Which is the best dialer for a call center?

Discover the best dialer software for call center

Best dialer for a call center

Finding the best dialer software for call center will help your business grow

Many companies operating in the call center are establishing their call centers instead of outsourcing. This is because of the lower costs of cloud-based software auto dialer options as well as their subscription model. Which is the best dialer for a call center? The best auto dialer will improve your outreach methods. It also will ensure that you are in compliance with federal regulations for cold-calling. The days of dialing manually are long gone. If a contact center is to be successful, it must have an automated system to ensure that staff have the most effective time communicating with clients.

What is an auto dialer?

What is an auto dialer

Auto dialers are software applications that can dial phone numbers from the list. If the call is answered by the auto dialer, it may either call the person with an individual or record a message.

Which is the best dialer for a call center?

Which is the best dialer for a call center? The most effective dialer for call centers is mostly used in B2B sales campaigns because it helps call center employees be more effective. Let’s take a look at the top dialers in contact centers.

  • RingCentral

RingCentral Logo

RingCentral is an all-in-one solution that assists customers around the world to create amazing customer experiences. It’s simple for businesses to get in touch with customers due to the fact that RingCentral provides a huge and impressive IVR.

It is possible to use tools from the most reputable companies to help staff schedule their time more efficiently and improve the efficiency of call centers, analyze customers and more. RingCentral is a contact center that provides a variety of services. RingCentral Contact Center also offers CRM integrations, such as SalesForce and more.

RingCentral Contact Center features include IVR ACD calling, social interactions, call routing chatbots, integrations voicemail, routing based on skill outbound dialing, and campaign management.

It also offers custom-built reports and dashboards that incorporate call barging as well as analytics, silent monitoring and supervisory tools to business owners to assist them make better business decision-making.

  • Freshdesk

Freshdesk Logo

Freshdesk is a basic and mostly reliable cloud-based contact center solution. Freshdesk is present in over 100 countries around the globe, and is determined to assist businesses in connecting with their clients. The setup of your Freshdesk Contact Center is simple and does not require additional hardware.

Freshdesk is known for its impressive customer experience that allows the support and sales teams perform their jobs without hassle. Support agents are able to quickly start and respond to calls in real-time, and categorize calls or write notes.

Outside of working in the office, Freshdesk allows customers to record Voice emails. The support team for customers at Freshdesk is simply top-quality. The company is constantly striving to provide the latest tools and automated solutions to its customers. In addition Freshdesk is a contact center that offers a wide range of choices for integrating.

Pricing and packages for Freshdesk begin at $0/agent for a month and increase to $59/agent per month depending on the features you choose to use. The most basic package is”sprout,” which works great for startups and freelancers. It features basic phone queues, personalized greetings, forwarding to phones and unlimited agents.

  • Nextiva

Nextiva Logo

Nextiva describes itself as a Nextiva cloud-based contact center designed to grow. It also supports two million+ conversations, with more than the 6 billion minute talk-time per year.

Nextiva promises 99.99 percent uptime, and also offers basic features such as IVR and call routing, as well as ACD, and call queuing that every business needs.

Nextiva is designed as an omnichannel platform which combines video, voice collaboration SMS, chat and surveys to assist companies of all sizes. Nextiva has built-in CRM features, and can be integrated with other CRM tools.

All Nextiva support features for contact centers including voicemail, call routing, call recording, business phone lines with landlines can be integrated by using the Nextiva Business Phone Service.

Nextiva offers different plans for contact center services starting at $50 per agent per month. The different packages include basic, premium and the ultimate. These packages all have a range of options available.

Nextiva is an ideal option for any type of business Additionally, it offers 24/7 customer support, which allows agents to get their concerns addressed promptly.

  • NICE


NICE offers a complete and omnichannel platform that includes a variety of call routing capabilities including IVR Conversational AI, chatbots as well as self-service analytics, self service builder, etc.

Nice InContact CXOne can be a great predictive dialer that is suitable for all kinds of business. It provides a wide range of options to improve the customer experience overall by offering both outbound and inbound call center software choices.

CXone automated contact distributors can make calls based on an agent’s capabilities, and employs AI robots that automate routine tasks of agents.

It also comes with an AI routing service that is pre-trained with models that are based upon industrial CX data. It assists business owners to improve their overall operation and their business communication strategies.

