Best virtual phone systems providers

Best virtual phone number app

A virtual phone is a number that allows you to choose the local area code of the phone number.
Most VoIP providers offer virtual phone numbers. Any number that is not offered by a traditional phone service provider is a virtual phone number. That is because virtual phone numbers are not tied to a physical location such as the phone numbers you receive from an analog phone.

Providers of virtual phone numbers enable business owners to choose a number for office enterprise which can be used with mobile phones or landline already used for personal calls. The virtual phone number providers examined in this post have proven to be the best options of the numerous providers operating in the industry. For consumer convenience, each of the businesses has been carefully assessed focusing on available features, the price of their services, and services offered to determine which of the businesses are the best of the best.

What is virtual phone number?

What is a virtual phone number and how does it work?

A virtual phone number helps to maintain happy customers and win potential customers into your business by improving your communications system capability. It can also be used to get over locational barriers that might be barriers of sale or to connect remote workers to a central hub. It can also be utilized to direct inbound callers to particular desks. For whichever purpose you use a virtual phone number for, it will help your company sound more professional while removing the need for an expensive in-house telephony system.

Besides, you can join a partner program to be able to join virtual phone providers who offer affiliate programs. Some virtual phone providers offer affiliate programs such as callhippo for promoters to provide benefits to their partners.

Using VoIP as a virtual phone number connector

Today, most virtual phone numbers use Voice over internet protocol (VoIP), which indicates there is no requirement for a real physical telephone number. The number the caller dials utilize internet-based protocols to forward the call to a real number selected by a virtual number customer. There is no telephone line, and, in the case of the consumer wishes, the call can be forwarded to his or her laptop or other mobile devices.

Uses of virtual business phone numbers

There are various incredible benefits of having a virtual phone number for fear of getting a missed call. Virtual numbers are enabling businesses to forget about having office phone solutions while still having a phone number customers can call. 

The virtual phone number for a local presence

Most businesses have started using virtual phone numbers in conjunction system to offer a presence in cities and states other than the one they call home. A virtual phone number offers businesses and eliminates long-distance toll charges for anyone calling within that number’s area code. For instance, a North America based business willing to attract customers in another city could get a number with that city’s 215 area code rather than sticking with their usual number.

Virtual phone systems

Instead of using virtual numbers in conjunction with their VoIP phone systems, some businesses are employing an entire phone system. These phones come with advanced call management features.  The most well-known version of this is google voice, which offers a free virtual phone number to a google account holder.

Reach a specific targeted customers in a specific region

Businesses that are reaching out to specific segments of targeted customers may want to do so in a specific geographical region. Offering a number to call that is in a different country or even state can be off-putting to many people. A virtual phone number enables the sales team to offer the impression of being local to its target audience, and thus, increases response statistics.

Multiple departments

Businesses that have multiple departments, which may be spread over large distances or even in different countries, can offer a single number for customers to call. Upon answer, the customer will be offered a menu of choices, and dependent upon which is selected, the call will be directed well.

Other uses of virtual business phone numbers

In modern business, greater numbers of employees are located remotely to their company’s headquarters. Again, a local number depicts the ease of access and, for many clients, increase credibility.
Self-employed, one-man bands can also use virtual phone numbers. An automated receptionist functions as a cushion between professional and private calls and offers a more professional appearance to clients.

Also for those traveling- especially students and business travelers- a virtual phone number enables relatives and friends to keep in touch for the cost of a local call. Most of the virtual phone system has voicemail transcription feature. When a customer leaves a message, the virtual phone automatically transcribes the audio to a text message. When you receive an email alert about the voicemail, it includes the transcribed text message. This is great for increasing business productivity. The feature makes virtual phones suitable for people operating in a virtual office such as real estate. 

How do I get a virtual phone number?

Best anonymous virtual phone number

It can be risky to give out your phone number to people you do not know, and that is usually the situation when a website asks for your phone number. Luckily, just like with anonymous email addresses and credit card, you can also use an anonymous, virtual local phone number to hide your real number. At the same time, you will save money and have your own cloud phone systems.

When you utilize a virtual phone number, only that number is known, not your real number, although the virtual number may ring your real phone to establish the phone call. Any person you call, and anyone who calls your virtual number, cannot see your real phone number. Below are the best anonymous and virtual phone services that are perfect for both business and personal use based on price, call quality, ease of use, customer support, and call management. 

1. Burner

Burner calls itself the original second number app. Just enroll for an account, select an area code to choose an anonymous phone number, and use it to send texts and photos and make calls without anyone knowing your reality.

