What Is The Best Auto Dialer For Android?

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The Best Auto Dialer For Android

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If a diligent call center worker uses a manual dialer to dial phone numbers and then dials them manually, he’ll be able speak at a minimum of than 20 minutes in a single hour. In such a scenario you’ll find him spending the remainder of the time dialing numbers, listening to the long beeps of the handset, or dialing busy numbers.

Auto dialers are able to make the life of agents working in call centers. Auto dialer software saves valuable time in any department by automatically dialing numbers. Auto dialer software can boost agent efficiency by automatically dialing phone numbers, and removing tedious tasks. This article will discuss the characteristics of auto dialers they are, what they do, and What Is The Best Auto Dialer For Android?

What Is The Best Auto Dialer For Android?

Best Android Auto Dialer

What Is The Best Auto Dialer For Android? The best auto dialer to use on Android is an auto dialer application that acts as a call assistant that can help to keep track of all outgoing and incoming calls and schedule them, manage groups of conversations, and complete other tasks related with phone calls. All outgoing calls can be scheduled and handled through an auto dialer application for Android.

Lets you organize and schedule calls in a time-schedule by using your Android Auto Dialer App. Android users have the option of choosing among a range of auto-dialer software. If you use Google’s Play Store, you can download it. You can get the best and free auto-dialer software.

What Is An Auto Dialer?

Auto dialer is a software program that allows you to dial numerous numbers from a database. It might be programmed to leave messages to people who reply to mail, record responses or dial numbers for administrators. Auto dialers are extensively used for customer service and sales.

Auto dialers can be used for pagers, phones as well as cell phones. When calls are made auto dialers send out messages verbally or send electronic information to guests.

Frameworks that make a call transfer to an administrator after an individual responds to one of them are known as predictive dialers.

How Does an Auto Dialer Work?

Telemarketing firms largely utilize auto dialers because they can save time and also money. But, how can this helpful software tool really work?

For the initial setup, it usually requires three components: a computer, an active telephone line and the voice modem. The auto dialler software requires a database system that stores all of the information of your customers. You can inform the machine you’d like to dial and then watch it dial the number in a sequence. Based on the program you are using, if live calls are routed to voicemail, or there are busy signals it will begin calling the number that is next.

You might think about how the system is able to distinguish between a person speaking or answering the phone. This is due to smart inter-active voice (IVR) technology. This technology allows us humans to communicate with machines that can understand what we’re communicating. If you’d like to leave a voice message, you can do that by recording a message.

What is an Auto dialer App?

What is an Auto dialer App

An auto dialer application is an application that allows agents, typically those working in call centers, to manage large lists of calls in a speedy and simple format. It eliminates the requirement for manual dialing and makes calls in accordance with specific parameters agents can manage which can streamline the experience for customers on the call.

Best Free Auto Dialer App for Android

  1. Calley Auto Dialer app for Android named Calley can automatically call the numbers of individuals you’ve listed through its site, and without the necessity of dialing each number manually.
  2. Auto Dialer is an Android application that lets users select an appropriate number, enter an amount of time for the call, enter an amount of time of the call to follow, pick an interval to repeat and perform other things as well.
  3. Drupe – is a fantastic option for people looking for something unique. It stands out from peers due to its stunning user interface.
  4. GSM Dialer – An app known as GSM Dialer enables users to instantly call a variety of numbers at no cost. It’s a great way to get the word out about a business and can even make 500 calls per day.
  5. True Phone – is an Android dialer that comes with a vast selection of possibilities. Contact management features include the capability to alter the contact’s information (birthdays or occupations, for instance. ) as well as including a photo to the screen of a call.
  6. Eyecon Dialer – EyeconDialer is one of the features-rich choices. It is a second all-in-one application for managing your phone. You can manage your contacts list, check your call history and enable the Caller ID through the application.
  7. Clever Dialer is a well-thought-out and useful phone dialer that lets users manage, mix with, and identify duplicate contacts. It’s uncommon to discover an application that has built-in data security however this one does.
  8. Metro Phone Dialer Metro Phone Dialer extremely useful as it makes it easy to connect your contacts via the dialer of your phone. The entire interface is divided into subsections which give you access to specific views of data, such as contacts and logs. Its modular design is extremely user-friendly.
  9. Truecaller is both a dialer as well as an app for caller ID that you are already aware of. It is a good job as an application especially in terms of maintaining the most important details.

Other Best FREE Auto Dialer App & Software

RingCentral Logo

1. RingCentral offers everything you need to run your contact center. It has the ability to dial automatically designed to make the most of your outbound calls.


