What is the best VoIP phone system?

Best VoIP phones for small business

Nextiva, RingCentral, 8×8, Vonage, Grasshopper, and Freshcaller are the top VoIP phone system. Nextiva takes the lead and is suitable for small businesses since it offers the best set of features, including unlimited domestic calling and free phone numbers at an affordable link. 

Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP, phone services are internet-based alternatives to traditional landline phones with features such as voicemail, auto-attendant, and customer relationship management integrations. 

When it comes to selecting a VoIP phone system for your business, it should be affordable, with tiers at charges that accommodate a variety of budgets. The phone service should be easy to set and also backed by reliable customer support. The features should also be user-friendly and assist businesses to manage calls effectively.

We will examine the best VoIP phone system based on features, pricing, ease of use, and customer support in this article.

What is the best VoIP phone service?

Best VoIP phone providers 

Voice remains an essential part of any company’s communication needs; While the internet has made advanced phone functionality easier and less expensive to implement, there are still a host of features issues, integration complexities, and network queries to consider. We put top VoIP phone system providers through their paces to help you pick the right solution.

Nextiva VoIP 

Nextiva is a business VoIP provider that popular in the market today. It has features such as auto-attendants, unlimited calling, voicemail to email transcription and conference calling, which ranges at $19.95 combination of features and services at a suitable price.

Nextiva VoIP plans

Generally, Nextiva provides three service plans with great discounts based on the number of users. The pro plan begins at $19.95 in a month and can go up to $35, and enterprise begins at $29.95 in a month. Extra cost savings are available with long term contracts and prepaid agreements. The office pro package includes free local, unlimited domestic calling, an auto-attendant, tollfree phone and free local. This tier also provides voicemail to email transcription and a cloud private branch exchange, PBX, to route incoming calls. Nextiva office pro is suitable for small companies and teams that need basic business VoIP phone service.

Nextiva office pro plus incorporates one professionally recorded greeting, SMS messaging, and a conference bridge for calls with up to 9 participants while the office enterprise business plan comes with outbound and inbound call recording and three professionally recorded greetings. 

Even though Nextiva has a good balance between price and features, it lacks several advanced features that RingCentral provides, such as unlimited video meetings, with screen sharing, Gooogle Box, Integration with Microsoft or toll-free minutes. Nextiva has positive ratings with an average of four out of five stars. 

RingCentral VoIP

RingCentral is a business VoIP phone system with unlimited calling and a multilevel auto attendant. With pricing from $29.99 for every user in a month and advanced features, plus scalability and toll-free minutes, set it apart from other applications.

When it comes to RingCentral Pricing, the prices for ten uses vary from $29.99 to $39.99 in a month. The unlimited user plans range from $34.99 to $44.99 in a month. All RingCentral plans have an annual contract option for a discount on the cost for every user. 

The RingCentral Essentials includes 100 toll-free minutes and unlimited calling for $29.99 for every user, in a month. This tier also provides voice to email, visual voicemail, Box, integration with Microsoft, and Okta. The RingCentral standard includes 100 toll-free minutes and adds a multi-level auto attendant with various call routing features, including the capability to direct calls to multiple locations or external phone numbers, for $34.99 for every user in a month.

The RingCentral standard includes 1,000 tollfree minutes and adds a multi-level auto attendant with various call routing features, inclusive of the ability to direct calls to many locations or external phone numbers, for $34.99 for every user in one month. For the premium plan, it comes with 2500 tollfree minutes and unlimited video and audio meetings for up to one hundred people. It is designed for businesses with larger teams or higher call volumes. It also offers voicemail transaction to text at $44.99, and automatic call recording per user in a month.

Despite RingCentral being the most fully-featured phone service in the market, it comes at a higher cost. The phone service lacks affordability for smaller teams like the most top-priced service and costs more than applications such as Nextiva.

8×8 Global Cloud Communications

8X8 is a business VoIP phone service provider with service plans from $28 for every user, in a month. Even though 8X8  is not the most economical plan, it is suitable for businesses with international customers, vendors, and customers.

8×8 offers three plans, all with international calling. The X2 tier is $28 for every user, for each month with calling to fourteen countries. The X5 level is $38 for every user, for a month with a calling radius of thirty-two countries. The X8 plan is $60 for every user, in a month with a calling zone that includes forty-seven countries.

8X8 X2 tier includes a phone number, audio and video conferencing, unlimited calling to fourteen countries and 1Gb of media storage for $28 for every user in a month. This level also includes CRM integration team messaging, voicemail, and auto attendant. The X3 plan includes everything in the entry-level plus 5GB of media storage for $35 for every user, in a month. While the X5 package includes unlimited international calling to forty-seven countries and an interactive voice response system to route inbound calls founded on the caller’s response to voice prompts.

8X8 plans lack affordability compared to some of its competitor’s.  It also lacks integration with business and CRM applications such as Salesforce and Dropbox.

Vonage VoIP 

Vonage is a business VoIP phone provider providing unlimited calling, video meetings, and chat with pricing starting at $19.99 for every month. It is the best VoIP for consultants and sales teams using many collaboration techniques to stay connected.

Vonage offers three pricing levels; the mobile starts at $19.99 per month, premium begins at $29/99 in a month and advanced starts at $39.99 for a month. Pricing is set per user and price reduced as more users are added customization.

The mobile  Vonage plan which includes SMS messaging, unlimited calling, and team and team messaging. It also provides call management tools, call continuity to prevent service interruption during a power or internet outage. The premium plan adds video conferencing, chat, and file sharing for up to 100 people with pricing that begins at $29.99 for every user.

Vonage advanced adds visual voicemail and fifteen hours per month of on-demand recording, enabling employees to decide when they want to record calls. The level also includes call group to forward calls to many extensions simultaneously.

However, Vonage lacks some advanced features such as Nextiva, and RingCentral, like unlimited video meetings with screen sharing, tollfree minutes, business app integration. While Vonage is more affordable than RingCentral, it is more expensive than Nextiva and significantly more costly than 8X8.

Vonage users have mixed reviews with an average of 2 out of 5 stars. Some customer’s claim Vonage call quality is better than other small business VoIP system out there. However, others report than customer support is slow to respond to users who do experience call quality problems.

Freshcaller VoIP

Freshcaller is the best VoIP phone system for small business with a free entry-level package and paid tiers from $19 per user, for every month. It also features caller ID, custom greetings, and call center tools. Freshcaller is suitable for small businesses and sales teams with no room in the budget for a paid VoIP plan.

Freshcaller provides three service plans. The Sprout is free, Blossom costs $25 per user, for a month, and Garden is $49 for every user, per month. All levels include per-minute call rates that start at 16 cents. Local virtual phone numbers are $1 per month, and toll-free numbers are $2 per month.

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