  • Talkdesk

Talkdesk Logo

Talkdesk is among the most renowned and advanced cloud-based call center applications on the market. It is packed with features, including call analytics and voice reporting that make use of AI.

Talkdesk features like self-service features, mobile call center tools and call recording, as well as integration capabilities to other tools and software AI-based virtual assistants and reports make it an ideal software that can be used by large companies.

Talkdesk offers different pricing options, starting from $75 per month per user when you purchase the CX cloud Essential Package.

The main features with CX cloud’s CX Cloud Essential Package include studio, voice interaction, routing business intelligence, real-time dashboards, virtual agents AI trainer agents assistants, and many more. Talkdesk believes in providing a better customer experience beginning by incorporating AI.

  • Voicent

Voicent Logo

Voicent Call Center software lets call centers handle agents, inbound calls and outbound campaigns to aid lead generation and sales calls. It also handles telemarketing, sales calls and many more.

The predictive dialing feature, the preview dialing progressive dialing, as well as manual dialing are all part of Voicent’s user-friendly call center dialer software.

Voicent has an agent dashboard that provides users with real-time information and analytics that can help improve productivity. You can also establish triggers when a lead is converted into an actual customer or a caller opts in to your advertising campaign.

Voicent gives a 30-day no-cost trial. After that, the pricing starts at just $19/month per agent that includes built-in CRM as well as a variety of dialers and two voice channels. Other plans include PBX, auto attendant IVR SMS email, automation tools for workflows, and tools for managing the call center.

  • Genesys

Genesys Logo

Genesys has helped numerous contact centers to migrate to full cloud or hybrid architecture instead of the traditional model. It’s easier to establish complicated procedures and methods for outsourcing with Genesys’s predictive and preview features and manual dialing features, as well as IVR and ACD capabilities.

It gives self-service options including voice bots as well as chatbots, and can handle chats, emails, social media interactions and even comments using its easy user interface. Genesys provides you with the tools to make calls even when you’re not in the office, and to answer and listen to voicemails and emails.

Genesys offers five different plans: Genesys Cloud CX1, CX2, CX3, Genesys Choice & Genesys DX. Genesys Cloud CX1 costs $68/month, and comes with basic features, including inbound and outbound voice, IVR calls, data storage and voice-based campaigns.

Genesys Choice & Genesys DX are custom-designed packages designed for large companies and large corporations.

  • Five9

Five9 Logo

Five9 is a well-known cloud contact center service that provides a unified solution for outbound and inbound dialing. It gives users an omnichannel experience through seamlessly connecting all the communication channels including lead generating forms, Facebook and live chat.

Five9 is the best AI available which automatizes conversations and helps live operators, allowing you to cut down on support costs and improve customer support.

The system also comes with the capacity to connect to all three dialers for call centers (Predictive as well as Preview and Progressive) with the features of voice mail agent scripting IVR, text to speech, toll-free numbers DNC compliance and web-based callback.

It offers 24/7 support and advanced performance and call reporting to enhance the overall operations of communication for business.

Five9 is a full call center service that comes with four pricing options (Core Premium, Ultimate, Premium, Optimum).

How Do Auto Dialers Work?

To make an auto dialer function, a computer is required to be running the software, as well as an individual who is answering the phone and a voice modem and a telephone line that is active. The voice modem permits computers to play audio recorded over phone lines, however using VoIP typically removes the requirement for equipment.

For normal desktop computers, they contain two to four modem cards in their internals The greater the number of modems the greater number of simultaneous calls the software for call centers will be able to make. The software tells the computer which numbers to call in addition to what should be done if it detects a signal that is not working, the voicemail is not working, or there is a live person ringing the phone. Before a phone can be connected to the internet, the auto-dialing program must determine which number to dial and the length of time.

It was the case that in past times, autodialers could dial any combination of numbers randomly; the process is now known as “war dialing.” Auto dialers today choose from an inventory of leads. People pick up the majority of calls within the first 25 seconds, or the time that it takes to make four calls. The call is typically transferred to voicemail, and the auto-dialer can stop a call when no one responds after 25 minutes. The ring will also be lowered when it comes across busy signals.

Auto dialers may include voice detection software to determine if the caller is actually a user and not simply a mailer. When that happens the auto-dialer will then take the correct step by routing the call to either a recorded message or to a live operator. If there aren’t any live operators available, it will play the recorded message and place an individual on hold.

