All About Netbooks

A netbook is a small, light, low-control scratch pad PC that has less preparing force than a full-sized PC yet is as yet reasonable for word processing, running a Web program and interfacing remotely to the Internet. Netbooks are the future because nowadays people prefer to have cloud memory as opposed to conventional remote storage. These mini laptops are increasingly becoming more popular, even though their initial purpose was for students because of their portability.

What is a Netbook?

6 Unique Features of a Netbook

Netbooks first design was in 2007 as a brand-new class of desktop computer system. The initial models were prepared to use a standard computing experience in a compact laptop style with a cost of roughly $200 to $300, which was extremely inexpensive at the time.

Throughout the years, the functions and price of netbooks continued to climb up while timeless laptop computer prices continued to fall. Ultimately, netbooks went out when tablets became popular. Most just recently, nevertheless, the concept of very affordable and compact laptop computers has risen once again with some companies launching systems that share many of the same qualities as netbooks however without that specific name.

Speed Is Not Everything

Most netbook class laptops are not what you would consider quick. They are not created for speed however for power effectiveness instead. They tend to use a various class of processor from traditional laptop computers that are closer to the processor utilized in a tablet. They only require sufficient processor performance to deal with common computing jobs such as web browsing, email, word processing, spreadsheets, and standard image editing. Unless you need assistance for video gaming, streaming, or sharp image or video modifying, you do not require much computing power.

What about the CD/DVD Player?

When netbooks initially came out, a CD or DVD drive was still a requirement for most computers since it was the standard method to set up software. Now, it’s ended up being significantly challenging to find a laptop that has one. Optical drives are not a requirement for computer systems any longer thanks to digital software application circulation. The majority of the software application are readily available online, even technical programs that aren’t easily readily available.

Netbook Hard Drive

Solid state drives (SSDs) are becoming far more familiar with mobile computers. Their compact size, low power intake, and sturdiness make them perfect for mobile phones. Netbooks were initially a few of the first computers to use them with any regularity. They still have the downside of not using as much storage space as conventional hard disk drives, though, and as a result, most netbook class laptops generally have relatively small storage capabilities of roughly 32GB to 64GB. In addition to this, they utilize cheaper drives that offer lower performance than basic SATA drives discovered in numerous laptop computers.

Netbook Display and Size

LCDs are most likely the most significant cost to manufacturers of laptop computer PCs. To lower the general expenses of these systems, manufacturers established them utilizing smaller sized screens.The very first netbooks utilized small 7-inch screens. Since then, netbook screens have been getting progressively bigger. Many newer laptop computers that are considered netbooks feature displays with a 10-inch or 12-inch size. Don’t forget that they typically are not touch screens and have lower resolutions to keep the expenses down.

The first netbooks were extremely light at just over 2 pounds, while a traditional laptop computer was weighing in around 5 pounds at that time. Now, many laptops have lessened, weighing in between 3 and 4 pounds. They are taking on tablets that frequently weigh less than a pound. They don’t have the ultracompact size that they as soon as did, but they’re still portable for many people.

Netbook Software

The typical netbook-style laptop computer is available as an exceptionally portable system that runs Windows, but there are constraints that users need to understand. For example, they often deliver with a 32-bit variation of Windows rather than the 64-bit version that the majority of systems have. This state is because the netbook-class laptops feature 2GB of memory and the smaller sized 32-bit software executables take up less space and memory.

The disadvantage is that there are occasions where the traditional Windows software that you wish to operate on these computer systems will not run. More than anything else, this is typically due to the hardware constraints such as the memory or the speed of the processor. If you’re thinking of getting a netbook computer, look thoroughly at the hardware requirements of any software you mean to work on it. Items like mail, web browsers, and productivity software, for a lot of parts, will not be restricted. Nevertheless, the netbook is woefully underpowered when it pertains to running media-focused applications that involve graphics and video. If you find that your preferred applications will not work on a netbook, think about a standard laptop computer or a gaming laptop computer.

