What is an auto dialer?

An auto dialer software is a technology that dials phone numbers automatically from a prepared list of numbers. The call is then connected to a live call center agent, or the receiver gets a prerecorded message. An auto dialer is designed to basically replace the hard work of manually calling numerous phone numbers one at a time. This, therefore, saves time and energy, and the agents who were supposed to do that work can now focus on content delivery. This maximizes their productivity. 

Alternative definition of an auto dialer

Auto dialers can also be defined as outbound call centers that help the sales team by automatically calling the phone numbers of customers from a predetermined contact list. The customer, on the other end, will be connected to either a live agent or a message that is prerecorded.  Automated phone dialers are a good tool for customer support or for telemarketing. They can also be used in many other fields. 

The uses of auto-dialers

Automated dialers can be used for the following:

  • Conduct outbound sales calls
  • Conduct surveys
  • Conduct public reminder
  • Conduct emergency notification solutions
  • Conduct appointment reminders
  • Conduct appointment scheduling

The different forms of auto dialers

Types of automatic dialers

Auto dialers can be divided into the following:

  • Progressive dialers
  • Preview dialers
  • Predictive dialers
  • TCPA dialers

Each auto dialer is suited for different business needs. The auto dialers have their pros and cons and should be researched before incorporating them into your business. 

Progressive dialer

Progressive dialers give the organization an assurance that every call will lead to a connection with a live person. That is, the progressive dialer will only make a call when both the call agent and the customer on the other end are available. Calls that register as busy or the ones that go through an answering machine or a disconnected line are not dialed. Imagine the number of resources saved with this system that avoids all dead-end calls. Plus, the customer will not stay on hold waiting for a free agent to attend to the call.  This type of dialer is best for facilitating a more personal type of communication between the customer and the call center agents. Businesses that value quality will prefer this as its automatic call distribution system.

Preview dialer

Preview dialers work by giving the call agents prior information before making the call. The call center agents or the sales team choose specific numbers to call, depending on the results of research. The point of this system is to increase the chances of making sales by prioritizing numbers that are likely to lead to successful transactions. Preview dialers also prepare the agents for the call. 

Predictive dialer

Predictive dialers dial numerous phone numbers at a time; they have a high dialing rate. A predictive dialer intelligently predicts the time a call agent is available to attend to the next client call. After a sales agent answers inbound calls, the dialer calculates the average talk time and estimates when the contact center agent will be available again. When the agent is free, the system begins to dial thousands of calls again. Immediately they hang up, they are connected to the next call. 

Agent talk time is maximized in this system as little time is wasted making or waiting for a call. Progressive dialers can, however, be frustrating to the customer. The dialer tries to predict when a live agent is free but is not accurate. The customer is therefore forced to wait for a call center agent and might eventually hang up. Unlike progressive and preview dialers, predictive dialers lack the personal touch.

TCPA dialer

TCPA safe dial is a dialer that complies with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. This manual dialing system is equipped with built-in compliance supporting tools that have the familiar agent-UI. TCPA dialer is best for phone calling the non subscribed customers with mobile phones.

How does an auto dialer work?

How does a dialer work in a call center?

For the auto dialer to work, the following is required: an auto dialer software, a voice modem, a computer, and an active telephone line. A voice modem enables computers to play prerecorded voicemails and audio messages. Cloud-based solutions have no need for a telephone line or even a modem.  The auto dialer system begins working when the auto dialing software informs the computer which number to auto dial and what to do in different circumstances. Before the phone system makes any connection, the auto dialing software will have decided which number to call and the talk time.  There are many standalone auto dialer products. Most of them integrate with CRM software. Some are incorporated into the telecom service for call centers or contact center infrastructure software. Auto dialer software has outbound call tracking software.

A phone system is recognized as an auto dialer when:

  • It automatically dials phone numbers on a list
  • It has a prerecorded message or connected to a live agent after the call is answered.

The auto dialing software technology

The auto dialing system is made up of the following technology

Voice broadcast

The voice broadcast technology relays important messages to a list of customers at the same time.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

The interactive voice response IVR system is used together with voice broadcast and can generate touch tones, which allows customers to listen to call recordings and interact with the system. 

Answering machine detection

The answering machine detection determines whether a call is being answered by a live person or not. 

Call routing

Call routing allows the system to take the necessary actions once a person answers the call or when it goes to the answering machine. 

How much does an auto dialer cost?

Getting an auto dialer is generally an expensive affair. Your business needs will dictate the amount of money you invest in an auto dialer. The standard auto dialer solution that manages one outbound call can cost you a few hundred dollars. The advanced auto dialer version that supports thousands of automated outbound calls will leave you short thousands of dollars. Auto dialers with comprehensive cloud call center software let you save more. 

What is the best auto dialer?

Top-rated auto dialer software

The best auto dialers promote workflow automation, workforce management, empower the call center manager and agents, and also increase customer satisfaction and experience. Omnichannel contact center solutions that have dialer systems promote the best customer experience. 

Some of the best auto dialer software are:

  • RingCentral
  • Five9
  • Genesys PureConnect
  • Talkdesk Enterprise
  • PhoneBurner
  • Nice inContact
  • KOOKOO CloudAgent

RingCentral auto dialer software

This is an omnichannel contact center that lets customers choose their preferred method of communication with the company. These methods of communication include voice, phone messaging, email, chat, social media, and more. Self-service and intelligent IVR assist customers to connect faster to the agent that is best fitted to handle their issue. RingCentral software allows for CRM integrations for different dialer CRM platforms. This is usually regarded as the best solution for a business phone.

Five9 auto dialer software

This cloud contact center software is responsible for over three billion company-client interactions every year. Five9 has spearheaded cloud revolution in contact centers and has been serving small to large businesses over the years. 

Genesys PureConnect auto dialer software

This omnichannel contact center solution is very flexible, easy to customize, and simple to use. PureConnect comes as an on-premise service and also has a cloud-based service. It allows you to do more because it has an all-in-one system integration that promotes better customer experience. 

Talkdesk Enterprise auto dialer software

This cloud contact center solution is known for its customer experience. Talkdesk tends to the needs of support and sales teams because of its enterprise-class performance and consumer-like ease of use. Talkdesk, therefore, increases savings, productivity, and customer satisfaction. 

PhoneBurner auto dialer software

This is a power dialer and a sales acceleration platform for sales teams of different sizes. The PhoneBurner auto dialer helps contact center agents to increase calls, callbacks, and live conversations. The PhoneBurner solution is available for free with no credit card required. The features of PhoneBurner are:

  • Contact management
  • Voice dialer
  • Power dialing
  • Manual dialing
  • Automated phone calls meant to automate dialing
  • Voice broadcast
  • Reporting
  • Lead distribution software
  • Call transfer
  • Call monitoring
  • Adversus dialer
  • Emailing
  • Caller IDs
  • Click to call dialing mode
  • Zapier integrations
  • Predictive progressive dialer
  • Phone banks
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