What is a Call Center or BPO?

A Comprehensive Guide to BPO Call Center

A Comprehensive Guide to BPO Call Center

BPO Call Center And What Does It Do?

The present BPOs aren’t the typical call centers in which tired executives are constantly switching between calls. Modern call centers have transformed strategies to increase work satisfaction for employees and the level of customer retention for their partner firms.

BPO is a business or call center that is able to outgrow the current in-house solutions to manage some or all your inbound and outbound calls. This means outsourcing can help streamline your internal processes in order to make your company more efficient. This can aid improve your customer service and help free up resources. Also, be aware of CRM systems because they can aid in building relationships and networks with your customers or clients. BPO is a major undertaking that usually offers outsourcing services.

Understanding what is a Call Center or BPO? and how it can benefit your company could be an important piece of knowledge. The article we’ll discuss the characteristics of a BPO Call center actually is, and the functions it performs, then explain the process of working and discuss the most pertinent advantages and disadvantages.

What is Call Center or BPO?

What is a Call Center or BPO? Call centers are a central department that takes care of calls both outbound and inbound for prospective and current customers. Call centers can be found within a company or outsourced to a different firm that is specialized in managing calls.

BPO also known as Business Process Outsourcing refers to the process of employing a third-party service provider to carry out the non-essential business functions of your business. Many companies opt outsourcing certain functions of their business since a specialist firm is better in the position to complete them.

The BPO call center is a group of agents outsourced to handle the calls from customers, both outgoing and inbound, for other companies. BPO call center employees typically have a high level of expertise in customer service and have sufficient information about the customer company and its products or services to respond to a broad number of questions.

What is BPO company in simple words?

BPO = Business Process Outsourcing. BPO can be described as an acronym for outsourcing of business processes. Simply put, it’s the act of hiring another business to handle a task which your company needs to run. That is, you’re hiring a third party to manage non-essential business functions for your business.

How does a BPO Call Center work?

BPO call centers are typically a component of their customer companies’ customer service strategies. The most frequent ways an organization is able to incorporate the BPO center into their operations include:

  1. Identify outsourcing needs

    The initial step an enterprise must consider when deciding to outsource a portion of its activities is to determine exactly what needs outsourcing. If you’re looking to outsource an procedure, the most efficient method of doing this is to locate an BPO contact center which has a specialization in the particular operation. If you need multiple outsourcing options it is possible to work with the help of a BPO phone center, which provides many different services.

  2. Find an appropriate BPO service provider

    When an organization has a clear understanding of what they require in a BPO service provider, their representatives will begin looking for the right one. In addition to their expertise and experience, the other two major requirements are:

    • Location: Local BPO services may cost more than foreign providers However, they’re typically easier to work with.
    • Cost: In the ideal scenario, the cost of working with the BPO call center would be much less than the cost of creating an in-house department. However, it is sufficient to provide high-quality services.
  3. Monitor how the BPO call center is conducting operations

    Once you have established a partnership with a BPO contact center the best method to ensure quality service is to constantly monitor their performance. This usually means that the business receives regularly updated information on the types of work that the outsourced agents perform and what their productivity is. The company’s management team could make use of this data to enhance the quality of collaboration.

What does a BPO Call Center do?

BPO call centers provide outbound and inbound services or both. The former is the process of responding to messages or calls from customers in the first instance, while the second is about active outreach to existing as well as potential customers. The most important inbound services BPO call centers offer are:

Inbound BPO Call Center Services

Through an inbound call center staff, they respond to calls and messages as they are received. Here are some examples of the tasks that could be accomplished by BPO call centers. BPO Call center.

Answering support questions Companies that sell complex products or services are likely to require an inbound call center to help customers understand their functions and benefits. While large organizations have internal departments dedicated to responding to customer inquiries, smaller ones usually outsource this process to BPO call centers due to budget limitations.
Providing dispatch services Some companies regularly receive calls from customers who request a specific service, with a common example being taxi companies that pair clients with available taxi cabs. Some of the organizations that provide such services prefer to avoid hiring full-time employees to handle their dispatch services and outsource them to a BPO call center instead.
Processing orders by phone Organizations that offer their customers the option of ordering via phone require a team of professionals to answer the calls and go through the entire purchasing process, including introducing customer information into the company database, taking payment information and sending out the order to the department responsible for shipping it. BPO call centers can handle this entire process, eliminating the need for creating a new department and providing the flexibility that some businesses require during high-volume times of the year, like the holidays.