  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Custom campaigns
  • Data integration
  • Voicemail
  • Campaign management
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Safe dial featuring TCPA compliance
  • Progressive Dialer
  Pros Cons
  • An ideal option for VOIP phones.
  • Difficult 3-way calling could be simpler.
  • Great features for a small/midsize team
  • 100% cloud – no maintenance ever.

Nextiva Logo

2. Nextiva can be described as a virtual telephone number system. It lets you start audio and video conferences by simply clicking. This app provides a local toll-free number. It allows you to change the voicemails through email. Nextiva is a simple way to receive text and SMS messages directly from your mobile application.


  • You can know the customer’s information when they call.
  • Automatically get feedback from your clients.
  • All your communication and data can be managed centrally.
  • You can track the interaction of a customer with your business.
  • This VoIP tool provides a real-time view of your clients at an individual level.
  • You can send an online fax, text message, and SMS.
  • Offers professionally recorded greetings.
  • Supports Call Forwarding, Call Routing
  • Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Puerto Rico
  • Can you get Multiple Numbers? YES
  • WhatsApp Support: YES
  • Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Local and international
  • Price: Plans start at $1 .99 a month. 20% Discount on Yearly Payment.
  • Free Trial: 30 Day Trial
Pros    Cons
  • You can reach out to the support team through live chat or by sending a support ticket on their website.
  • Nextiva has a steep learning curve and requires more knowledge to get started.
  • Offers a stable service and high-quality audio with no static or background noise.
  • The lowest price model is only available with a 3-year plan.
  • Nextiva has preset phones and a streamlined onboarding process.
  • Monitoring, scheduling, and routing calls are effortless.

Vonage Logo

3. Vonage is a reliable cloud-based VoIP service that provides 50+ phone features as well as integrated solutions. You can get voice and SMS as well as team messaging, fax, and video-based meetings through Vonage Business Communications. The company also offers an intuitive video collaboration tool that you can use throughout your company. It will prioritize your communication traffic to ensure optimal performance and quality.


  • Offers 99.999% global reliability and Quality of Service (QoS)
  • You can schedule video meetings from your calendar
  • Connect from virtually anywhere, anytime, with our desktop and mobile apps.
  • Send unlimited team messaging
  • Integrations: Salesforce, Microsoft Team, Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365, G Suite, ZohoCRM, etc.
  • Get Local Numbers in the following countries: 60+ countries, including Canada, China, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Malaysia, United States, etc.
  • Can you get Multiple Numbers? YES
  • WhatsApp Support: YES
  • Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Business phone or toll-free numbers
  • Apps: Android, iOS
  • Pricing: Plan starts at $13.99 per line per mobile.
  • Free Trial: 14-day free trial
Pros Cons
  • You can get up to three phones on a single extension.
  • Getting hold of the customer service team is difficult.
  • The quality of phone calls with Vonage is good.
  • The voicemail transcription can be inaccurate sometimes.
  • Vonage charges low rates to make international calls.
  • The user interface is well-designed and easy to navigate.

Grasshopper  Logo

4. Grasshopper is a service for entrepreneurs or solopreneurs as well as small-scale businesses with more than 20 people. It provides virtual business numbers, which keep personal and business calls separated. These services work on your existing devices, which means that buying additional equipment or phones isn’t a requirement.

This phone system allows unlimited domestic calls, messages, virtual fax, voicemail. The Ruby Receptionist service is also offered to forward messages to live American receptionists. Grasshopper is also equipped with vital features like automated greetings, call forwarding, and business VoIP.


  • Port your existing phone number without changing the number your clients already know.
  • Use VoIP and Wi-Fi to make calls when the cellular reception is poor.
  • It allows you for business texting by providing updates and quick replies to customers.
  • Users can transfer calls to a different extension or number.
  • You can set custom greetings to welcome clients and visitors when they call.
  • Users access transcribed voicemail in real-time without listening to them.
  • Simultaneous call handling enables you to take calls from multiple people simultaneously.
  • Grasshopper provides detailed call reports to keep you updated on the business performance.
Pros Cons
  • Set up custom schedules with clients according to calendar availability.
  • Grasshopper web-based calling is only available in the US and Canada.
  • Users can block spam or unwanted telemarketer calls.
  • The system gives real-time call notifications to review the caller’s information.
  • Its international calling plan is very affordable.

PhoneBurner Logo
5. PhoneBurner
is a great automated dialer. It is able to integrate with CRMs that are popular, such as Zapier, Salesforce, and HubSpot. It’s versatile enough to accommodate a variety of needs such as inbound calls or telemarketing.


