How do you set up a landline phone?

How to set up landline phone?

To set up a landline phone, plug one end of the phone cable into the right port on the ground of your landline phone. Then cork the other end of the phone cable into the right wall outlet. Finally, insert the right end of your phone’s DC power adapter into the right port on the base of your landline phone.

In spite of the modifications in mobile communications, landline phones are still widely used by businesses and individuals. Most homes and almost most companies still place and receive calls using landline phones. Landline phones may have more features than they did years ago, but the technology is mainly the same.

Setting up a landline phone is comparatively an easy task. It needs less time, effort, and almost no extra equipment. You should be done setting up your landline phone in less than thirty minutes. In this article, we are going to guide you on how to set up a landline phone.

How do you set up a landline phone?

How to set up landline phone service?

If you just bought a landline phone and you do not know how to set up, this article will help you. If you have a wired connection at home on your commercial property. If this is the case, connect the phone using a phone cable. The ways to set up your landline phone depends on your phone plan provider. With KPN, you connect a landline phone to an ISRA point, whereas you connect your landline phone to the modem with Ziggo. Since landline phone set up depend on providers, always keep the manual from your provider at hand.


If you have a contract with KPN, in case you connect the phone to the ISRA point, also known as a socket. Follow these steps to connect the landline phone:

  1. Locate the ISRA point in the fuse box. If you cannot locate the connector, look for it near the mains socket. This is a socket with four holes and is situated mostly in the living room.
  2. Plug the telephone’s connector into the ISRA point, the socket, or into the mains socket.
  3. Your phone is ready to use

You can also set up your landline phone by following the following steps.

Step 1– Plug one end of the telephone cable into the right port of the base of your landline phone. The plugs on the end of the phone cable are known as modular plugs. These modular plugs are square-shaped and are made using plastic. The correlating port on your landline phone is also square. In case you it is a challenge inserting the modular plug into your phone, try turning it around.

Step 2– Plug the other end of the telephone cable into the right wall outlet. The wall outlet possibly looks the same as a regular electrical outlet apart from it has two square-shaped ports built to accommodate a modular cork. You should install your landline phone in a place with the right wall outlet or have a cable which is long enough to reach an outlet in another room. In case it is challenging to insert the modular plug into the outlet, turn it around.

Step 3– This is the last step. Insert the right end of your phone’s DC power adapter into the correct port on the base of your landline phone. The plug is possibly smaller and circular. The correlating port on the phone is also small and circular — Cork the other edge of the Direct Current power adapter into an electrical culvert. 

How do I connect my phone line to my computer?

Plug landline into computer

To connect a landline phone to PC, you can connect the telephone cord jack to the USB telephone adapter. You will see a USB telephone adapter at computer parts stores and retail outlets that sell computer or phone equipment.

Cork the USB into your computer’s USB port. This port is usually located in the back of your desktop or the lower front end. Laptop USB ports are located on either side.

How to connect landline phone to pc for internet?

Using the internet to place phone calls has become an excellent way to stay in touch with friends and family while also saving money. In some cases, a headset and microphone can be inconvenient. 

Your PC might have two ports which a telephone line can fit into. The smaller one, with only four pins, is a JR-11 connector, and the bigger one with eight pins is an RJ- 45 connector. Your phone line, in case it is a standard analog line, will use the RJ-11 plug. It will fit into the RJ-45 socket but do not do this; the signals are not compatible. The larger connector is typically used for Internet (Ethernet, twisted pair) connections. Ensure you are plugging the phone line into an RJ-11 port only.

After you have plugged into a modem part, the telephone system will deliver a ringing signal, might also deliver a calling number identifier, caller id, and will deliver two- way voice. In case you have a hardware modem in your computer, instead of uncommon these days, this will let you detect an incoming call, make an outgoing call and maybe sense the caller ID. It will possibly not allow you to use your computer as an answering machine.

In case you have a software modem, it should do everything the hardware modem does. It might also have some software to offer answering machine like capabilities. 

How to connect landline phone to the wireless router?

To connect a landline phone with a wireless router, you have various few options:

  1. Get a router with 2 phone ports (RJ11 sockets typically). You will require to set up the router or VoIP service or services to make this work. However, this applies to all options.
  2. Get a router with just one phone port and ignore the second phone line feature of your telephone.
  3. Get an ATA and an adaptor that lets you plug an ordinary phone into it and use it with any router, even a router that has no telephone ports.

For all alternatives, you will require a VoIP provider. They will give you your VoIP account details inclusive of username and password as well as SIP settings for your router or ATA.

How to connect a landline phone to a modem?

If you want to connect a landline phone to a modem, you will do this by plugging the phone’s network cable into the modem. Before connecting the DECT cable, check what type of modem you have, since setup differs from one provider to another. That is why, when following the steps outlined below, you should also always keep the manual that came with the modem at hand.

If your KPN package has a connection box with a green port and a phone cable with a green connector, use the steps below to connect your landline phone to a KPN modem.

Step 1– Check to see if your modem is connected to the internet. If not, set up this connection first.

Step 2-Cork the end of the phone cable with the green port on the modem and the other end into your base station.

Step 3– Check if you can hear a dial tone and dial a 10-digit number

Step 4– in case dialing is successful; your phone is connected to the modem.

Note, if you have a fixed phone connector, it is best to contact your provider to assist with setup.

Check if the phone cable is the Ziggo setup package. Next, follow these steps to connect your landline phone to the Ziggo modem;

Step 1– Cork the end of the phone cable into the modem’s TEL 1 port and the other end into the base station.

Step 2– Wait till the green light on the TEL 1 port is on.

Step 3– Check-in case you hear a dial tone on the phone.

Step 4– If you hear a dial tone, then setup is successful.

Step 5– In case you do not hear a dial tone, take the ends of the phone cable and plug them back into the TEL 1 and the base station.

Step 6– You can now repeat steps two via 4.

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