How Do I Get A Teams Phone Number?

Connect With Your Teams, Customers, And Partners Using Microsoft Teams Phone

Connect With Your Teams, Customers, And Partners Using Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Team Phones: Boost Business Communication Capabilities Beyond Video Calls

Many users are becoming more familiar using Microsoft Teams over the past few years, using the platform to increase productivity and connect with colleagues in the age of hybrid or remote work. The video conferencing software has gained a large popularity, allowing users to share their screens, chat capabilities, chat features and shared video files and more.

However, while Microsoft Teams has become pretty popular, fewer users will know about this Microsoft Teams Phone add-on. This allows users to call and make calls right within Microsoft Teams. It essentially combines Teams with a more traditional VoIPfunctionality which allows users to remain connected with their tablet, computer or mobile device. It can also be used as a desk phone. In this article we’ll talk about what is Microsoft Teams Phone? How do I get a Teams phone number?  Everything you should be aware of regarding Microsoft Teams Phone.

How do I get a Teams phone number?


How do I get a Teams phone number? There are three methods to find number of users:

  1. Use the Microsoft Teams admin center. For some regions and countries you can obtain numbers for your users by using Microsoft Teams admin center. Microsoft Teams admin center. Find new numbers for your users.
  2. Port your existing numbers.  You can transfer or port the numbers you have from your existing provider of service or carrier. For more details, visit the Transfer Phone Numbers to Teams or manage phone numbers for your business.
  3. Use a request form for new numbers. Sometimes (depending on the country you’re in or region) you’ll not be able to obtain the new numbers through Microsoft Teams admin center. Microsoft Teams admin center or you’ll require specific phone numbers or area codes. For more information, refer to managing phone numbers for your business.

What is Microsoft Teams Phone?

Microsoft Teams Phone is A cloud-based phone system that supplies businesses with a full telephone solution. Microsoft Teams Phone allows users to make calls inside Microsoft Teams so users can remain connected via their tablet, laptop or mobile phone. Receiving and making calls from mobile phones and landlines on the PSTN within Teams is accessible as an add-on, such as Teams Phone Standard or Teams Phone with Calling Plan, or available in Microsoft 365 E5. These options are cloud-based phone system for Teams with features like holding, blind or secure transfers, as well as reporting capabilities for those who manage call solutions.


How does Teams Phone work?

This replaces traditional PBXs, and allows important calling capabilities by using an online call control system that manages the entire phone system to Microsoft Teams.

What is a Microsoft Teams calling plan?

A call plan provides users with an initial number and minutes in order to place and take calls. Domestic calling plans are available in Teams Phone with the Calling Plan or is able to be added to Microsoft 365 E5


Microsoft Teams Phone Devices

Enjoy high-quality, instant audio and video communications wherever you go, with seamless interoperability across devices.

  • Desk phones and Teams displays: Receive and make calls using devices that have been certified for use with Teams using user-friendly screens and buttons to improve users’ Teams calls experience.
  • Headsets: Pick from a range of headsets that are certified for Teams: wired, Bluetooth, over the ear, or over the ear to fit any preference or requirement.
  • Speakerphones: Connect to USBor Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone options to scale audio according to the space’s size and the number of people attending the event.

Why Use Microsoft Teams Phones?

  1. Experience Streamline with Teams-tailored interface
  2. Completely compatible with Teams important calling features
  3. Make sure you have the highest quality call

What are the advantages of Teams Phone? 

There are a lot of advantages, not just over traditional PBX systems, but other VoIP and cloud-based PBX solutions.

  • Support your remote workforce
Because it is a 100% cloud-based platform, supporting a diverse and remote workforce is easy. Staff can not only work from any location but moving between locations is seamless. As modern working arrangements increasingly see staff sharing their work hours between home and office locations, this helps them stay in touch wherever work takes them.
  • Bring together multiple locations
Multiple offices have traditionally meant multiple separate phone systems. By using Teams for all of your phone calls, you can bring all offices together for a seamless user experience and improved customer service, breaking down the limitations of geographic separation to unite teams across locations.

Organizations using Teams Phone can easily operate a single customer service team spanning multiple locations, whether this be a single receptionist answering calls for different offices or a large team of specialists providing technical support.