Some of the most popular outbound services BPO call centers can provide include:

Outbound BPO Call Center Services

Inbound call center agent’s role is to take calls the outbound call center agents are responsible for making calls. Call center outbound services are typically outsourced due to the time-consuming and tedious they are. For instance, a company may call thousands of customers before they receive enough responses to conduct the market research survey.

If you collaborate with BPO call centers, BPO call centers are able to assign their employees to handle these tasks, to allow your staff to concentrate on building connections with your customers and improving the quality of your products and services.

Handle telemarketing operations Telemarketing is the process of directly marketing an organization’s products or services via telephone or the internet. It can be an effective way of generating new business, and some organizations prefer to outsource telemarketing operations to BPO call centers.
Doing telesales Telesales is the process of selling goods and services over the phone by contacting qualified potential customers and attempting to persuade them to make a purchase. Companies that don’t have the capacity to hire and train a capable telesales team typically use a BPO call center to handle their telesales.
Doing telesales Some organizations attempt to learn more about how existing and potential customers see their products and services by contacting them over the phone and conducting surveys. Given the fact that market research calls usually only require the caller to ask pre-written questions, outsourcing the process to a BPO call center is usually a straightforward process, as the callers require less training than for other similar services.

Pros and cons of a BPO call center

One of the major benefits that come with working with BPO call centers are: BPO call center include:

  • It helps reduce costs for customer service. Businesses that use BPO call centers generally use them because they cost much less than establishing and running a functioning Customer Service department.
  • It allows the business to offer 24/7 assistance. Businesses can avail BPO services in a variety of geographical areas and in multiple time zones, making it much easier to provide 24/7 support.
  • It reduces the requirement for continuous hiring and training. Many call centers have a high turnover rate for employees and new employees require a lot of training on the client’s the products and services they offer. Outsourcing customer service decreases the workload of a business’s human resource department.
  • It allows you to offer 24/7 support. 24/7 support who can assist your customers anytime of the day is the ideal and BPO service providers BPO company can help make it possible.

The majority of BPO services are set up throughout the world, in different time zones. Your customers are able to contact support at any time regardless of the location.

  • It eases the burden on staffing. Although employees are the primary for any company recruitment, staffing and training employees is costly and time-consuming. The outsourcing of your call center will eliminate the problem for your company by handling any issues with staffing.
  • It may be a more efficient choice for your contact center. Agents in call centers take care of a large number of calls ranging from friendly to nightmare-like. There are probably terrifying stories.

The potential disadvantages when working with BPO call centers include: BPO call centers are:

  • This could cause issues with customer communication. If you work together with BPO call centers in different countries, some of their employees may be suffering from difficulties with communication and language even if they use scripts. It is possible to reduce the possibility of this happening by conducting a thorough analysis of the BPO call center prior to forming a partnership with it.
  • The BPO agents might lack sufficient information about the business and its products. As opposed to call centers in-house, which have employees who interact directly with other departments of the company and are the first to know about the products and services they offer, BPO call center agents may not have enough information about the company and product knowledge to assist customers. They can be kept current by offering educational materials and product updates if needed.
  • Security risks can arise. When working with BPO call centers, there are risks to security. BPO contact center customer companies usually have to reveal sensitive information such as the names of their customers and contact information and are at risk in the event of an incident of data breach. You can mitigate this risk by limiting the amount of data you provide to your BPO call center, and also by ensuring that your BPO provider has the appropriate security certifications and protocols in order to protect your personal data.
  • There is a chance that you’ll need additional training. Although using BPO call center services BPO call center frees some of work off your hands, there are some areas where the workload can increase. One of these is training, and this is a major negative.

The BPO call center can handle all your calls on behalf of you. However, that means that they have to be taught the specifics of your specific support service or customer service plan. Sometimes, they’ll require training on specific business issues in order to be more accommodating for your customers.

The process of preparing and managing the training materials ‘ workload could be an investment of a major amount and is something worth considering.

How to select the right BPO Call Center company

Selecting the right BPO Call Center company

  1. Quality

The quality of your service is paramount. Customers expect a superior standard of customer service and you need to be able to provide. When selecting the right BPO call center service It is essential to make sure that their standards of quality and customer service are in line with yours.

Review reviews of other customers. Read white documents or case studies from your prospective call center partner to learn about the kinds of results they’ve been able provide for other businesses (especially those in your particular sector and industry).

