What is a predictive dialer in a call center?

Predictive dialers are often utilized in call center processes such as customer service follow-ups, debt collection, telemarketing, and market research. Outbound call centers usually use predictive dialers for lead qualification to accelerate talk time during outbound sales prospecting. Predictive dialers use a dialing engine based on an algorithm. Typically the algorithm usually kicks off automatic outbound calls for a specific campaign the background for call center agents before connecting the live calls to the agents.

What is a predictive dialer software?

Predictive dialer software explained

A predictive dialer is a type of voice broadcast( auto dialer system). Predictive dialing enables call center agents to increase their number of live connections.  By engaging agents to automatic calls that are only answered by real people, predictive dialers remove the need to listen to disconnected lines, busy signals, automatic devices, unanswered calls, and fax machines.  A predictive dialer uses pacing algorithms to predict both the agent availability and the average call answer time. It then modifies the dialing rate accordingly. Effective predictive dialing will also analyze unsuccessful phone calls and evaluate if the number requires a callback. By automatically dialing, skipping disconnected lines, and busy lines, predictive dialers result in increased productivity and improve calling. A predictive dialer that has a streamlined virtual phone system is more ideal for business. Keep reading this post to learn more about the call center dialer.

How does predictive dialing work?

Predictive dialer process can be broken down into four steps:

Step 1: The predictive dialing engine begins auto-dialing phone numbers for a list of contacts in specific campaigns.

Step 2: Dialing algorithms centered on various factors like time of the day, average call length, agent availability, and nature of calls adjust the automated dialing rate in real-time.

Step 3: The call center manager sets the different dialing algorithm parameters for a customized call pacing rate based on the requirements.

Step 4: All the answered phone calls (outbound and inbound calls) are intelli8gent routed to agents, and the remaining auto-scheduled for a later time.

Unlimited inbound and outbound calling: Benefits of cloud predictive dialers in a call center

A predictive dialer is an outbound calling system that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers. Below are some of the advantages of predictive dialing software.

Increased productivity and sales

Predictive dialing gradually accelerates the time call center agents spend talking with prospects. Predictive dialing, virtual call center software can increase agent talk time and therefore increased productivity. Call center agents that do not adopt automated dialers generally spend about twenty minutes per hour talking to a live customer. Contrarily to an agent who uses call center solutions such as predictive dialer. The agent can spend approximately 45 minutes every hour speaking to customers. Furthermore, an auto dialer system upgraded with local presence acts as a sales acceleration tool. The increase in productivity equates to cost savings. Typically decreased idle time and increased agent talk time improves call center efficiency and productivity.

A predictive dialer allows you to manage multiple campaigns

Another distinct benefit of predictive dialers is multiple dialing at the same time. By automating the dialing process, the ability of a call center to control more call volume increases, and multiple campaigns can be managed simultaneously.

Increased call connect ratio 

Predictive call center dialers bar all deterrents like unanswered calls, voicemails, busy signals, and many others and lead to more connected calls.

Reduce agent idle time

Relieving call center agents dialing the numbers manually and waiting for phone calls to be connected each time they spend more time talking via call. Predictive dialing is famous because the mode leads to significant savings. It also reduces the time call center agents require to manage a given volume of calls. Every minute a call center spends on responsibilities other than speaking to a live caller is inefficient. For example, listening to voice greeting, dialing phone numbers is a time not spent controlling import customers, tech support, or potential prospect customer calls.

Predictive dialer dialing features: outbound call centers software

What are predictive dialer features?

In this section, we will discuss the top features of predictive dialers

Build your contact center with call recordings

The call recording feature is ideal for quality and training purposes. Call recordings allow call center managers to listen to the past calls any time. One can also save the call recording for future references without deploying any other device. Predictive dialer records and stores calls in HD quality. It then saves these call recordings on the cloud. The user can access the automated calls up to a more extended period.

Utilization of answering machine detection

Answering machine detection filters out all the phone numbers which end up on the answering machines. Before passing any phone call to the agents, a predictive dialer makes sure that a call is answered in a human voice. By utilizing answering machine detection, predictive dialers save agents a lot of time since the agents will only be connected to those phone calls, which are answered from customers’ end.

