How Many Calls Can An Autodialer Make?

Make Your Outbound Calling Strategy More Effective Using Auto Dialer

How Many Calls Can An Autodialer Make

What Is An Auto Dialer, And Why Do You Need One?

In the current environment of competition for consumers, and the need to improve customer service the lack of auto-dialing software could take up valuable time. Your call center representatives or salespersons, as well as personnel from your customer service team don’t have to be wasting time dialing random phone numbers. They shouldn’t be faced with a busy line or be required to make several calls to locate an active phone line.

The most effective way to ensure that your call center is running smoothly – and keep your customers satisfied is to utilize auto-dialer software. It will take care of automated calls on behalf of your agents. The systems will generate more calls than any one agent or salesperson.

So, what is an auto-dialer, and how many calls can an auto dialer make? Why is it considered the ideal phone system for today’s businesses?

How many calls can an autodialer make?

Number of calls can an autodialer make

How many calls can an auto dialer make? An Auto Dialer can make more than 500 calls daily per agent, while also automating email as well as SMS-based drip campaigns for marketing. The steps involved in calling are the same as humans making phone calls. First, it dials the number, and then is waiting for the caller on the other party to answer the phone. If it’s returned by an automated answering system the system will listen for the entire message before waiting for the sound. The system then plays the message.

How many phone calls can an auto dialer make in an hour?

How many calls that an autodialer receives in a single hour is determined by how many concurrent calls (channels) you’re able to make and the length of your message. For an average 30-second message on the average, you’d make one call per minute and 60 calls in an hour with a single line or channel.

What is An Auto Dialer?

Auto dialers are software programs that allow you to dial numerous numbers from a database. It could be programmed to send messages to individuals when they reply to messages, obtain recorded responses, or dial telephone numbers for the administrator. Auto dialers are commonly used for customer service and sales. Auto dialers can be found on phone, pager and cell phone. When calls are made auto dialers send out verbal messages or relay electronic information to guests.

How does a call center auto dialer work?

Automated call systems for contact centers will automatically dial the numbers of the database of contacts for individuals. If dialing from lists of contacts the dialers are able to detect unreliable numbers, busy signals, disconnected lines and lines, and detect whether the call was received by a live person or by an answering machine. The system can be set to send calls to agents according to availability of the agent or join an automated call center, or play a pre-recorded voice message when the dialer software has detected that the call was received by a real person.

What are the Types of Auto Dialer?

1. Progressive dialer This type of auto dialer makes calls in a predetermined order and connects the call to a live agent as soon as the recipient answers.
The agent is presented with the call as soon as it is connected, without having to manually initiate the call themselves. 
2. Preview dialer This type of auto dialer allows agents to preview the information about a potential customer before the call is connected.

The agent can then decide whether or not to initiate the call. 

3. Predictive dialer This type of auto dialer uses algorithms to predict when a live agent will be available to take a call, and dials numbers accordingly.

The dialer will hang up on calls that are not answered or leave a predetermined voicemail, and will only connect calls to live agents when an agent is available to take the call. 

4. Manual agent-initiated call This type of auto dialer allows agents to manually initiate calls from a list of numbers. It does not automatically dial numbers like the other types of auto dialers.

Manual agent-initiated call dialers are often used in situations where the agent needs to have more control over the calling process, or where the calls are being made to a list of numbers that are not stored in the dialer’s database.

What are the pros and cons of auto-dialing?

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of auto-dialing, and how it could impact an organization’s internal operations.

Pros of auto-dialing

  • It also reduces idle time for agents in call centers.
  • There are many types of auto-dialer software offered.
  • It increases the speed of outbound calls.
  • It is possible to be able to run multiple campaigns at once.
  • It aids in the organization of databases.
  • It is able to produce leads and turn sales.
  • It increases operational efficiency.

Cons of auto-dialing

  • There’s a risk of making incorrect detections.
  • There are issues with predictive algorithms.
  • There may be a need for more call agents.

Final Thoughts
The auto-dialer program for call centers is a requirement for those who wish to increase their performance. Companies should consider using devices that allow for the automation of routine and repetitive tasks to increase productivity and generate revenues. A dialer that auto-dials is worthwhile to invest in. It permits businesses to increase the size of their outbound calling campaigns with ease. Auto dialers do the heavy lifting for your employees and will dial your numbers, so they can concentrate on the most important aspect of having more productive conversations that result in tangible results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are automatic dialers legal?

