How to trace VoIP calls?

You can trace VoIP calls through different methods like a Reverse phone detective, VoIP service provider, Setting up your device to display caller details, using headphones/softphones or using a domain.

5 Ways to Trace VoIP Calls

How to Find VoIP Number of Caller

You can only see the caller ID, which is the number you see on your mobile if unknown callers call you on VoIP. The problem now is tracing the caller’s number. On the bright side, when there’s an incoming call on VoIP, there are various ways to track the number of an owner.

1. Using a Reverse Phone Detective to Trace VoIP Calls

This method, known as reverse phone detective, makes use of various online applications when tracing the individual registered as the phone’s owner. You can find different reverse phone detectives accessible. The apps are free and allow you to enter the caller ID in the search engine, and the applications show the details of the owner immediately. It is also possible to use these online reserve phone detectives to check for landline numbers.

2. Using a VoIP service provider to Trace VoIP Calls

The VoIP service provider is the second method to find the owner of an unknown VoIP phone. The only step you need to do is to write down the caller ID and the duration of the call. Reach out to your VoIP service provider to find the owner of the number. There is one requirement when you use this tracking method, the owner of the number you’re tracking needs to be utilizing a registered IP address or caller ID when he/she completes the call. Cases whereby the caller uses a fake IP or a third party ID makes it harder to track the caller.

3. Trace VoIP calls by Setting up a device to display the VoIP CallerID Name

Once you have the actual number, tracking the owner of a VoIP number is, therefore, easier. In addition, this VoIP number consists of two parts, the first one is the caller ID, which is the visible number, whereas the second is the name of the caller ID, CNAM. A lot of telephone panels are designed to display only the caller ID. Therefore, to get the name of the caller ID, you need to modify the phone’s configuration to show the CNAM name of the caller. Some websites like can show you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your phone to display the name of the caller ID. The uses an external query feature and add it to the database for an update of both the name and the number. This query mechanism works based on a system ( such as SIP / SS7, etc.), one type of query is Ajax/Json, it therefore for skilled programmers it won’t be difficult to implement a query for such a number. As long as the name is on that list, the query will likely display the name you’re looking for.

4. Using headphones or softphone (app) to Trace VoIP Calls

As long as you are linked to a proxy or network and you’re using a (SIP) Session Initiation Protocol softphone or hard phone, you can track a VoIP number based on your link to the server or proxy. Download any packet analyzer like Wireshark on your computer when using a softphone and install a SIP filter. Click the “FROM” section on the welcome packet. It displays you the IP info of the call owner. When using a hard phone, use a packet analyzer, for example, a Wireshark on your server or local router for hard phone SIP and IP. Through installing a Secure ShELL (SSH) client and performing a trace command, you can track the number yourself once you have access to an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) network.

5. Using the domain to Trace VoIP Calls

The normal format of the VOIP Address is [email protected],[email protected], [email protected], and so on. Your phone logs all incoming calls, either as the VoIP address or the mapped number. It’s easy to track the domain’s IP address back to the number you dialed, by using the domain name.

Ultimately, it is possible to track all calls based on what you have access to. If you already have access to the server and the call is only IP, you will see where the call originated in the logs. All calls can be tracked, particularly if there is a real need for this, and other details can be used by authorities to track such calls.

How Do VoIP Numbers Work?

Is it Possible to Trace VoIP Calls?

VoIP numbers are usually allocated to different area codes that are geographically based, but clients do not have to work or live within such zip codes to receive and register them with their telecommunications provider. Number allocations in the United States and Canada are regulated by the NANP (North American Numbering Plan), which was originally designed by Bell Labs in the 1940s and is now under the oversight of the Federal Communications Commission in the United States. VoIP numbers, cell phones, and landline numbers are all governed by these rules, and telecommunications companies have to comply with these laws. These rules guarantee consistent assignment and use of area codes and numbers. After registering a VoIP number, it’s assigned based on the laws. If you have an existing number through a landline or cell phone service, you can port your number into your new VoIP account for you to keep that same number you’ve always been using.

Getting Started with VoIP Number Tracing

When looking for a non-fixed VoIP number, you’ve got a couple of different options. You can search for the number by using an ID service or a directory lookup, as well. Consider the fact. However, VoIP numbers can not be tracked perfectly every time due to encryption/ spoofing by spam callers and porting numbers by individuals who want to keep the numbers. Numbers are assigned in Canada and North America in accordance with NANP rules, specifying area codes, and number types, even though you do not have to live or work in those places to obtain a number in the United States or Canada. Once the number is assigned, it makes it easier to do business and acquire a local number in these area codes. Regarding VoIP, 8×8 offers a compliant and reliable cloud solution at a high level that other cloud providers rarely experience. Do not use a subpar cloud-based telecom system. Dial 1-866-879-8647 or fill in an online form to ask an 8×8 brand expert for a no-obligation quote.

6 Simple Steps to Trace VoIP Calls

1. Note down Date and Time of VoIP Call

When someone calls, note down the date and time. If you’re being called by an individual, note down the details of the conversation. When presenting it to authorities, you will need this information.

2. Use Phone Caller ID Feature for VoIP Systems

Use your phone’s caller ID feature. It can send you a phone number reading, even if it comes from a VoIP system.

3. Dial ‘*69’ for Automatic Display of Last Call Details

On your phone, dial “* 69.” An automated system will show you the last call details, such as the time and telephone number. The system tracks call that the caller has blocked either his/ her ID or phone number.

4. Call Your Phone Company to Trace the Caller’s Name

Dial your phone company, which can trace the caller’s name. However, to enable this service, you may have to pay a subscription fee.

5. Evaluate Your Phone Bill to Get VoIP Caller Details

Evaluate your phone bill. You’ll get information about your incoming calls, as well as dates, times, and phone numbers. You can recognize the caller by using the phone number.

6. Call Local Authorities and Share VoIP Details

Contact your local police department. Explain that you started a trace log with your telephone company. An investigator may come to your house to file a report. With the information from the telephone company, the police may visit the caller and give him a warning. If he has broken the law, he may face criminal charges.

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