  • Use any device
Because Microsoft Teams can truly operate on any device, from any location, so too can Teams Phone. Users can choose to make and receive phone calls on any iPhone or Android device, computer or even a physical telephone handset. For example a sales person using their computer headset to make calls from their desk will still be seamlessly contactable via the Teams client on their iPhone while on the road.
  • Unify communications channels
Many organizations already enjoy the benefits of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams for team communication and collaboration. By bringing multiple services and channels such as chat, video calling, file management, document co-authoring and phone calls into a single unified environment, users will have rapid access to the people and resources they need, with minimal context switching between different systems and platforms.
  • Flexible pricing model
The Microsoft Teams telephony solution allows your monthly costs to flex up and down as your business needs change over time. The necessary licenses operate under the same model as other Office 365 licenses, meaning that you can add and remove licenses as you add and remove staff.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams Phones

1. Collaboration: In the event that people collaborate within the same space in the same city or in different countries around the world Collaboration is essential. This is particularly important in multi-disciplinary work. Microsoft Teams Phone makes teamwork effortless by offering a vast selection of tools for collaboration that employees can utilize across multiple devices.

2. Flexibility and Accessibility: Based on the kind of jobs employees are required to perform depending on the type of work they do, they may not require tablets or laptops along. However, they may require them to reach them for assistance or collaboration. Being able to communicate quickly via phone improves the availability and flexibility of your business. It also enhances your ability to respond quickly to urgent situations.

3. Microsoft Teams Phone Hands-Off Features: Many busy managers have to hold meetings while driving between different locations. One of the worst things you would want to do in such situations is try to deal with the phone. Microsoft Teams Phone now features compatibility with Apple CarPlay. This allows employees to utilize the built-in controls inside their vehicles to participate in meetings while on their commutes in a safe manner.

4. Call Record and Transcription: One feature for hands-off that merits special recognition is the ability to record and then transcribe calls one-on-one. Microsoft estimates that people across the globe will be able to use this feature on their phones by 2021 end date. It drastically reduces the requirement for pen and paper and also provides the ability to hold accountable verbal agreements.

5. Productivity: Zoom and other meeting platforms provide great opportunities for individuals to collaborate effectively. However, the constant switching between applications and maintaining multiple subscriptions costs time and cost. Forbes reports that it can cost companies 32 days of unproductive time each year. Therefore, sticking with applications within the Microsoft ecosystem that you are already using improves productivity and efficiency.

6. Microsoft Cohesiveness: In the last couple of months Microsoft extensively promoted transferability for Cloud PC. Cloud PC. Employees can leave their workplace at home, go back to work and resume where they left off prior to. Microsoft Teams now offers a similar feature to allow users to move between devices easily. Workers need only launch Microsoft Teams on the Microsoft Teams app on the next device, and then transfer the call to that device in order to continue.

7. Spam Protection: In the last couple of years, calls from spammers have reached record levels. If you are a manager where every phone call is important it is essential to take the phone when it comes up. Microsoft Teams Phone now includes an option that lets you discern spam calls, so you can turn off the call and work on activities that add value. The feature also makes it easier for partners and customers to make calls.

8. Microsoft Teams Phone Calling Plans: Did you know that you can connect your calls to Microsoft’s network? The plans for calling provide an easy method for companies to connect with each other across the globe and within the United States. It currently has 33 countries around the world. The most recent new additions are Croatia, Estonia and Slovenia.

9. Walkie-Talkie Feature: A few years ago mobile phone companies tried possibilities of smartphones that could function as walkie-talkies. Microsoft made this feature available to the market in 2021’s fall, for commercial use. Instead of making phone calls workers could simply press to speak. This lets colleagues connect to one another immediately. Although it isn’t suitable for all office layouts, it is beneficial to many employees who value and enable instantaneous communication.

10. Cloud Call Management: Additionally, you can make use of Teams phones to control call queues. Make use of it to create greetings, establish the tree of phones, establish guidelines to route calls, arrange transfers, and even select hold music. Users can also make use of call forward to direct calls to office or mobile phones, that is great for remote and hybrid workers. Employees are able to divide lines or call for better call management.

Microsoft Teams Phone requires an Office 365 subscription. This is in turn, a requirement that companies switch to cloud. It may seem like a daunting task However, working with seasoned cloud migration providers will make a difference. Cloudficient is a company that has a reputation for excellence. Cloudficient our experts are dedicated to ensuring you get a smooth and secure migration

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 2 types of phone numbers in Microsoft Teams?

User numbers: The numbers assigned to users will be given to each user There are 2 types:

  • Geographic numbers:  Geographic numbers are those that have connection to a specific geographic region and are the most commonly used. For instance, geographic numbers, in the majority of cases, are only available to those who reside in the boundaries of a specific address or city, state or region within the country.
  • Non-geographic numbers: These are national numbers that do not connect to a geographic region within a particular country or region. For instance, non-geographic numbers typically have the same price for calling from anywhere in the region. Some countries, like Denmark, only have non-geographic numbers.

Service numbers: Service numbers are offered in a variety of different types of numbers and the availability varies depending on the country or region.

Is Teams phone number free?

Teams provide toll-free national numbers in more than 60 countries/regions. Certain countries/regions and origination numbers, like calls made from mobile phones, could sometimes incur an additional cost for tolls for the person calling.

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