How can I call from Internet to mobile?

Make free phone calls online

To make calls over the Internet, you can use apps such as Google voice, FreedomPop, WhatsApp, TextNow, Google Duo, Textfree, and many other apps. Some apps allow you to use Wi-Fi and mobile data instead of minutes from your mobile phone plan to make phone calls. If the internet connection is not available, free internet phone programs allow you to make free mobile calls- sometimes to anyone in the globe but other times only to numbers in the US using special software. 

You might have to install a program or app to make free mobile calls. This article is intended to show you how to make mobile calls for free using an internet connection and computer.

How can I make free call from Internet?

Free online call from internet to mobile

You can really make free phone calls using the Internet. Free internet phone programs enable you to make free mobile calls.

The free call programs discussed below are available in four various kinds;

  • Pc to phone programs are ones that allow you to make a free call from your computer to a real telephone number, so it is not necessary to have a telephone yourself.
  • App to phone applications are the ones that make free internet calls from a mobile device o real number. These services facilitate making phone calls to any number, even landlines and mobile phones are not using the app.
  • App to app services run absolutely on mobile devices and results in phone calls that can work in case the recipient has the same application installed. This program can not be used to call landlines or other mobile phones that do not have the proper software.
  • PC to PC internet calling when a computer makes a free phone call to another computer.

Now let’s take you through how to make the call.

To make a free call with an internet phone, you might have to download a free phone call application or use a softphone from an internet phone provider website.

Make a call on WeChat

Developed by Tencent and released in 2011, WeChat has become one of the biggest standalone messaging apps in the world. WeChat works with iPod touch, iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, Windows Phone, Android, and Nokia devices.

You can make free mobile calls, like the other apps discussed in this article, but you can only do so in case the recipients have the app installed. Thus, you cannot use Wechat to make free calls to a non-smartphone, landlines, or phones that do not have the app. You can buy minutes, which would allow calls to such devices.

To call from Internet to mobile using WeChat press the ‘+’ symbol at the top right corner of the home screen. Then select the mobile contact saved on the phone to make a call or enter a new number using the dial pad. 

How to make calls with Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is owned by Facebook and is popular texting app with many users. Nonetheless, you can also call your Whatsapp friends from the app using only your Internet connection; this does not count against your phone plan’s voice minutes.

To be able to use Whatsapp to make a call, you have to confirm your phone number. After you are using the app, you can start a new conversation to see clearly which of your contacts are using Whatsapp, after which you can call them no matter their location. To make a call using Whatsapp follow the following steps;

  1. Launch WhatsApp from your app drawer or home screen 
  2. Touch the call button on the upper justify of your screen, or swipe right to view your call log
  3. Tap the phone button at the top right of your screen. You will see a little phone receiver with the plus sign.
  4. Tap the contact you wish to call
  5. To end call tap the red phone button 
  6. Tap the redial button in case you would like to call someone you have called before. It has a telephone receiver on the right of the contact in your call log.

How to use Pinger Textfree to make a call?

Textfree is a free application that provides you with your own phone number to make free app to app and text messages, and also allows you to customize the voicemail greeting.

The Textfree texting feature can actually be used on non-apple phones as well. Thus you can use Textfree as another way to text your friends over the Internet.

To make a call using Textfree, send your first text by opening your inbox, in the top right corner, you will see a compose button. Tap the button and then type your message in the text box as you would in any messaging application. Once you have sent your message, get free minutes to make calls. All you have to do is watch suggested partner offers, videos, or download apps that they recommend. Alternatively, you can buy minutes in packages of 1000, 400 or 100.

Pinger : For free minutes

  1. Click the button that appears like an old-fashioned telephone known as the dial pad icon located at the top right corner of the toolbar.
  2. Tap on the lower justify box that shows your present minute balance
  3. Select to watch videos for free minutes or complete partner offers for free minutes, or buy minutes

After you have completed the video or partner activity, a message should pop up on the screen informing you that you have received your free minutes. Then you can go ahead and make your call. Choose the contact, key in the phone number on your dial pad for who you want to call, or pick up a conversation from your inbox- all these methods allow you to make calls.

How to use Google Voice to make free phone calls?

Google Voice is one of the best apps to make free internet phone calls. Google Voice allows you to make free  PC to PC calls, calls to an actual phone number, and free PC.

It is mainly a way to manage phone numbers in your contact list and can be used to route incoming calls to your free phone number offered by Google Voice to any other phone you have. 

Free calls you make with Google Voice they must be numbers in the United States or Canada. The calls are limited to three hours, but you can keep on making a free call to the same number regularly.

Google Voice make free mobile calls
  1. Log in to google voice and select the make a call button to the justify.
  2. Key ina name or number in the call section. Choose the green phone icon button to enable Google to dial the number.
  3. Google Voice will call your phone and link you to the number.
  4. To use Google Voice to make free PC to phone calls, first install the free Google Voice and Video Chat Plugtin, also known as Hangout Plugin. After you have installed, you can make free calls from the Chat or Hangout area in Gmail to real phones using your PC microphone and speakers.


Freedompop also acts as an app to app to phone service. You are able to call real telephones such as landlines and other mobile phones, anywhere in the US even though they do not have the app on their phone.

When signing up, you are to select a phone number from any area code you wish since you will get a real number to use, they can even call you as well.

To make calls using FreedomPop, make sure you download Freedompop messaging, or FreedomPop Free Talk and Text application. After you have chosen a calling plan, you will be able to make and receive calls and texts using the app.

Can you use the Internet to make a phone call?

Can I call from Internet to mobile?

Yes, you can use the Internet to make phone calls. New technology offers a number of options, all of which need some kind of software and other times hardware. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP), allows the Internet to mobile calls to be transmitted together with data on suitable corporate networks. Some of the applications that support Internet to mobile calls have been discussed above, and there are many others in the market.

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