Netbook Prices

Netbooks were constantly about cost. However, this was their initial failure. While the initial systems were priced around $200 with laptop computers over $500, the progressive rate increases on netbooks and the decreasing costs of conventional laptops implied that the systems’ piece de resistance (price) was soon doomed. It’s reasonably simple to find a conventional laptop for under $500. The newer crop of netbook laptops on the market are all approximately $200. Tablets are the primary factor that netbooks had to get back to keeping rates as low as possible.

What is the Difference Between a Laptop and a Netbook?

Comparing a Netbook and a Laptop Computer

Netbooks have a smaller sized screen (not more than less than 12 inches) and smaller keyboard dimension. Their design is simple and can be used to carry out simple jobs like email, Internet searching, light home entertainment, and light productivity. Laptops can vary in any screen size and can be constructed to do complex and graphics-intensive jobs.

As netbooks do simple jobs, they are suitable as a companion PC rather than the main Personal Computer. Netbooks utilize low power processors like Intel ® AtomTM and Intel ® CeleronTM processors, while laptops use fairly powerful processors(O.S). Because of the use of lower power, netbooks have very long battery life and can generally last a very long time with a single charge compared to laptops. Because netbooks are little and light-weight, they can be carried in a routine bag and might not need a specialized case for it.

Netbooks likewise usually included integrated graphics capability, therefore restricting the capacity to powerful graphics and related jobs. Based on their designs, netbooks generally have lower RAM (Random Access Memory) and lower HDD (Hard Drive) capacity as compared to laptops. Netbooks designs lack with internal CD/DVD drives as content utilized are primarily downloaded or kept in the disk drive. However, you can utilize an external CD/DVD drive and connect to the netbook using the USB port.

The Best Notebooks You Can Buy

Our Choice for 10 of the Best Notepads Available

Our main goal is to offer you information on a wide range of Notebooks currently available in the market; so that you don’t have a had time when you go to buy one.



  • Intel Celeron Dual-Core Processor
  • 32GB eMMC
  • 2GB RAM

This netbook produced by Lenovo is one of the least expensive yet most excellent of the whole lot. It provides superior performance and speed as compared to other types. Its 11.6-inch HD display offers exceptional clarity and makes enjoying movies and videos fun. It’s not a MacBook Pro or a proper laptop computer to replace your desktop, but it provides great features at a genuinely budget-friendly cost to match your spending plan. It is mobile, lightweight, practical and comfy to utilize.

It is a real netbook and uses just what the users expect from it. Its little size makes it hassle-free for the users to work while on a roadway. Teenagers can even save up their allowance and purchase themselves such a netbook to browse the social networking sites and do their school homework. Because it comes at such a low price individuals, have their doubts about its quality. Being a Lenovo item, this laptop computer utilizes the current innovation and high-quality parts and even uses a one-year guarantee to its users. One can count on the track record of Lenovo to trust the quality of this laptop. It’s a 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron processor is somewhat useful as compared to other notepads and supplies boosted connectivity with WiFi and Bluetooth. The web works flawlessly on this little yet charming and trendy netbook.



  • Intel Celeron N3060
  • 32GB eMMC

This HP produced maker is small yet has some robust features and gorgeous appearances. Its 4 GB RAM is among the unique features that it houses. A netbook with such terrific memory and speed is difficult to discover.

It is ideal for blog writers or people who utilize the internet thoroughly. The RAM is large enough to supply excellent speed and prevent disruptions. The Intel Celeron N3060 processor is much better than typical processors, however, cannot be as efficient as a desktop. This laptop computer has an adorable and tough develop that lasts for a longer time and can easily be carried around. Another feature of this gizmo that sticks out is its cooling system. This laptop utilizes the current innovation to avoid heating up of the laptop computer when used thoroughly.

The display is not excellent, but it is fantastic when provided at such a low rate. This laptop computer includes Windows 10 already set up with all the Office applications and hence it works efficiently in that element. One can deal with Excel sheets or word documents the whole day without the laptop freezing or heat up on their laps. This laptop computer supplies top class security from infections and fantastic connectivity to please its users. Thus to conclude this laptop computer provides excellent value for money.



