What Is A Predictive Dialer Call?

Auto-Dialer Software for Efficient Predictive Dialing

Auto-Dialer Software for Efficient Predictive Dialing

Choosing the right predictive dialer for what kind of industry it belongs

In order for a call center, and/or contact center to succeed, efficient operation is the key. Agents are expected to take care of as many calls as they can with ease, and automated tools are among the best methods to accomplish this.

Predictive dialing software has been an increasingly popular option for firms, especially for outside call centers. We’ll explain how predictive dialers can improve the efficiency of agents. What is a predictive dialer call? and improves sales to help you reach the – and sometimes even exceed – the goals you set for yourself.

What is a predictive dialer call?


What is a predictive dialer call?  A predictive dialer is a system for outbound calls that dials automatically from an array of phone numbers, similar to auto dialers, also known as robot dialers. The predictive dialer calls numbers until it finds the presence of a connection and then transfers calls to an actual representative. Dialers block busy signals, voicemails disconnected numbers, no-answers and the list goes on.

So what makes predictive dialers apart from other automated dialers? Their ability to make use of call metrics to determine the time when human agents are available to take calls in the future. This means that they schedule their auto-dialing to operate according to agent availability. If the call center is crowded, and a lot of agents are engaged in conversations the predictive dialer may slow down or stop calling until it is aware that the agents are approaching the close of calls.Another distinct characteristic for predictive dialers is the fact that they call multiple numbers simultaneously. The aim is to dial the appropriate amount of leads at the appropriate time, ensuring maximal utilization of agents.

What are the pros and cons of predictive dialers?

PROS CONS When to use
Predictive dialers increase the contact rate and the number of calls agents can take. That ensures the efficient use of agents’ working time since they are immediately connected to the next live call once the previous call is over. As predictive dialers are fast, your team needs to have enough agents (at least 10) to efficiently handle calls without delays that can cause people to hang up before being actually connected to an agent. Predictive dialers are best suitable for call centers with high outbound call volumes. They can be efficiently used in telemarketing and sales campaigns, debt collection, mortgage and insurance campaigns, political and fundraising campaigns for nonprofits, etc.

How Do Predictive Dialers Work?

The name suggests that predictive dialers determine the time when agents are free to answer their next calls and then dial numbers on agent’s behalf. The dialer employs algorithms to determine the exact moment that the agent is expected to be wrapping the call and then dials a different number. If they are working correctly predictive dialers provide agents with a constant flow of calls, with minimal or no downtime.

This can help save the agents and telemarketers a great deal of time. For instance, dialing manually the number could take up to 30 minutes. Also, only one of call could be answered. The predictive dialers will calculate the average duration of a call and the number of dials required to connect and optimize dialing in order to allow agents to move seamlessly between calls without a hitch. next.

Check out these four elements that determine the way predictive dialer systems work.

Pacing algorithm How effective the predictive dialer software can be lies in its capacity to achieve a balance between the number of free agents and the number of outbound calls placed. Think of the pacing algorithm as a mathematical formula that helps the dialer predict the number of calls that should be placed and based on when the agents are available. Also, the pacing algorithm is adaptive, meaning that if many agents are available at one given time, the dialing increases and more calls are dialed, but if less agents are available, the dialing is slowed down, and less calls are dialed, to give time for the busy agents to finish their calls.
Abandon Rate  While it’s important for the predictive dialing software to be aggressive in dialing numbers, it should also be precise. If too many calls are placed before agents become available, it will take too long before a potential customer is connected to a live agent, he or she might begin to hear long silence before the agent is connected, and will abandon the call. Call center managers should approach calling campaigns with the goal of minimizing the number of abandoned calls along with cutting back idle time among agents.
Campaign management and call center size Predictive dialers typically perform better with large campaigns, in which there’s bigger statistical data to learn from and more room for the prediction algorithm to improve.
Agent awareness  Timing is everything in predictive dialing. That’s why the dialing software needs significant agent data and call details, such as the number of live and idle agents and the average call duration.

Who Uses Predictive Dialers?

Predictive dialers are frequently employed in the field of telemarketing, market research debt collection, as well as customer service follow-up. Additionally, some lead qualification agents utilize predictive dialers to increase the time they are able to spend calling leads when they are outbound to prospect sales.

As predictive dialers concentrate on getting reps on the line in the most efficient way possible, they won’t be effective for companies that sell expensive products, or who wish to provide the best customer experience because they don’t have time to conduct research between calls. For these businesses it is crucial to have a lead context essential to have a successful conversation, so predictive dialers may not be the best solution.

What is the best predictive dialer software?

  • LiveVox.
  • Talkdesk.
  • Genesys Cloud CX.
  • Convoso.
  • NICE CXone.
  • RingCentral Contact Center.
  • CloudTalk.
  • Five9.