Benefits of burner 
  • Calls can be forwarded to another number
  • Auto-reply can be an arrangement for texting when you are away
  • Lets you send picture messages
  • Blocks spam calls
  • Calls show up as your burner number
  • Several ways to buy a number
  • The only challenges are that it has no free option

2. Google voice

Google voice is free and offers you access to a completely different phone number that you use to make and receive calls and texts. Google voice works on a computer and through its mobile app. When someone calls your virtual number, it is forwarded to whatever phone you want it forwarded to. Freelancers, consultants, and startups wanting free virtual phone numbers for business calling with basic features should take a look at google voice. 

The pros of google voice
  • Filters spam messages automatically
  • Incoming calls can ring multiple phones
  • You can force all calls to voicemail
  • Includes voicemail and call screening
  • Completely free and never expires.
  • You can utilize it for video conferencing and live chat

However, most calls are free, while others are not.

3.  Virtual phone

Virtual phone is a service that provides both local and toll0free numbers in over 120 countries and has features such as call recording, SMS, call schedules, voicemail, fax, IVR, call forwarding among others.  This web dashboard is easy to use for controlling your account, and the mobile app makes it simple to send texts and make phone calls anywhere you are. The virtual phone also functions as a web button so that you can put a special code on your website for your visitors to immediately call you using your virtual number.

Pros of virtual phone
  • Additional customers can be reached on the same number with virtual extensions
  • There’s a free option
  • Can be used to receive faxes
  • On hold music feature 
  • Effective call queue management
  • However, free users are limited to just a hundred minutes per month.

4. Vumber

With Vumber, you can select a virtual phone number from any area code so that you can select a local one or one from a different location, or even a toll-free number, and it will still work similarly. To receive calls, any user can call your virtual number, and it will ring your phone like a normal call. In case you want to make a phone call with your anonymous number, just call your vumber number from the phone you have registered as a forwarding number.

When your phone rings you have the option of taking it, play a tone, send it to voicemail, put it on hold, and several other alternatives. Vumber is not free, but it does give a fourteen-day trial for any of its three plans. The more costly plans let you have more virtual numbers and additional minutes and texting per month. Vumber numbers can be utilized used for calling and texting. You can try it for free for fourteen days. However, a forwarding number supports only Canadian and the states numbers No permanent free option.

5. Tossable digits

Tossable digits is a paid service that offers out an anonymous number tied to a number of really great features such as do not disturb mode call blocking. There are numerous virtual numbers to pick from, including toll-free numbers, from many countries. There are four tiers you can choose from, each with a divergent number of virtual numbers you can use and a divergent number of minutes supported by the tier. The pay as you go plan allows you to choose how many virtual numbers and minutes are accessible as you need them.

Benefits of Tossable digits
  • You can set up call rules
  • Calls can be screened
  • You have total control over the caller ID
  • Support call forwarding
  • All calls can be recorded at no additional cost
  • But there is no free virtual number option.

6. Talkroute

Similar to other virtual phone number services, Takroute allows you to pick a toll free or local number to hide your real phone number. But, unlike the others in virtual phones in this article, this service is made particularly for enterprise users. It allows you to forward and route incoming calls, made to your virtual number to another phone number or even a series of numbers in a calling line to ensure the caller can reach someone. This system also supports call queuing.

Typically there are four talk route plans you can choose from, with each plan progressively including more features. For instance, the Basic plan is the least expensive and does not include caller ID, a call menu, scheduled forwarding, or live call transfer such as the office pro plan supports.

7. eVoice

eVoice sticks out as a virtual phone number provider in that voicemail sent to the virtual number can be reproduced as text and emailed to you so that you do not even have to listen to voicemails.  eVoice has four tiers you can choose from, with the less costly offering two extensions, 300 monthly minutes with six virtual numbers, and the most expensive offering four thousand monthly minutes with fifteen extensions and forty-five numbers.

Advantages of eVoice
  • Buying a local or a toll-free number
  • Includes conference calling abilities
  • Outgoing calls can be easily made
  • You can use voicemail recorded greeting
  • Routes callers.
  • A mobile app can be installed
Main disadvantages of eVoice
  • Faxing isn’t supported in the Lite plan.
  • Some of the plans are quite expensive.

8. Grasshoppers

Grasshopper is a virtual phone system that offers vital business phone features without any equipment to install on your personal device. Monthly fees could start at just $29 for a solid set of Grasshoppers features such as unlimited calling, automated attendant, and call forwarding. All calling plans provide all of the grasshoppers virtual phone features such as hold music, and virtual faxing.

Grasshoppers call management capabilities to include business texts services, call transfer, block call, custom greeting call control that can be timed around your business hours. The call screening feature allows you to hear the caller’s name or number before deciding if you want to take the call, which is helpful in case you make business and personal phones call on the same phone. It also has a conference bridge that supports up to ten callers without requiring a separate conference number. Grasshopper company offers a seven days trial, which is free with no credit card needed. For other extra services, you will have to pay additional costs. Grasshopper is a call forwarding service, and its list of features is not extensive as its competitors. It lacks option such call recording, video conferencing, and multilevel auto-attendant.