  • Intel Atom Z8350 Processor
  • 32GB eMMC Storage
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM

This laptop computer produced by Asus is quite comparable to a MacBook. It has a complete metal body that is thin and lightweight; its backlit keyboard supplies convenience and can be utilized in dark rooms also. Its 400 nit brightness makes it possible for the users to work both outdoors and inside. This laptop’s primary focus is to supply a fantastic portable gadget with a computer like functions at real low rates. This laptop costs a couple of dollars more than other netbooks however it provides more storage and more speed than other netbooks.

Its main feature is nearer to that of a laptop. Its small size does not mean that the business has jeopardized on any of its features. This laptop computer is constructed utilizing the latest technology that fits all the features like a good processor, enough memory, enough storage and so on in a thinner and lighter laptop. This laptop computer can be brought even in a bag. The sturdy build assists in taking in shocks from falls and bumps that make the laptop last much longer. Its 1-year mishap protection service warranty makes the users feel safer as they can quickly get it replaced in case of any damage.

Dell i3168-0027


  • Intel Celeron N3060
  • 32GB SSD

This netbook is for all the Dell lovers out there. Lots of people are extremely particular about the brand they use in case of gizmos. They trust just a few brands, and Dell is one such laptop computer producing company that has over the years built instead a broad base of very faithful customers. This netbook loads all the functions of a regular Dell laptop computer in a much smaller sized body which weighs much less. The 11.6-inch Full HD screen likewise supplies the touch facility. This laptop is not just any netbook it is a tablet cum netbook.

This 2 in one laptop computer supplies more convenience and performance to the users. One can purchase two gizmos at the cost of one. It has a reliable Intel Core processor which offers higher productivity than typical netbooks and a 2 GB RAM that is enough to provide terrific speed. Its develop yet trendy. It utilizes the latest technology to offer a few of the best cooling systems to make this laptop effective enough for extensive use.  All in all, this laptop is like a complete plan that provides higher mobility, efficiency, style and so on, all at a rather low expense.



  • Intel Core Atom X5-Z8350 Processor
  • 32GB SSD
  • 2GB RAM

This hybrid laptop is not just portable however equally effective. It is small but has some very bold functions. Its touchscreen is as smooth as butter and easy to maneuver. The removable screen makes dealing with the laptop easier and offers more choices to utilize the laptop computer. If you desire both a tablet and a laptop, this netbook is an excellent choice as it uses qualities of both the devices at the rate of one. It’s Intel Quad-Core Atom x5-Z8350 offer terrific efficiency and ensures the laptop computer works as fast as a desktop and does not cause obstructions while multitasking.

The favorable elements of this laptop computer consist of excellent storage and memory that is tough to find in a netbook. This laptop is like a dream come to life for those who desire a little yet powerful laptop computer within a spending plan. This laptop even has a fantastic battery life that makes working on the road or in a park more hassle-free. One does not require to stress over the charge and also damaging the laptop as it has a durable metal build with good protection. The hinge of the laptop computer is strong enough to last for a long time. This laptop computer is perfect as a netbook as it hardly weighs more than a kg.

HP X360 11-AB011DX


  • Intel Celeron N3060 Processor
  • 32GB eMMC
  • 4GB RAM

Another HP product, this laptop is known for its unique functions. One of them would be its size and style. This laptop has a sleek and featherweight body that does not jeopardize on any of the features. It has a powerful processor that can ensure great browsing on the internet without freezing. This laptop computer has a comfy construct and is easy to handle. With the current cooling pads, this laptop does not warm up when utilized for long hours.

Moreover, this laptop computer even offers adequate storage that is missing on average netbooks. This laptop is among those rare ones that come at the cost of a netbook, however, is more like a tiny laptop computer. It’s 4 GB RAM, and 32 GB storage is more than what the majority netbooks contain. It is quick and powerful and can help you increase your efficiency tremendously. Its screen is complete HD and has excellent touch facility which makes navigation, scrolling, drawing, writing, and so on much more comfortable. Its 360-degree hinge provides much better movement. One can quickly transform the laptop into a tablet when needed. As an outcome, this laptop offers excellent value for cash in a much smaller sized size. It is among the best-selling netbooks of 2018, and one should try it out.