The program compiles figures based on the duration each call takes, whether an individual as well as a mailbox for voice is other details related to the person answering the call. Based on this information it uses predictive dialing to initiate calls prior to the time that the agent has shut down the phone. Ideally for a call center it will make contact with a different caller once the agent has finished one caller.

What Can Auto Dialer Software Do?

When utilized in a contact center for agent outreach, the auto dialer software offers a variety of advantages. Auto dialers can:

  1. Increase dial rates
  2. Improve efficiency
  3. Allow supervisor monitoring
  4. Reduce negative call results (no answers, dial-tones, voicemails)
  5. Increase conversion ratios

Nowadays, companies similar to yours are choosing to establish their own contact centers instead of outsourcing. In all the technological advances that you’ll have to put in place, auto dialers are the most crucial as they offer a way to allow your agents as well as IVR phones to carry out efficient outbound call routing. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a variety of ways to dial auto, and also provide you with some of the features that you’ll require.

What are the Auto dialer features?

Auto dialers have a wealth of features that can allow you to create as many memorable customer interactions as you can. When choosing a product ensure it comes with these features to provide the most efficient experience.

Unproductive number detection Auto dialer technology can tell when a phone number on your list isn’t worth calling at the moment, whether it sends numbers to voicemail, an answering machine, or just a busy line.

Unproductive number detection is a huge time saver. You don’t have to remove the number from your list entirely, but this way you know that your time would be best spent calling someone else for the time being.

List filtering Plenty of people will be asked to be put on your do not call (DNC) list. As a business that doesn’t want to spoil its relationships, you must respect those wishes. Luckily, auto dialers can filter your lists so people on your DNC list won’t be contacted from that point forward.
Integration Auto dialers can integrate with other software surrounding customer contact information. The most important one arguably being your customer relationship management (CRM) solution. CRMs are tools used by businesses to track customer data, including their past interactions with your business, preferences, and place in the buyer’s journey. 

Valuable information is shared during customer phone calls. When integrated with a CRM, auto dialers can update customer data based on the conversation.

Contact list management Auto dialers also have the ability to manage your contact list, including segmentations. If you are using a cloud based system, you can upload customer contact information from other databases. Having the most up-to-date way to reach a customer is important for efficiency, and auto dialers can take care of that for you.
     Time zone management There are already so many debates about the best time to call a prospective customer, and factoring in time zones is just another headache inducer. However, if you’re using an auto dialer, they can simplify this by adjusting the time zone so you are only calling customers when it’s appropriate for them.
Call transfer options Workforces are currently scattered, and you might not have access to your office phone. Or perhaps your job is to qualify a customer before they start a conversation with another person within your business. Either way, if you need to transfer a call to another device or person, auto dialers can do that for you.
Speed customization As mentioned before, certain types of auto dialers can enter a phone number before you’ve even finished your current phone call. It’s a great feature, but it can be a bit presumptuous regarding how much time the user needs in between each conversation.

Luckily, users can also customize their auto dialer’s speed based on the needs of their outbound calling campaign.

Message broadcasting On top of streamlining the outbound calling process, auto dialers can deliver a variety of prerecorded messages once the receiver answers the call. Businesses can, and likely will, have more than one broadcasting message that they can implement depending on the nature of the call.
Key campaigns After that broadcasted message, the conversation might require action from the person receiving the call. Auto dialers give users the option to offer a menu to their customers depending on the action they want to take to move forward. For example, this might sound something like this:

“Press 1 to be connected with a sales representative.”

Dashboards Auto dialers provide an overview of the progress of an outbound calling campaign using dashboards that update in real time. This way, both users and managers can see the overall performance of t
Call monitoring and recording When calling a business, have you ever heard a robot-sounding voice say something about the message being recorded or monitored for quality assurance? That’s called the call monitoring feature, and it can be extremely helpful for optimizing your outbound calling efforts.

Managers might want to listen in on a conversation (giving both parties warning beforehand, of course) to gather insights into the interaction, assess the performance of the caller, and determine areas for improvement. They can either do this live with monitoring or later on with call recording.