  • SMS and email support for follow-ups.
  • You can set up virtual numbers based on local area codes.
  • Voicemail recognition for better call handling.
  • Automated post-call information processing.
  • This auto call software offers a feature of campaign management.
  • This web based dialer offers real-time reporting and analytics.
  • Web-based administration.
Pros Cons
  • Offers plenty of CRM integrations.
  • No predictive call automation.
  • Provides best reporting
  • Does not offer inbound calling capabilities.
  • User-friendly interface

6. CallHippo is a simple-to- make use of telephone system that is virtual. It helps you enhance your customer service. It can also be used to evaluate the efficiency of employees.


  • It helps you to set up your phone system with ease.
  • Offers multiple telephony providers before placing a call.
  • You can know the right time to call your international clients.
  • CallHippo provides a call recording and analytics facility.
  • This application enables you to select a phone according to the country.
  • This autodial software offers a unique number for different departments.
Pros Cons
  • It offers real-time reports of on-call status history.
  • Does not offer any customer service phone number.
  • Tracks your phone support performance.
  • You can set a time-zone that depends on your location.

EngageBay Logo

7. EngageBay is an autodialer tool that integrates marketing sales, CRM, and other tools in one software package. With this dialer that is predictive allows you to make one call or schedule a series of calls to several contacts.


  • Offers Outbound calls.
  • Offers alerts for missed calls.
  • Helps you optimize call center operations.
  • Increases call agent’s productivity.
  • Allows you to manage multiple marketing campaigns.
  • It makes it easier for agents to remember details regarding past calls.
  • This autodial software helps you to monitor performance in real-time.
  • This phone dialer helps you to convert more leads.
  • Provides recording calls and playback.
  • Wrap-up calls.
Pros Cons
  • EngageBay offers an advanced list building tool that helps you to fetch subscribers.
  • Very fewer options in templates where we can drag and drop.
  • Allows you to run multiple platform marketing with automation campaigns that work for Facebook messenger and email.
  • Not support for SMS marketing automation.
  • Excellent customer reviews.
  • Feature reach platform

Agile CRM Logo

8. Agile CRM helps to streamline your marketing, sales, as well as call service all in one place. The tool comes with an automated contact management feature which allows you to close deals more quickly. It also lets you integrate your Google calendar with CRM so you can be notified of meetings that are scheduled.


  • It provides voicemail automation.
  • You can view contact data from the client conversation, call, notes, etc.
  • You can sync Agile CRM data with Google calendar to get notifications about upcoming meetings.
  • You can attach documents to deals.
  • Offers third-party integrations.
  • It helps you to receive regular email reports around the call activity of your staff.
  • Allows you to call multiple contacts with a single mouse click.
  • This phone dialer software helps you to know the information about the buyer’s journey.
  • This automatic dialing software offers Call Recording and Campaign Management features.
  • Provides real-time reporting and analytics.
  • Allows you to keep track of your communications with your staff with real time call logs.
  • You can maintain insights with reports and advanced analytics.
Pros Cons
  • Keeps track of your communications
  • It’s not easy to view the complete number of contacts.
  • Wrap up time is available between each call.
  • Allows you to receive calls from your contacts without leaving your CRM.

Convoso Logo

9. Convoso is an automated dialer application that automates follow-up with leads and increases contact rates and boosts ROI while remaining fully compliant. The tool was designed to achieve more conversion, with fewer leads, and also manages the efficiency that remote operators can achieve.


  • This auto-dial software boosts contact rates by 30%
  • Allows you to manage the productivity of remote agents.
  • This automatic dialing software helps you to convert more with fewer leads.
  • Get real-time insights into list profitability.
Pros Cons
  • Superior automated lead follow-ups
  • Recording quality is low, and several connectivity issues.
  • It provides Voice, SMS, email, voicemail drops, virtual agent
  • It helps you to make compliant data profitable.

Exotel Logo

10. Exotel is among the top autodialers that can be integrated with lots of other tools to get the most of your call handling processes. With Exotel’s personalized phone numbers, you will be able to increase leads through caller ID.


  • Integrates with tons of apps and services.
  • This autodial software helps you to set up personalized virtual telephone numbers for additional convenience.
  • Great enterprise-level security.
  • Interactive voice response support.
Pros Cons
  • It helps reduces the need for manpower by significantly increasing agent productivity
  • The maintenance keeps going on, which sometimes delays in providing the call details.
  • Increases company’s sales as it can make more calls than a human agent
  • Enables you to track all conversations with call recording
  • Creates personalized customer call experiences using IVR

CallHub Logo

11. CallHub provides an enterprise quality automatic dialer that includes call center software and voice broadcasting software along with SMS marketing tools. It is a favorite option for political campaigns as well as non-profit organizations in more than 200 nations around the world.


