Who is the best SIP provider?

Best SIP Trunking Providers: 2019 SIP trunk reviews, prices & features

Some of the best SIP trunking providers in 2019 include Nextiva, Vonage Business, live, Twilio, voxbone, Alliance phone, and 1- VoIP. 

SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) services are provided by many of the tops hosted PBX providers. This guide is designed to assist shoppers in finding a suitable SIP Trunking provider for your business’s specific needs. We have a breakdown of factors such as factors features, prices, and customer reviews.

Best SIP trunk providers comparison

The best SIP trunking depends on what you need and which criteria you will find important.


Nextiva features include: Unlimited Nationwide calling, allows your existing PBX system, absolutely free setUp and free installation and also includes 100 plus premium features.

When it comes to pricing Nextiva SIP trunking has three pricing plans. The first is the basic plan which starts at $20 per user per month. The program comes with free number porting, unlimited calling, and the free local number. The second plan is the pro plan which starts as low as $25 per user monthly. Pro plan comes with basic services plus: Nextiva mobile App, business text messages, and unlimited conference calling. The last plan is the enterprise which starts at $30 per user per month. The plan comes with pro service features plus: call recording, Nextiva anywhere, voice mail or text delivery and voice analytics.

On online reviews, Nextiva SIP trunking has the most users and scores 4.7 stars.


Vonage SIP trunking offers one month free unlimited or metered calling plans, includes 40 plus premium calling features, no contracts, expert install, 100 % United States support, UCaas Service and carrier0grade performance.

Vonage is suitable for business that opts a set, predictable monthly phone bill. Vonage month to month pricing ranges at $24.99 per month. Vonage SIP trunking users rate their services 4.6 stars with most customers reporting friendly and competent technical staff and great features


Plivo features include: outbound calling in 195 countries plus inbound in seventy plus, direct, tier I carriers connections globally, and pay as you go pricing- no minimum commitment.

When it comes to pricing Plivo text messages for regular phone numbers, cost $0.0050 per SMS for outbound while inbound SMSs are free. Toll-free numbers messages start at $0.0058/sms for outbound and $0.0058/sms for incoming messages. Shortcodes messages start at $0.0058 per message for outbound and $0.0045 per SMS for outbound.

When it comes to phone numbers, regular phone numbers cost $0.8000 per month. While Toll-free numbers cost $1.00 per month. Plivo does not support shortcodes phone numbers. Message queueing and power pack features are included in the fees.

Plivo users are happy with their services, and it is rated 4.5 out of 5.


Twilio SIP Trunking features include phone numbers in 70 plus countries, get voice and SMS on the same phone number, redundant tier 1 carrier connection, and instant provisioning and pay as you go pricing.

With Twilio pay as you go plan you are only charged for what you use and nothing more. However, per minute fees apply based on the direction of the call (origination vs. termination), this kind of phone number you use to receive a call or the destination of a call.

The intelligent service planning includes unlimited call concurrency and the ability to support virtually simultaneous calls. The emergency calling enables emergency call routing and associate address with your phone numbers and starts at $1.00 per month per number. For call recording turn on call Recording and Twilio will allow you to record, securely store, and retrieve trunking calls in the cloud. Recording price starts at $ 0.0025 per minute, and storage goes with $0.0005 per minute per month.

When it comes to paying as go phone number pricing, local phone numbers validated as spam-free with a 120-day seven-point inspection cost $1.00 per month. For toll-free numbers validated as spam-free with 120-day seven-point inspection costs $2.00 per month.

Twilio is rated at 4.2 out of 5 by online users.


Voxbone SIP Trunking features include fully compliant voice and SMS in 65 and High-Value markets, instant Global coverage through a Single SIP Connection, one contract, flexible pricing, and scaling discounts. Voxbone setup is free and offers free trials. 

You can get Voxbone pricing quote upon request on their website. Similar to Twilio Voxbone users rate their services 4.2 out of 5. However, their customer service scores a five star.

Alliance Phones

Alliance phone SIP trunking features include nationwide coverage, instant number provisioning, Geo-redundant servers, automatic failover, and excellent customer reviews and ratings.

Alliance phones prices start as low as $9.97 per month. All plans include HD call quality; instant DID activation, fraud prevention, call analytics, number porting, interoperability, toll-free numbers, call forwarding, and number selection.

According to users, the call quality of Voxbone is excellent.

What is SIP trunking?

SIP Trunking explained

SIP Trunking is the virtual equivalent of an analog business phone line. A SIP trunk is a virtual link to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), utilizing an internet connection. The terminology trunking gets its roots from the original days of the telephone facility. A trunk was a shared telecommunication path for a vast number of telephone subscribers.

SIP is one of the particular protocols that allow VoIP service to work. Whereas traditional phones use physical lines and circuits to link to the PSTN, a SIP trunk restores the physical connections with virtual connections over your existing IP networks since information is transmitted via the internet and not landline telephone lines, SIP integrates data, voice, video, and internet services into one single line.

How SIP trunking works?

SIP trunk delivers your telephone and Unified Communications services over an existing IP network and restores your traditional telephone lines. Even though a SIP trunk, VoIP users can place calls directly to any telephone on the PSTN without telephone lines by linking to a compatible hosted PBX system.

SIP trunks require a phone system that has a trunk side to enable SIP and SIP provider that supplies the services to allow SIP trunk to operate. It also requires a border element to facilitate the connection between your enterprise network and PSTN or an external UP carrier network. These border components can be a firewall or switch and are controlled by SIP Trunking providers. With only these three simple elements by any business can vastly boost its telecommunications reach. A pre-existing IP-PBX unstalled with only make the procedure even easier.

Choosing the Right SIP Trunk Provider

After you have decided SIP trunking is the best method of connectivity for your business, the essential step is to select which SIP provider best suits your needs.

  1. Network: With most providers, rebranding SIP trunking service hosted on other providers networks, it is essential to distinguish if the network is clouded and run by your SIP provider directly.
  2. Security: A primary concern for almost any facility over the internet, it is significant to make guarantee the necessary measures put in place to keep your information safe. With all data transfer over the internet, you would want your SIP trunk to be secured with a reliable, protected network and anti-fraud system in place to monitor any feedback and solve any risks.
  3. Number porting: In case you want to keep your current phone number, ensure your provider can number porting from your specific religion. Most services and providers do provide porting, but it can be limited in different religions around the globe.
  4. Customer service: Even though SIP Trunking itself does an excellent task and disaster mitigation, in case everything goes down, you will need to ensure you can contact your provider as soon as possible.
  5. Pricing: Make sure your pay is worth the service.

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