Analytics and reports feature

It is vital to monitor the agent’s performance at small intervals. This assists in recognizing where the agents miss to deliver customer service. Regular monitoring of the call center agent’s performance improves the calling operations. Predictive dialers provide detailed reports linked to agent, team, and division. Predictive dialers provide various reports like call details, agent reports, and real-time tracking.

Dialer CRM integration

CRM is a tool that controls business interactions with existing and potential customers. CRM uses different insights to evaluate customer history with a business to improve the relationship, which ultimately leads to increased sales. Integration of CRM boosts business productivity; more customer connections can be made faster when predictive dialer solutions are backed up by customer data. CRM integration reduces the average call handling time by agents since it offers easier access to customer data and other data. Typically CRM integration allows call center agents to pay attention to their higher priority responsibilities rather than waste time transferring files.

Easier campaign management

Predictive dialer enables sales reps and their teams to create multiple campaigns from the same login. As for the managers, they can customize marketing campaigns easily according to their needs. Call center campaign management includes rerun, pause, and edit. Calling campaigns are made to achieve the targeted goals of the business.

Customized dial period

Different countries and regions have different time zones. A predictive dialer filters out the numbers based on their time zones and area codes. Customized dial time features enable calling on a particular time based on these attributes. Predictive dialer matches the country name, area code, and time of the contact list, and then it begins dialing multiple numbers and at the most appropriate time.

Appointment reminders and scheduling

Predictive dialers are built with the feature of callback as per the time suggested by the customers. A predictive dialer automatically gives a reminder of a call back at a particular time. The appointment scheduling feature is significant for follow up purposes. If the clients will receive the call at their preferred time, there is a higher chance it will shift to sale.  When the call center agent’s login into the system, they immediately receive a pop-up list of callbacks.

Parallel predictive dialing

Predictive dialing mode is an outbound calling process that uses predictive algorithms to dial the contact numbers. The dialer connects only those phone calls to call center agents that are answered in a human voice. As in manually dialing systems, most of the numbers end up on answering machines; some numbers are disconnected, busy signal, or in call registry. Predictive dialers remove all the unproductive numbers and lead to more customer connections. Other essential features predictive dialer software providers are listed below. Pacing algorithm|ratio, automation call distribution, filter-based calling, lead management, call monitoring, call management, pre recorded voicemail drop, intelligent call routing, caller id, custom disposition. 

Power dialers vs. Predictive dialer: which call center software is right for you?

What is the difference between predictive dialer and power dialer?

A dialer is a software that automates the procedure for dialing an external phone number so that contact center agents can choose calls strategically. A call center performance mainly depends on the number of calls managed per day. Nonetheless, because of the limiting factors such as call waiting, abandoned calls, or the number dialed, being not reachable or connected to fax machines can hamper the call center productivity. To fill the gap, inbound and outbound dialers are installed, which increases the performance, measured in talk minutes per hour.

There are many types of dialing modes, which include: power dialer, progressive dialing mode, and preview dialers. Let us look at power dialers and predictive dialers. As discussed earlier in this article, in predictive dialing mode, phone calls connect with a sales agent only when a live person picks the phone call. Automated dialer systems enable the large contact center to increase productivity and efficiency. With predictive dialer sales teams, airtime is only used for calls that are answered by a live person. These systems are mainly used for debt collection. If you are an inside sales rep who is looking for more effective and efficient outbound calling systems while decreasing the risk of regulatory violations, a predictive dialer cloud based call center is an ideal solution.

Power dialing is a kind of automated dialer where the agent is already active on the line at the time of the call. The call center agent activities the calling session, and when a live answer is sensed, he answers the call. Noting that the agent is live already, call transfer is not necessarily. Power dialing is suitable for remote agent environments or single-agent scenarios because it does not require multiple agents to transfer calls. The problem of abandoned calls rate is solved since the automated dialer dials one at a time.

If you need to build your inside sales team performance, below are some of the top contact center solutions in 2019: Genesys omnichannel contact centers software, Five9 inbound outbound blended contact center software, Electronic Voice Services, ChaseData cloud-based predictive dialer, Kookoo Cloudagent, Adversus dialer, Ameyo cloudbased predictive dialer, and Voicent hosted predictive dialer.

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