Callback scheduling You’re not going to reach everyone on the first attempt. Auto dialers recognize that and combat this issue by scheduling follow-ups or callbacks. If someone doesn’t answer your call, the auto dialer will just re-add them to the list, increasing the chances of connecting with and speaking to a customer.
Security Lastly, like many software solutions used within your organization, security is one of the most important features. It’s possible that your conversations include valuable private information, and a breach will most likely ruin your relationship with your customers, and potentially even your reputation.

Auto dialers implement security measures to keep customer information and data safe from all unauthorized users, making your customers feel safe and more willing to trust you.

What is a Call Center Dialer?

The call center dialer can be described as a software for outbound dialing which automatizes the process of outbound calls or sending out the campaign such as voice messages broadcasting, SMS, or voicemails. Contact center dialers make the lives of call center employees more efficient by automating a variety of manual tasks.

The intelligent call center dialers streamline the process of calling and provide the benefit of data and analytics which help businesses make informed and data-driven choices regarding customer service and communication strategies. There are numerous kinds of auto-dialers on the market that you can choose the one that’s best suited to your needs and requirements.

What is the best outbound dialer software?

Best outbound dialer software

Not every auto dialer solution is made in the same way. Cloud-based software systems are rapidly establishing themselves as the most popular contact center solution for businesses who want to expand their reach to outbound and inbound calls.

They are much more flexible, and the cost is subsumed into operating expenses. Companies like Five9 as well as NICE InContact have developed top-quality automatic dialing that does not require the infrastructure for operations that was needed 10 years ago.

But what dialing service providers can provide the best solutions for businesses like yours? Here’s a list of five providers that offer auto dialer capabilities to help you find the one that is most suitable for your requirements. Here’s a brief overview of how the best auto dialer software performs:

  • Five9 

The auto-dialer program of Five9 utilizes an automated dialer that can make calls to phone numbers quickly. Its algorithms determine when an agent will be in the office and make live calls on an a-by-need basis. In the end, Five9’s dialer agent’s talk time increases. Most of the time, using their predictive dialing technology, agents can move between live calls to the next. If they have more contact experience agents will be more prepared to manage a wider range of situations.

Five9 has a variety of dialing methods and features that will make sure that the center is TCPA compliant. Customers of Five9 can also avail of using the company’s manual Touch Mode that is located via a distinct server that allows users to dial out, without conventional auto-dialing. This mode lets agents be the ones who initiate the call; however dialing using an existing list of presets is feasible.

Five9 pricing can be adapted to pay-as-you go and customized options.

What we love about Five9:

  • The system has Salesforce integration that allows you to dial from a CRM.
  • The user interface is clean and easy to navigate for agents.
  • Five9’s system is smart enough to leave a voicemail and halt callback of that number for a week.

Where Five9 Could Improve:

  • Five9 has a 99.9994% uptime that’s lower than some other service providers.
  • There are no built-in lead management tools with Five9.
  • There’s an extra charge to access their senior support team.

Best for:

Five9 is an option which is ideally suited to medium-sized and enterprise customers due to its numerous and varied choices. It’s also suitable for companies which may require expansion or need additional features.

  • ChaseData

From the beginning, ChaseData stands out due to its quite affordable price. Its Small Business Edition is only $89 per month per user. This is a fantastic entry-level dialer program. However, features such as inbound calls CRM integration, inbound calling, and routing based on skills are included in their basic plan.

Small Business Edition provides a one voice channel, however this increases up to a maximum of four channels. This is up to six channels with Enterprise Edition. If you’re looking for an automated dialer it’s best to choose two more expensive plans. The base-level subscribers don’t be able to access Salesforce’s SOAP-based API which is why if you have staff members who are able to edit the REST API, you should consider either Professional or Enterprise Editions will be your most effective option.

Trainee mode within ChaseData is an admin and agent-facing feature that gives coaching to agents. This feature is built into the automatic dialer program, you can hear whispers or barge and screen share.

What we like about ChaseData:

  • All tiers allow agents to dial remotely.
  • The pricing for ChaseData is friendly to smaller businesses.
  • This provider has ticketing, fax support, an online knowledge base, and live phone support.

Where ChaseData Could Improve:

  • There’s no predictive dialer mode with ChaseData’s Small Business Edition.
  • ChaseData has no lead management tools.
  • Trainee mode is available for both agents and admin, which isn’t useful for all contact centers.