ACER AO1-132-C129 N306


  • Intel Celeron N3060 Processor
  • 32GB eMMC
  • 4GB RAM

Being an Acer produced laptop, this model has plenty of functions to use at a low and reasonable rate. It is specially created to fulfill the needs of the day-to-day working class which utilizes their laptop the entire time whether in the office, on the road or in your home. They generally work on the internet and need a netbook similar to this. It has an excellent memory and storage centers that assist in providing high speed and performance. It’s Intel Celeron dual-core N3060 1.6 GHz processor is among a kind which takes less space and offers much more.

Having a streamlined metal body, it can absorb fantastic shocks and weighs just 2 pounds. This netbook has fantastic connectivity which guarantees that the Internet will work at high speed with no troubles. It’s 32 GB Flash Drive assists in speeding the process of writing files and doing multitask. It is really portable and as big as an A4 sheet. One can quickly bring it in their purse or bag and not stress overweight.



  • Intel N3150 Quad Core Processor
  • 128GB SSD
  • 4GB RAM

This model of the Lenovo Yoga series is suitable for all those users out there who are searching for a budget-friendly, and portable laptop clubbed in one. This 3rd generation design is a dream come true for a few of us. At an extremely reasonable rate, one gets as good functions as a laptop and high essential parts in a computer which last much longer than the average ones. This laptop charges quite quick similar to a turbocharger and lasts for a minimum of 6 hours with maximum use.

Its complete HD 11.6-inch screen has touch screen facilities and can be converted into a tablet when required. Being a hybrid laptop computer, it automatically offers more than the typical laptop computers. It is easier to deal with and easier to handle. The touchscreen does writing, drawing, searching and such activities easier. Given that all of us are so accustomed to our smart devices, such a laptop computer is like a precious gift which makes it enjoyable to work. The powerful processor and great RAM makes working quicker and more efficient. All in all, this laptop computer will make an excellent choice as it has a lot to offer at an extremely percentage.



  • Intel Atom Processor
  • 128GB eMMC
  • 4GB RAM

The Asus Transformer Mini is a 2 in one laptop. It has a smart hinge innovation which permits it to turn up to 170 degrees. It comes with a keyboard and a stylus pen. The stylus pen can be used to compose, sketch and browse through the touchscreen display screen. It has a 10.1-inch display screen, and its design contains a premium magnesium alloy that makes it extraordinarily light-weight and ultra thin. Transformer Mini also has a touch ID scanner which makes the laptop computer more protected, on identifying the touch ID, it unlocks with the Windows Hello function.

This laptop computer is the embodiment of a netbook. It has features comparable to a MacBook and since it comes at a budget-friendly price one can be pleased with this design. It’s Intel Quad-Core Atom adds on to the power of the laptop computer making it efficient and deserving of appreciation. You can use this laptop for long hours with no adverse effects. It does not heat up quickly, or freezes, when multitasking, happens. It functions smoothly and offers the users what they expect.

It’s exceptionally slim keyboard offers convenience to writers and makes typing for long hours much more manageable. It’s 400 nit brightness of the screen helps the user to work both outdoors and indoors making an ideal choice for the users.



  • Intel Dual Core Celeron N3050 Processor
  • 32GB eMMC
  • 2GB RAM

Dell as a business has been ruling the laptop computer market for a long time, and this laptop computer is an example of why it has been able to catch the market. It has an 11.6-inch edge to edge screen which improves the experience of watching High Definition videos and images. The display is a touchscreen and makes it easier for the user to scroll and navigate through the pages. It is packed in with Intel Celeron processor and 4 GB of RAM, making the response time of the commands much shorter and the laptop computer quicker.

The feature that stands out for this laptop is its 360-degree hinge design. This hinge helps you turn your keyboard and make your laptop computer a tablet. The speakers of the laptop computer are remarkable, making the experience of the user extremely pleasant. It is powered by a 500 GB storage capacity and Windows 10 as the operating system. Dell Inspiron i3000 is priced low and is available in several colors, making it one of the very best laptop computers in the offered price range.

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