Why Are Auto Dialers Legal?

Understanding Auto Dialer Legalities

Understanding Auto Dialer Legalities

Everything You Need To Know About Automated Dialing Laws

The Supreme Court ruled on April 1st, 2021 that the TCPA is only applicable to auto dialing devices that have the capability to store or generate numbers by using the random or sequential number generator. This decision is an instance of a law that you should be conscious of and follow in regards to automated dialing. Through this post, discover all you should know about automated dialing and the law. Why are auto dialers legal?

Why are auto dialers legal?

Why are auto dialers legal

Why are auto dialers legal? Auto dialers are legal as long as you’re in compliance with state and federal laws. The laws governing the use of these devices vary frequently, so it’s important to stay up-to-date in order to make sure you’re calling in a legal manner.

What is an auto dialer?


Auto dialers permit your personal or business telephone to move through a set of calls on a schedule. They can be set to only dial when you’re ready to initiate the call, or dial once you’re done with the call, then switch to the next call or to make calls that are queued by dialing out during the middle of a call. It’s rare to find a dialer available that can do all three functions which is why it’s essential to know the capabilities of every dialer you’re thinking about for your business.

Today’s dialers are mostly software applications and they are not physical devices. They use VOIP and mobile integration as well as other technologies to offer the tools needed to design the plan, design and implement an initiative. They also provide tools to manage teams including the dashboards for teams, as well as simple assigning tasks to campaigns and with time-frames. They are crucial for any business that makes large volumes of calls so long as they’re within the limits of the law.

Are auto dialers illegal in the US?

Automatic Dialer software is considered illegal to use in the United States if the device conforms to the interpretation that is provided by the Federal Communication Commission or TCPA. There are various types of auto dialing software, including predictive, powered, as well as a preview dialer. An auto dialing device that dials randomly or in sequence numbers in order to send a prerecorded message to the person receiving it is known as an auto dialer with voice broadcast or robocalling.

It is a completely automated process with no human interaction unless the caller had the option to transfer to a live agent. In certain call centers that are outbound, an option for power dialing can be used to make a call and dial ahead, finding individuals for sales representatives to talk to. These automatic dialers wait until call center employees are available, and then automatically dial several lines to locate someone else. The most sophisticated automated dialing system called predictive dialing, can begin even before the agent is ready. Furthermore, they make use of real time analysis to determine when to start dialing and the number of lines to dial to boost the amount of talk time.

However it is unfortunate that the Federal Communication Commission order does not define the precise parameters that comprise the automatic dialer system definition, nor does it seek to fully recognize every type of device that fits within the definition. However, FCC leaves the question open to determination on a case-by-case basis. A manager at a call center should be aware of whether your company telephone system is classed as an automated dialer.

Regulators of Auto dialer law

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) primary federal law governing the regulation of telephone solicitations.
Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) which requires telemarketers to make specific disclosures of material information; prohibits misrepresentations; sets limits on the times telemarketers may call consumers; prohibits calls to a consumer who has asked not to be called again; and sets payment restrictions for the sale of certain goods and services.

TCPA & Auto Dialer Software Law


The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 restricts auto-dialers as well as pre-recorded messages and cold-calling for marketing purposes. It doesn’t prohibit the use of dialers, but it limits the time that different kinds of numbers are permitted and the time they have to be removed. The legality of using an autodialer is about obeying those rules along with the general rules in the law like the restrictions on the time for dialing to be after 8 am in the morning and prior to nine at night.

What Type of Auto Dialer Calls Are Prohibited by the TCPA?

Many call types that are prohibited for use by telemarketers can be used if the user is willing to receive the message by providing contact information and a written consent. There are some that can be used to market non-marketing or to customers who are already service clients.

  • Calls to auto dialers for Telemarketing and voice recordings to mobile phone numbers are not allowed unless the person who is receiving the call has given written consent.
  • Calls to landlines which use pre-recorded voice messages recorded for marketing purposes
  • Text messages sent to mobile phones to be used for marketing are regarded as calls when you implement restrictions on mobile phones

Contacts to landline numbers made with an autodialer is legal provided there isn’t a pre-recorded voice message. Consent requirements are in place for landlines when you are deciding whether it is possible to use an already recorded message to establish a point of contact. Written consent to text messages or calls to cell phones can be obtained through opt-in forms, or through setting up a number for text messages that will add contacts to your list when they send a text message to sign up. It’s important to remember that messages recorded for landlines are permitted if they’re not intended specifically for sales or marketing such as informational polls or calls.