Best for: 

Smaller companies that don’t require lead management tools and would like their employees to be equipped with an outbound phone tool when they travel.

  • NICE CXOne

NICE is among the leading companies in the field of cloud-based contact centers. They make use of technologies such as predictive behavioral routing, as well as its Personal Connection Dialer that reduces the delay when making contact with an agent, or finding out if there’s an answer to a voicemail.

NICE also offers IVR, automated call distribution (ACD) as well as comprehensive data on call center operations. It also allows centers to interact with clients using multi-channel and omni-channel approaches such as text messages, emails apps, and even text messages such as WhatsApp are all able to be added to your communications.

NICE provides both predictive and progressive dialing options for agents, and thanks to their interaction analytics that will help you be able to avoid TCPA problems. This is achieved through text analysis. Interactional analytics converts every phone call into text and flags calls that do not meet TCPA standards. This typically happens as a result of an agent failing to obtain consent from the client or committing something that amounts to a TCPA violation.

NICE incorporates outbound, internal and blended dialing options, making it a complete solution for automatic dialing. The user interface is easy to use since agents can drag and drop parts of the UI when they work. NICE also provides the 99.99 100% uptime assurance.

  • RingCentral

RingCentral Engage Voice is a dialing tool that provides TCPA compliance to businesses that also want to increase the output of agents. To ensure TCPA conformity, the tool offers three functions:

  • Safe Dial, which is designed to determine number time zone and project opt-in status.
  • Manual dialing for reaching those customers with whom auto dialing is prohibited.
  • Do not call (DNC) list compliance and integration ensures that your agents aren’t reaching the wrong respondents.

RingCentral includes predictive and advanced dialer functions. Additionally, they offer an online preview dialer. Preview dialers put the responsibility of dialing a phone number into the hands of the agent. The call’s history is provided to let representatives decide to either call or wait a couple of days before making an attempt to sell outside.

Similar to NICE, RingCentral has options for inbound, outbound as well as blended call centers. Additionally, there are multiple integrations with software suites, including CRM and third-party ones. The company is notable for its incredibly detailed and customizable analytics platform which can help assess whether agents are meeting the right metrics. They also provide call barge-in, whisper and call takeover. This eliminates the agent from the phone and allows the supervisor to have complete control.

We like RingCentral Engage. RingCentral Engage:

  • Three distinct dialing modes provide businesses with options.
  • RingCentral Engage offers clients an open API so that they build the needed app connections.
  • The answering machine detection is one of the best on the market.

Where RingCentral Engage Could Improve:

  • There’s no free trial of RingCentral Engage.
  • RingCentral lacks scheduled recording features.
  • Only one supervisor can monitor a call at a time.

Best for:

Companies who want to maximize their customer support can do this by providing different supervisory options for coaching calls. Some providers do not offer call takeover but this is a crucial feature for some centers’ conversion.

  • Velocify

Contrary to Five9, Velocify comes packed-in with lead management software. Lead management, when combined with call tracking, enables you to monitor the journey of your customers through your sales funnel. Your sales representatives will also have specific information about previous interactions. The dialer from Velocify is extremely robust and is able to handle hundreds of numbers at once. This is perfect for call centers that are larger and have more agents.

One of the main questions Velocify asks is “Why would you use a dialer that was built for support teams?” Velocify was designed specifically for sales teams and there’s a lack of space to include things like notifications to customers and research. Instead, their Dial IQ software includes sales dialer features such as customized call routing as well as live coaching, priority call queuing, automated email and SMS. Velocify informs agents when priority leads are on the table for inbound calls. Agents can also make calls straight from CRMs.

Velocify offers a variety of tools for coaching agents, including listen-in, whisper as well as call barging mode. Each mode is based on the ability for managers to be able to listen in on calls. Whisper mode does not allow managers to communicate with the caller, or the agent. Whisper mode lets you directly coach agents, and barge mode lets supervisors use voice broadcasting, allowing them to communicate with both the agent and caller.

What we like about Velocify:

  • Velocify has several monitoring and coaching modes.
  • The online knowledge base is very useful for those seeking a self-service option.
  • The service is very easy to set up.

Where Velocify Could Improve:

  • Integration with Salesforce mobile is only available to advanced (premium) users.
  • Companies looking for more than just sales tools will find Velocify to be lacking.
  • Progressive and predictive dialing isn’t available.