Yes the use of automatic dialers is legally permissible so long as you’re in compliance with federal and state laws. The laws are constantly changing and it is important to keep up-to-date to ensure that you’re legally making calls.

You Cannot Call These Organizations

You are not allowed to auto dial the following:

  • Hospitals
  • 911
  • Police
  • Emergency line of any type

Abandoned Calls

Abandoned calls are deemed abandoned if they’re in no way connected with a live customer service rep within two seconds of the person’s complete greeting. From your total number of calls, not more than 3 percent can be considered abandoned.

Do Not Call List (DNC)

The Do Not Call List prohibits the auto dialing of any person on this list. In addition, if someone asks that you not call them, you’re not allowed from calling them back. This FTC rule applies to the individual and the entity.

Pre-Recorded Messages

To make an auto dialer phone call to leave a message to leave a voice message, you must:

  • Have prior written consent
  • Include an opt-out option

Informational messages should be only information, and should not be used to market a product or to market products.

Deceptive Practices Are Prohibited

If you’re selling services or products to a person it is mandatory that you give a detailed explanation of these services or items before you receive the payment. This includes details such as the total price and any refunds.

You Must Disclose Your Identity and Services

The TSR will require anyone making an auto dialer phone to provide the following information:

  • Your identity
  • Services or items being sold
  • Description of the services or items being sold

Auto Dialer Laws By State

Although most states are covered by the federal laws on auto dialers, some states have their own rules and laws that you have to follow when calling. This includes:

  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Are There Exceptions To The Above Auto Dialer Laws?

Yes there are a few exceptions to the laws regarding auto dialers that were mentioned earlier. If you or your company sell securities, you might have to comply with those laws. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) instead of the TSR.

Calls from business-to-business (B2B) calls are often not subject to the TSR However it will be contingent on the nature that the phone call is about.

Organizations for healthcare, charitable fundraisers, as well as calls offering information on sales that have already been made are not subject to the pre-recorded messages conditions mentioned above.

How many dialing modes are available in the dialer?

Dialer offers a variety of dialing options that decide the way in which contacts get dialed. Different Dialing modes can be chosen for every campaign, and dialing mode for a particular campaign can be changed on the basis of the case in a variety of cases.

There are the 5 types of dialing modes:

  1. Predictive Dialing Mode
  2. Power Dialing Mode
  3. Precise Dialing Mode
  4. Agentless Dialing Mode
  5. Preview Dialing Mode

Predictive Dialing Mode

  • Agent availability and the amount of calls required to keep the agent busy
  • Makes calls in parallel, before agent is available
  • System employs calls analysis for determining the dial result

With predictive dialing modes, the system forecasts the availability of agents and makes calls based on internal data. The server anticipates the amount of calls to be made to ensure that each agent is connected with an appropriate client at the time the agent is available.

Power Dialing Mode

  • It predicts the number of calls required to keep the agent active
  • Calls are placed in parallel when agents are available
  • Call analysis is used to determine the result of a dial

Power mode dials the list of campaigns at the time an agent becomes in the position to handle the call. This mode is waiting for agents to become active before making calls outbound. It determines what number of phone calls it has to make in order to reach the live audience.

Precise Dialing Mode

  • Utilized in a the context of a predictive or powering campaign through the contact policy
  • Agent is set aside while making call to ensure the call does not get cut off

Utilized in Predictive and Power campaigns, the Precise mode is activated per call through the contact policy. This mode puts agents aside for that call in order to ensure that the call will not be cut off. After the call has been completed, put the agent back to the pool of agents that are not in use.

Agentless Dialing Mode

  • Does not require agents from call centers
  • System employs the process of call analysis in order to identify the dial result

Agentless campaigns do not connect parties with an agent.  Instead, Agentless campaigns can play a .wav file to answering machines; send faxes to fax machines, and route calls answered by live recipients to an Attendant profile.

Preview Dialing Mode

Preview dialing is the most gentle dialing method. Agents are presented with information about the contact to look over, and the person presses the dial once ready, and the agent conducts a call analysis.

Auto Dialer price

This dialer’s cost for applications that call centers is different between the two major choices, unlimited contact center as well as cloud-based contact center plans that start at around $22.00 and up $49.00 each month. However, IVR is priced separately and ranges from $138.00 and up $694.00 each month.

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