Through Global Response, you get 40 plus years of experience across multiple industries and a customer service center unique to your company’s brand. From omnichannel customer service to Level 2 technical support. The experts of Global Response have decades of expertise in helping businesses of any size across the fields of consumer goods, automotive banking, healthcare, retail, finance and many other industries increase customer satisfaction and experience.

  1. Consider your needs and their services

Although it might sound evident, a lot of businesses opt for a call center too early prior to having considered their own issues and needs.The BPO call center could provide many features and services, but do they provide the services you require?

If you are thinking about the services that are the most crucial to your company, think about your current issues in marketing, customer service lead generation, communication with customers, team structure, and much more.

Which of these issues do you require your call center to address for you? If in doubt, search for a reputable, knowledgeable, customer-focused contact center that provides an omnichannel customer service center with the latest technology and processes like Global Response. Furthermore to that, your BPO contact center must be knowledgeable about customer privacy and data security and offer choices for flexibility and scalability which means they are able to expand with you and adjust to your specific needs.

  1. Keep technology in mind

Accessing the latest technology that can streamline customer communications and streamline internal processes is an important advantage of outsourcing your call center.

Therefore it is important to ensure that any outsourcing your call center is able to provide the technology needed for call centers to streamline processes and provide the results you want to see in your key metrics. It’s also important to make sure their technology system is compatible with your existing technology and capabilities.

Some of the technology solutions that you might want to consider when you are looking for BPO call centers BPO call center are:

  • IVR (interactive voice response)
  • automated outbound dialers
  • omnichannel contact management
  • cloud-based multichannel contact solutions
  • advanced security of data
  • Robotic process automation
  • Tools for WFM (workforce Management) tools
  • social media management platforms
  • CRM software
  • cloud computing services

However, it is not the case that every company requires every piece of technology that is available. It is possible that you do not require all of these, but you might need other tools that aren’t listed here.

If you’re in search of a customer-focused BPO call center that has advanced technology that is able to integrate with various devices and platforms, Global Response offers all of the solutions and services that are listed in the above table (and many more!). With everything from cloud-based multichannel management, to advanced tools for WFM and data security, Global Response can help bring your customer experience up to a new level.

  1. Understand their reporting capabilities

Naturally, using the latest technology and a system for managing customer data is the most beneficial when you gain access to the lessons and the results.

Before deciding on the BPO contact center be sure you are aware of the data reporting, analytics and reports they are able to provide to help you improve your growth and process. Find out which metrics and KPIs are the most crucial for your goals and business Then, find out what metrics and KPIs the call center monitors.

Also, determine whether your call center provides configurable reports and dashboards available for you to utilize. It’s crucial to ensure your call center is able to monitor, analyze and apply insights from data gathered around the most crucial metrics for your objectives.


BPO call centers offer the benefits of scale as well as flexibility and agility and the guarantee of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This is why the BPO market is expanding and is predicted to expand at a faster rate. If your company isn’t equipped with enough bandwidth to handle all of your calls both outbound and inbound then it might be time to allow the BPO call center to join the fray.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a call center?

The most basic definition of the term “call center” is an office environment in which the majority of calls are dealt with. It’s a central place that call center representatives take care of outgoing and incoming calls from current or prospective customers. The employees of call centers carry out a variety of call center functions, such as:

  1. Offering customer service as well as technical support
  2. Answering customer queries
  3. Telemarketing
  4. Market research

What are the 3 types of Call Centers?

Understanding the various types of call centers. There are numerous types of contact centers available. They specialize in market research and some provide answering services, while some specialize in a specific field such as healthcare, or perform a specific function like telemarketing.

  • Outsourced And In-House Contact Centers
  • Inbound And Outbound Call Centers
  • Proactive And Reactive Call Centers

What is a BPO Company?

BPO is an abbreviation of outsourcing business processes. It is the term used to describe when businesses outsource business processes to an outside (external) firm. The main objective is to reduce costs, make time and focus on the most important aspects of business. Two kinds of BPO are back-office and front office.

What Does BPO Mean in a Call Center?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a procedure where an organization (often known as”an “outsourcer”) contracts with other companies to handle certain back office or front office functions. For instance, a business could outsource their accounting department as part of an outsourcing business (BPO) agreement. BPO companies are considered to be experts in the business processes they manage and other businesses often contract with them to benefit from their knowledge and outsource functions that aren’t essential to their model.

What is the difference between BPO and a call center?

One of the main differences among BPO and an actual call center is the areas of operation. Call centers are primarily focused on customer support for telecommunications, whereas BPO vendors are able to handle a variety of other duties, including back-end administration work, to underwriting loans.

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