is done with a call. They aren’t able to eliminate unanswered lines, and aren’t able to cut down on the time between calls.

Predictive dialer software operates by taking the volume of calls to the call center into account, but most importantly, it will only forward calls to agents only when someone actually calls the number. Agents don’t have to wait on the phone for a person to respond.

What are the benefits of a good predictive dialer system?

The use of a predictive dialer in your contact center outbound can offer a range of benefits. It includes:

  • Improved agent productivity. By being able to detect when a live call is made, predictive dialers will ensure that call center employees do not waste time on busy calls, voicemail messages or numbers that are not correct.
  • Boosted call volumes.  Companies can contact many more people in a short time frame by dialing numbers at a rapid pace from a database, and then making multiple calls to each person.
  • Agent call transfers. Agents can make three-way conference calls as well as transfer call calls to different agents like sales agents or product experts.
  • Better prospect and customer experience. Predictive dialers reduce the chance of offending or irritating current or prospective customers by limiting dialing to day, time zone or any other variable. They also permit agents to schedule calls at the time that is most suitable for customers.
  • Tracking accuracy.Agents can label each interaction’s outcome or the disposition. Managers of call centers use these metrics to analyze the trends in agent performance.
  • Improved Do Not Call (DNC) compliance. Predictive dialers are able to incorporate DCN compatibility in their business processes by replacing errors-prone practices like merging or purging spreadsheets or eliminating DNC numbers from databases. Manual processes that are outdated can expose businesses to penalties or fines. 

What to Look for in a Predictive Dialer that Will Drive Productivity

What to Look for in a Predictive Dialer that Will Drive Productivity

It’s certainly not enough to be aware of the way a predictive dialer functions. It is essential to be aware of what you should be looking for when selecting the predictive dialer program which is best for your business. There are a lot of options to choose from in the market.

If you are a busy outbound call center, make sure to choose one that has the capacity and features to aid you in achieving your goals for the campaign and increase return on investment. There aren’t all predictive dialers that perform in the same way. If you’re searching to find a pre-programmed dialer option that will yield the most effective performance for your company’s call centers, be sure to look out for these crucial capabilities and options.

Scalability. Selecting the best predictive dialer isn’t only about what you’re currently using it for. It is important to think about the potential growth of your business. As you grow the effectiveness of your lead generation and sales team, you’ll require an efficient system that is able to allow for the expansion of an unlimited number of agents. The system is also well-equipped and has knowledge of the rapid expansion in call center operations.

Compliance Support. The regulations governing outbound call centers are extensive and extend much further than the DNC issues discussed previously. Because regulations and rules change frequently It is crucial to ensure that when you select a predictive dialer that will increase your call rate be sure that the dialer is compliant with.

Particularly in industries that are heavily regulated such as solar energy or insurance the use of a dialer that is predictive and will automatically route leads to agents located in the appropriate states, or who have the appropriate licensing, is an absolute must. Also, you should consider a dialer that has integrated features such as dynamic scripting, which provides your agents with specific state-specific scripts that can be adapted to ensure they are on the right track and up-to-date with TCPA regulations.

Real Time Data Analytics. It is important to know how lists and leads loaded into your predictive dialer are performing so that you can make informed choices during the course of your day. By using automated reports on call center operations, you’ll be aware of the number of calls being made and the results.

Technical Support. If you are considering a predictive dialer software be sure to check with the prospective provider if any predictive dialer options are accessible and able to offer technical assistance in the time your company requires it the most. Check out self-help tools available to gain an idea of how dedicated each company is to providing essential support.

Lead Management Automation Tools. Being on top of sales and leads isn’t just about making more calls. It’s also about making the most relevant people at the correct time using advanced lead management tools that can help you monitor and improve your marketing campaigns. Include call cadences in your dialing strategies that incorporate intelligent redial/recycle algorithms and custom automated outreach and scheduling across various channels.

Third-Party Integrations. Discovering an innovative predictive dialer doesn’t suggest that you should eliminate your entire sales system. Consider the ease and accessibility of integrating third-party integrations into your dialer software. Find out if the tools that you are already using, such as CRM leads, lead tracking, or lead optimization tools–can be connected to your potential dialer solutions.

Find a Dialer with All the Right Features

Your provider of predictive dialers must also be committed to technological advancement and offering the latest capabilities and features to ensure your call center’s ongoing success. You should look for a supportive set of features that will bring more efficiency for your outbound team’s sales and lead generation efforts:

Dialing Rate You should be able to set the dial rate to automatically accommodate the percent of dropped calls you want to maintain (it’s not recommended to go above the 3% maximum as determined by the FCC).
Skill-Based Routing While all predictive dialers should smartly route calls to available agents, skill-based routing adds another level of intelligence and gives managers more room to customize. By layering in additional conditions to your call routing workflow, skill-based routing helps ensure that the agent your customer connects with is the best one for the job—whether that means they’re in the right location or have the right level of expertise.
Answering Machine Detection (AMD) Avoid even more downtime with fast and highly accurate AMD technology that can quickly and effectively separate actual live calls from voicemail recordings and fax machines.
Omnichannel Integration In today’s world, it’s crucial that you connect with customers in the way that they prefer—including SMS and email. Bolster your cross-channel campaigns and boost your contact rates by picking a predictive dialer that’s backed by automated omnichannel solutions.
Multiple Campaigns Particularly for large volume call centers, the capability to effectively run multiple campaigns simultaneously is essential to maximizing the productivity and efficiency of your agents’ time, and meeting your company’s sales goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of dialers?

  • Progressive
  • Predictive
  • Preview
  • manual agent-initiated call

What is the difference between predictive and progressive dialers?

In terms of getting in touch with the largest number of customers, predictive dialers cannot be outclassed. A predictive dialer is able to call several numbers simultaneously. When a user responds, an agent will be connected with them. Based on the time taken by an agent to complete an interview, the caller “predicts” when the agent is available to answer the phone and starts calling multiple numbers. The agent will be immediately connected to a new client after they end the previous call. The dialer can also predict the proportion of calls that are not answered within a specific call list and then dials the numbers more quickly when needed. When using a predictive dialer the time spent between calls, and talk time for agents can be maximized.while Progressive dialing minimizes wasted time between calls by automatically dialing numbers from a list when an agent is available. Contrary to predictive dialers that call multiple times before the agent is in the office Progressive dialers place calls in succession and only when there’s an agent waiting for a customer to call.

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