Key Takeaways To Auto Dial Legally

Here’s what you need to be aware of:

  • Remove any cell phone numbers from cold call lists that were gathered from via opt-in channels outside of the normal channels
  • Landline phones should be removed from those same cold lists, if they were not received through those channels
  • Do not use pre-recorded voice messages on any autodialer marketing program which is based on lists that contain mobile phones.
  • You are legally allowed to use dialers and voice recordings for informational calls business calls not intended for marketing and emergencies calls made to landlines
  • You can use auto-dialers for mobile numbers that come through opt-in sources such as interest cards or online applications.

Does auto dialer law apply to predictive, progressive and power dialer?

Autodialer law is applicable to any software or device that can create or store numbers that can automatically dial them with no human intervention. It doesn’t matter if the numbers are randomly generated or sequentially created or originate from phone calling lists. Auto dialer law includes progressive, predictive law, pre-recorded voice mails (robocall law) and the law of preview dialing.

Many states ban or limit using automated calls. Before you commit time and money to automated calls, ensure that you are aware of the laws that apply to you within the state that you’re dialing. While the campaign is currently LLC does not provide any legal advice, it’s crucial to be aware of any laws that could impact your contact center services.

Federal laws

Every state in the United States must comply with federal laws. Although the TCPA permits for the usage of notification services and reminders for appointments in healthcare and general appointment schedules without prior consent, prior approval is required prior to being able to send text messages or audio messages to mobile phones.

State Laws

A few states don’t have laws that could be applied to telephone or voice dialers, besides federal regulations and some states have laws that are different. For instance the Alabama Telemarketing Act includes a prohibition on solicitation of sales calls outbound, together with a list of exceptions from the law and definitions. The Alaska unwanted phone Solicitations document clarifies what constitutes illegal and uninformed telemarketing ads within the state. It is essential to be in compliance with the laws of your state.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are TCPA rules for contacting customers using auto-dialer and predictive dialers?

  1. Do not make automated calls to anyone who is listed as part of the DNC call registry.
  2. Residences are not accessible for calls prior to 8 a.m or after 9 p.m in the time zone of the residence.
  3. Do not transmit fake voice messages or recordings of calls to homes without the prior written consent of the owner.
  4. It is illegal to use an autodialer to make calls an autodialer for:
  • To the telephone line of any guest or patient room
  • Emergency telephone line, and any emergency line in the hospital, a service office or poison control center and fire prevention.
  • To any number that is associated with a paging system or cellular telephone service any other radio universal service

Do not call list

  • Hospitals
  • 911
  • Police
  • Emergency line of any type

What is the current role of an auto dialer in a call center?

Auto dialers are devices that route outbound calls made by a contact center to customers. The goal is to lower the cost of making automated phone calls, by removing many repetitive and error-prone tasks. Dialers can also boost sales team effectiveness by connecting call center employees to their customers once they are available. Call center employees can typically make thousands of calls by using auto-dialers.

Software for call centers is a crucial element in ensuring that actions and efforts are carried out to be a multichannel contact center. Telemarketing software includes incredible phone calling and phone messaging features that can play an important contribution to increasing the revenues of your call center outbound. One of the essential features is the ability to detect answering machines. This feature can detect busy signals, tones, and recorded voice messages.

Other features that are essential include call recording, call transfer calling, route routing for calls, caller IDs and dialer CRM integration. click to call workflow automation, automated integration with call distribution software managing calls campaigns management of workforce voice broadcast and interactive voice responses. These features can help boost the rate of dialing and talk time as well as the revenue.

Auto dialers can boost call center productivity. Each agent will be involved on live calls, and call center managers will be able to evaluate the performance of agents through live monitoring of calls. Autodialers such as Kookoo cloudagent as well as Adversus dialer can cut down on idle time by up to 90 percent. This increases the efficiency of a call center dramatically. Apart from the sales aspect, auto dialers can help your company save money. Inbound calls that are filtered through the system are sent to sales representatives. So, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of time you spend lengthy manual efforts to dial numbers and answering calls. You can also take advantage of auto dialer features without paying a dimeThere are free versions of these auto-dialers with no need for credit cards.

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