What’s the difference between predictive dialer and auto dialer?

What’s the difference between predictive dialer and auto dialer?

An auto-dialer is a call center device that makes the agent’s job easier by eliminating the need to dial manually. It automatically dials telephone numbers and then connects an agent to that number when the caller picks up their phone. A predictive dialer is on the other hand is an auto dialer that is designed to provide an increase in call rates through attempting to reach out with as many customers as it can. It does this by dialing several numbers simultaneously and automatically connecting calls that are answered to the next agent available.

Why should I use a predictive dialer?

There are many reasons why companies choose a predictive dialing system, including:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Improved accuracy
  3. Advanced analysis
  4. Versatility
  5. Integrations with other platforms.

The primary benefit of calling centers that are outbound is increased efficiency. Predictive dialers significantly increase the number of calls that are made and the number of calls returned and some reports claim the productivity increase to be between 200-300 percent.

The process of dialing numbers manually could take up to 30 seconds. Agents could accidentally dial the wrong numbers. Automated dialers are a lot quicker, and improve accuracy by eliminating the human error factor. Additionally, they reduce the amount of time that is spent waiting between calls, and decrease the amount of time that is spent in unanswered calls.

Predictive dialers can also help you improve revenue by linking agents to potential leads. In an inbound call center, the technology could be used to provide proactive customer support, like follow-up phone calls or providing information about an upgrade or feature of a product.

Another benefit that predictive dialers have is their flexibility. They are often used by banks to collect debt They are also employed by a variety of businesses, such as inbound and outbound sales, telemarketing market research, as well as political canvassing.

Predictive dialers are ideal for B2C applications since they utilize direct-dial numbers, and need brief and consistent call lengths. They are the most efficient in centers that have large teams and high calls, in which the dialer is able to make accurate predictions.

You may also opt for a predictive dialer in order to enhance customer service through data analysis and quality control. Certain dialers are integrated with CRMs, allowing more insight into the metrics of calls.

Cloud predictive dialers offer additional benefits, including decreasing IT and hardware maintenance expenses. It is also able to be utilized in remote offices, as opposed to traditional hardware solutions on-site. Companies like RingCentral allow users to move to a virtual call center that offers Omnichannel solutions.

What is an auto dialer?


An auto dialer (or automated dialer) is a piece of software that dials numbers automatically from the call lists and helps outbound call center employees in the process of dialing the numbers manually. Automated dialing systems can be utilized by many companies in various sectors, such as e-Commerce hotels, health care, educational institutions, insurance companies, financial service providers such as real estate as well as debt collection organizations (when managing campaigns in the field of politics) and many more. Through this automated call system, businesses can connect with and follow up with thousands or even hundreds of prospects, customers or leads within the shortest time frame.

Agents in call centers have used this method of calling automated phone systems over the last years in outbound marketing campaigns. With manual dialers, agents dial a number through the keypad or using the pre-loaded contacts list of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and sit back and wait to make. Auto dialers were created to help make outbound dialing more efficient for agents as well as increase agent efficiency.

How does an auto dialer work?

1. Auto-dialer software

Auto-dialing devices are created by using computer programs. The options and features that come with auto-dialers are controlled by the software and company you choose. A majority of auto-dialing solutions can operate on standard computers, with the direct connection between the CPU’s power as well as audio performance. However, once you’ve gotten into contact centers with up to 10,000 channels, they’ll need servers with powerful processors, many CPU cores, plenty of memory, and a high-speed broadband connection to run your system.

2. Human agents

Although some auto-dialing systems utilize pre-recorded calls, live agents play an important part in many auto-dialing scenarios. In the simplest case you’ll require an employee recording any message, choose the correct call list, select the dialing mode, and then start the system. A majority of autodialing systems require a significant number of people to take calls that are inbound.

3. Voice modem

Voice modems are required for transmitting and receiving voice recordings via phones. This technology was created to support fax and data communications therefore, make sure that the modem or device you are using is capable of handling voice transmissions. If you’re not sure if the modem you’re using is capable of handling voice communication, check for any indications that the device has some kind of voicemail software.

4. VoIP or landlines

Connecting calls using auto-dialing devices can be done via landlines or VoIP. However, larger-scale auto-dialing platforms are shifting to cloud-based, connected systems that are integrated with the top CRM software and offer a comprehensive array of advanced options that could eliminate the requirement for a voice modem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off predictive dialer calls?

To prevent telemarketing calls from reaching you to block telemarketing calls, add your phone number to the Do not call List. Telemarketers who are legitimate should check the list to stay clear of calling mobile and landline numbers that are listed.

How much does a predictive dialer cost?

A predictive dialer could cost between $50.00 or $300.00 per month, per agent based on the features that are offered by the program.

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