How do vanity numbers work?

Vanity numbers and Why your business needs them

The work of a vanity number is to capture the attention of a potential client and encourage them to call your business. The aim of having this kind of business number is to create a brand image of your company and make your contact easy to remember. In a market that is saturated, a memorable vanity number makes your business stand out. 

What is a vanity number?

Essentially, a vanity number is a phone number that gives people a good idea of what your business is about. It achieves this by having a keyword or words after the standard 1-800 number. The result is a catchy business number than can hopefully stick in the minds of potential clients. 

For a taxi business, for example, a good vanity number can be 1-800-TAXI. If you are in the flower delivery business, then 1-800-FLOWERS works. You would be surprised by the number of companies that lose business because they have a number that is hard to remember out of the top of your head. 

Most of the time, people do not realize they need a specific service until when they do. So if they see an advertisement for that service with a hard number they would not remember it. But if the ad used a vanity number chances are the person will remember it and call for the service. 

How to dial vanity numbers?

On your telephone dial pad or the dial screen of your phone, you will notice three letters under numbers 2 through 9. Therefore, when you dial the vanity number with letters, you are technically just dialing the corresponding numbers. For example, when you dial 1-800-FLOWERS, you are basically keying in the number 1-800-3569377. This goes further to show the simplicity of vanity numbers.

The benefits of vanity numbers

Why your business needs a vanity number?

If you run a business, having a vanity number could be very beneficial. You should consider vanity numbers for the following reasons.

1. Vanity numbers are easy to remember

Today, people are becoming busier and busier. A lot of things occupy our minds. There is work stuff, family matter, and we also have to remember passwords, logins, pin numbers, and many other things. With all this, you cannot expect people to also remember random numbers for your business. 

Vanity numbers make work easier. A properly selected vanity number will naturally stick to the minds of your clients. So if you are a business that sales and delivers cakes and you manage to secure the vanity number 1-800-CAKES then, whenever someone thinks of a cake that is the first number they will think of dialing. 

2. Vanity numbers reinforce your company brand

The motto and identity of your brand are reinforced in a vanity number. If you can squeeze a core value of your organization in the phone number, then everyone would know what you are about. 

If your organization deals with promoting equality, for example, a vanity number like 1-800-EQUALITY-4-ALL would suit it very well. It is not only a phone number, but it also promotes the agenda of the organization. The image and brand of the company are well supported by the number. 

3. Vanity numbers extends your market

Any business wants to retain its current customers and most importantly extend its market. This is growth. Capturing the attention of a potential client who does not know about you is very difficult. A phone number with random figures does not make it any easier. 

However, if your phone number has a word that will instantly tell people who is on the other side, then chances are new clients will be contacting you every day. 

For example, someone is looking for catering services for an event. One company advertises with a normal phone number, let’s say (415) 555-1671, while another uses a vanity phone number 1-800-CATERING. When you see these two numbers for the first time, you will immediately know the vanity number will connect you to a caterer. In this way, the service that uses a vanity number will attract new clients and grow the business faster. 

4. Vanity phone numbers increase the credibility of your business

People usually trust businesses that have a dedicated vanity phone number. It shows they are committed to their product. Specialization is always associated with quality, a business that specializes in making birthday cakes often do a better job than a bakery that makes all sorts of dough foods. 

So if you have a vanity number that identifies you as a business that makes birthday cakes clients will see your business as more credible. 

5. Vanity phone numbers improve customer service

Any business that is easily reachable by their clients will automatically be known for superior customer services. Clients need the assurance that if they purchase your product, and something goes wrong, they will be able to quickly get in touch for help. 

A vanity phone number will be remembered by a client in any situation. This allows them to be in constant communication with the business using any device. Such customer attention will increase the reputation of the business. 

6. You can use a toll-free vanity number from anywhere

Toll-free numbers are no longer hard-wired to a contact center somewhere. There are toll-free vanity numbers that can be as mobile as your business. Services such as call forwarding let you route your calls to your business at any time. So, if you decide to work from home, or from any location away from your office, you will not miss those business calls.  

Things to remember when getting a vanity number for your business

The first thing you should know with vanity numbers is that the good ones are already gone. If you are in a business that has any sort of market, then chances are someone has already picked the best vanity number in your field. This should, however, not scare you off. It just means that you have to work extra hard to think of a creative number. Sit down with your team and brainstorm phrases and words that capture the value and mission of your business. You might even have to use two short words. 

There are some people who as still old school when it comes to dialing. They might find dialing vanity numbers very hard. Therefore, another consideration is that when advertising with your vanity number always provides the corresponding number as an alternative. This will cover those who prefer dialing the actual number instead of a number with letters. 

You should also come up with a vanity number that is simple. Do not try to over-complicate the number or to be too creative. The aim of a vanity number is to have something that will be remembered at all times. If you complicate the number, you might confuse your customers. A creative one-word phrase or a catchy two-word phrase it always best. 

Finally, remember that not all vanity numbers are expected to have letters. They really do not have to spell out any words. Letters are preferred because they are considered easier to remember. However, if you have a number that is significant to your business and just as catchy, then use it. For example, if you have a taco business that sells two tacos for the price of one, then 241 can be a number to incorporate in your vanity phone number. Maybe you sell kids clothes from ages 3 to 7 years then the number 327 is very significant. 

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