9. Nextiva 

Nextiva offers virtual phone numbers, and service plans starting at $19.95 for every user per month. Nextiva offers three price plans- office pro plus starts at $19.95 per user, for every month, pro plus from $20.95 per user, for every month and office enterprise plans starting at $27.95 per user. You can choose your plan between monthly or annual contracts. However, Nextiva does not have an unlimited domestic plan. If you want unlimited domestic calling and unlimited free calling you can try jive. It is worth noting that according to g2 crowd, Nextiva customers are unhappy with their website as it can be a bit misleading. 

How can I find out who a phone number belongs to for free?

Business calls management-finding who a telephone number belongs to

If you have ever received a call from an unknown telephone number and you would like to know who the number belongs to, you will find various online platforms that can aid in your search. Reverse telephone number looks, yahoo or Bing, searching the number on sites such as Google, and searching social media platforms can all help put a name to a number. Most tools are available for free online, whereas others charge for the information. In case you are using a paid service ensure it is a reputable company. 

Use reverse phone lookup

For phone numbers that are listed in the phonebook, using a reverse phone number service is the easiest way to find out who a telephone number belongs to. The website provides a free reverse phone number service. Key in the area code and telephone number and press search to return a list of results. In case the phone is listed in the phonebook, the site should return a name and address. and Whitepages also provide reverse phone number searches such as resources. Reverse phone number searches will not work with unlisted landlines or cell phone numbers.

Google the telephone number

In case you are unable to find out who the number belongs to by using a reverse phone number search, or the phone number belongs to a cell phone, try searching for the telephone number on a major search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If the individual or business has listed the phone number on a website or social media profile, it is possible to find the name that belongs to the number. In case the number is an 800 number, or you think it is spam or telemarketers, you can search sites such as and to figure out what others are saying about the number.

Call the number back

If you are unable to identify the number online using a reverse or Google search, you can always call the number back and ask who it belongs to. In case the individual or business has a voice mail, you may be able to figure out who the owner of the phone number is without having to talk with anyone. Spy dialer will call the telephone number’s voicemail directly, offering you the alternative of hearing the voice mail or searching up the name for free. This will wave off the need to talk to anyone and assist you to remain anonymous at the same time.

Use people search

If you are still not able to identify who is the owner of a telephone number after using free services, you can search using sites such as Intelius and Instant Checkmate. Even though these providers do charge for the service, you will have a better chance of finding accurate results. Try to search social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Spokeo as people may have listed their phone number within their profiles. In case you are still not able to find out who a phone number belongs to and the calls are harassing in nature, speak with your service provider or the local authorities about your options.

How do I choose my own phone number?

How to create a virtual number?

When it comes to virtual numbers, you have so many options. Not all companies allow you to create your own number, but most companies will have options of vanity numbers.

Depending on the company you work with, some offer an easier purchase than others; some do not offer an online checkout for vanity phone, and some companies do not offer vanity numbers in local formats, so shop around a little to make sure precisely what you want is available.

Some of the top companies for vanity virtual numbers

  • Ring Boost
  • Global Call Forwarding
  • 800 Response
  • InfoServ USA
  • Ring Central
  • Grasshopper

You may have to contact your service provider if you want to change the virtual phone number provided for an already existing service.  Keep in mind, though. Not all companies offer the same level of versatility and flexibility. Some companies are more accommodating than others, with more options. After choosing your number, remember to do a speed test. Remember that even the best business phone system needs a proper network connection to bring high-quality service you expect. To evaluate your broadband connection, a VoIP speed test will quickly and accurately offer a glimpse of your system bandwidth and line quality.  

Try business phone number call forwarding

Call forwarding, also known as find-me, virtual number, and call routing, enables businesses to forward local or tollfree, or international phone numbers to any area in the world. When a company selects virtual phone numbers, it often has access to advanced forwarding call features such as simultaneous and sequential ringing, international calling ringback tones, time/day routing calls, and SIP (VoIP) call forwarding. Extra features may also include failover routing, hosted PBX, dynamic caller ID, voicemail and fax to email, interactive voice response (IVR), and unlimited extensions.

 A virtual phone number offers the flexibility for businesses to forward calls to a single call center software or even a mobile phone for companies on the go. Companies can avoid infrastructure costs by not requiring to rent expensive office station in other cities or states, as well as the hassle of hiring representatives in multiple locations. For instance, a USA phone number or other international phone numbers can be routed to a central customer care location.

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