  • It helps you to match your caller ID with the location of your contacts.
  • Allows you to schedule a convenient time to follow-up and Call.
  • You can join live calls for quality assurance and guide training sessions.
  • This phone dialer software offers real-time reporting and analytics.
  • Answering machine detection.
  • Phone number verification.
Pros Cons
  • Offers unlimited agent accounts
  • Hard to import contacts.
  • CallHub offers the facility to analyze phone numbers and mobile numbers.
  • Doesn’t integrate with too many CRMs.
  • The analytics dashboard gives you an in-depth view of how your campaigns are performing.
  • Provides detailed report and analytics
  • Pay as you go pricing model.

Ameyo Logo

12. Ameyo provides a complete end-to-end automated dialer service. It offers an omnichannel contact center and CRM on the same platform. It also fills in the any gaps in the customer experience market. It is a full-fledged, seamless customer experience solutions for companies of all sizes.


  • It notifies via manager when the lead list reaches.
  • This power dialer software helps you increase your call connections and conversion rate.
  • Allows you to view channel-specific dashboards and reports.
  • Inbound lead conversion.
  • It helps you to automate your calling process.
  • Offers randomized predictive dialing.
  • This phone dialer software allows you to do up-sell and cross-sell.
  • Dialing based on last retry time.
  • Offers multi-filter auto-dialing.
Pros Cons
  • Save your agents’ time by helping you to automate the calling process.
  • Does not offer the best customer services.
  • Filter the calls with an answering machine and only connect the agent when a human answers the call.
  • Ascending or descending order based dialing

Five9 Logo

13. Five9 is a simple to use self-service solution that makes use of the most advanced voice recognition technology. It allows you to resolve the problems of your customers more quickly. This tool assists agents focus on more valuable interactions, and boost customer support.


  • Five9’s IVR automates routine calls.
  • It allows you to make changes quickly using the drag-and-drop engagement workflow.
  • You can identify customers and personalize the self-service flow.
  • Increases agent productivity.
  • It guides customers to the right answer or agent.
  • It allows you to integrate any CRM.
  • It offers a feature of voicemail routing.
  • Five9 offers various dialing modes to suit your needs.
  • It helps you to streamline lead management.
Pros Cons
  • This system provides Salesforce integration, which allows you to dial from a CRM.
  • Five9 does not have any built-in lead management tools.
  • The user interface is clean and quite easy to navigate for agents.
  • Extra charge to access senior sales team features.
  • Allows customers to leave a voicemail and halt callback of that number for a week.

Nectar Desk Logo

14. Nectar Desk is an affordable SaaS solution to manage outbound and inbound calls, with analytics and reporting. This automated dialing tool offers a complete call center software which can be setup in a matter of minutes, from purchasing numbers to creating custom agents, and much more.


  • Offers an advanced call center functionality
  • Feature of Click-to call
  • Provides a real time dashboard.
  • Applies skill-based dialing for targeted outbound campaigns.
  • It helps you to automate the outbound dialing processes
  • Minimizes Agent idle time
  • Enables dynamic call pacing
  • 24/5 Phone/Chat/Email Support.
Pros Cons
  • Increases your contact center productivity by completely automating the outbound dialing processes.
  • Their VOIP dialing system times out of every 5 seconds, even during calls.
  • Applies skill-based dialing for targeted outbound campaigns.
  • Minimizes agent idle time
  • Advanced scripting capability for agents to serve customers/prospects

Enhance the Quality of Your Dialer Experience
It’s possible that you haven’t thought of switching to a different dialer application. The features these apps should provide in terms of features and appearance makes the effort worth it. Each of these apps comes with its own unique characteristics, and a majority of them are free to download. No matter what else they can do for you, the management of calls is made easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to auto dial on Android?

Every major phone manufacturer has the double-tap redial feature within the built-in phone application which allows you to press the call button following the end of an unfinished call to bring the number back up, and then one more tap to dial it.

What are the Best Auto Dialer App for Iphone

There are many automatic Redial applications for the iPhone which can simplify your life. These apps can take you up a notch, by making your phone experience more efficient and much faster than normal. Certain of these apps include built-in caller identification and block spam.

Here’s the list of most effective apps in this category that you can consider trying. Take a look!

  1. GoDial 
  2. Speed Dial For Call
  3. Magic Dialer
  4. Dialer Pro 
  5. Dial+ 
  6. drupe
  7. Instacall lite 
  8. iReDial
  9. KeepCalling International
  10. Auto Dialer CallOnTheGo
  11. Smart Dial – Speed call, T9 dial
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