Best for: 

Velocify offers features that are beneficial for sales-oriented contact centers that require features like lead generation as well as priority queuing.

What is the best auto dialer software?

  • Talkdesk
  • ZoomInfo SalesOS
  • NobelBiz OMNI+
  • NICE CXone
  • Dialpad Sell
  • RingCentral Contact Center
  • Genesys Cloud CX
  • Convoso
  • One Call Now
  • Five9
  • Ozonetel CloudAgent
  • Acqueon
  • PhoneBurner
  • LiveVox
  • Adversus
  • Kixie PowerCall & SMS
  • Koncert
  • CallFire
  • CloudTalk
  • Shape Software
  • ChaseData CCaaS
  • Orum
  • CallTools
  • Mojo Dialer
  • Aloware
  • VCC Live
  • FrontSpin
  • JustCall
  • ReadyMode
  • FrontSpin

Why is a dialer important in a call center?

Enterprises should be aware of the significance of dialer software within the communications process of the call center. The dialer assists in automating the dialing process and impacts different elements of the call center. Here are some advantages of having a dialer in your company’s call centers.

  1. Generates Leads and Converts Them: Contrary to the traditional dialing system The dialer software is able to contribute to analyzing the process of creating leads, even for B2C as well as B2B businesses. Additionally, by making it easier to complete the dialing process, agents can contact the maximum number of customers which, in turn, improves the likelihood of obtaining the highest rates of sales generation. In addition, if a representative can cut down on time spent in the dialing procedure, they could make use of that time to convert the potential customers into leads. Constant or frequent calls will further enhance the business-customer relationship.
  2. Improves Efficiency: The software for automatic dialing has assisted call centers in overcoming the challenges that come with manual dialing. It has also proven successful in reducing errors associated with the manual dialing system. Call barriers like delay in dialing, lengthy waiting times as well as numerous drop-offs, etc. are responsible for affecting the effectiveness of the center’s efficiency. Through automatizing the dialing process, you are less likely to experience calling incorrectly or having other issues. The dialer also has the ability to identify the presence of busy signals, random numbers or voicemails. These can be eliminated, and thus could lead to better connectivity.
  3. Reduces Idle Time and Downtime: One of the major advantages of using an automated system for dialing numbers for call centers is that it cuts down on the amount of time agents. There are occasions that an agent needs to be listening to busy tone or messages from automated systems, or answering machines. The technology behind autodialers detects these situations and then imposes a pause on the specific call to avoid time wastage.  Additionally, the dialer software reduces the time it takes to wait by ensuring that only the most useful and efficient calls are sent towards the agents. This eliminates wasted time and lets agents handle more calls in a single hour.
  4. Enhances Average Talk Time: One of the advantages of an automated dialer system is the fact that contact centers see an increase of talk time on average. Comparatively to the manual dialing system the dialer software enhances call connectivity as well as increases the rate of engagement for agents. By avoiding the time spent on tinkering or indulging in random numbers, employees can spend more time with each phone call and offer a solution to every customers’ issues. This leads to an improved customer experience as well as increased productivity levels.
  5. Reduces Errors Due to Manual Dialing: : It is well-known that dialing customer telephone numbers can be time-consuming and has risks of making mistakes that could cause serious problems. Manual dialing involves the search for numbers, dialing incorrect numbers, active lines and fax numbers which can eat up time spent communicating. Sometimes, the inability to connect to customers can make the agents unhappy and ultimately affects income generation. The performance of agents is a crucial element in determining the business’s revenue total. Additionally the aforementioned mistakes and waste of time can lead to the company having to pay for expenses it is responsible for, such as hiring agents or maintaining their hardware.

To Sum Up
When we consider all the variables which are impacted by the advent of the dialer program, it could be concluded that many call centers are using the automatic dialer to facilitate customer service. When compared to the manual dialing technique agents see huge benefits which positively affect their performance.

But choosing an application to dial isn’t enough. Choosing the best kind of dialer is the essential element to a better experience in the call center. Particularly in times of crises or pandemics when businesses can’t afford to suspend operations, this article about the importance of using a cloud-based dialer for COVID-19 can provide a great benefit.

Additionally, if you’re struggling to select the best program other than a dialer for your company domain, you should give this blog a go.

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