How do you call a vanity number?

The Ultimate Guide to Vanity Phone Number: Learn how to dial vanity phone numbers

To dial a vanity number just press letter by letter to the corresponding keys. For instance, to call 1-800-FLOWERS, you will type 1 800 3569377. Typically the word Flowers is memorable compared to 3569377. Using words instead of numbers in your telephone number makes your number easy to remember.

What is a vanity phone number?

A vanity phone number is a toll-free or local telephone number for which a subscriber requests a memorable sequence of numbers for marketing purposes. Virtual phone numbers such as Freephone or premium-rate numbers are intended to encourage potential customers to call a business. Vanity phone numbers build a professional brand image of an organization that serves a nationwide audience. They brand to match to match your number to your website domain and business.

Most of these phone words such as 1-800 FLOWERS, 1-800-Battery, 1-800-Taxicab, 0900-LIDLINFO or 313-DETROIT, often all-numeric vanity phone numbers are used. Food delivery and taxi organizations mostly advertise numbers ending with repeated digits such as 11.

Vanity phone numbers are a great option for companies looking to brand their companies and have an easy to remember phone number for specific advertisements such as billboards, Television, radio advertisements, and more. Vanity numbers work since a word or phrase is memorable than the number combination it replaces. Consumers will not forget you when your company branding matches across all mediums.

Besides having a memorable, recognizable phone number assists your brand to appear more established and can generate more leads.

What are toll-free prefixes?

Vanity 800 numbers

The presently available prefixes for toll-free vanity numbers are 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833. These Toll-free number prefixes are used in the United States and all the countries covered by the North American numbering plan. A toll-free number is a telephone number people can call free of charge – the owner of the toll-free number pays the calling charges.

How to call a vanity number?

How do I dial a vanity number?

First, look at the dial screen of your smartphone. You can also look at the dial pad of the telephone on your desk. You will realize how below every number 2 through to 9 there are three letters which are printed.

To dial the vanity phone number, you just need to press letter by letter of the corresponding keys. This means if you were to dial 1-800-FLOWERS, you would press 1 800 3569377. 3569377 is complex to remember compared to FLOWERS.

Note that the length of a vanity number depends on the length of telephone numbers in a given country. Prefixes are not usually part of a vanity word. However, vanity words do not exactly match the length of the telephone number. They can also be several characters longer. The telephone network will ignore the extra characters.

How to dial the vanity phone number on iPhone?

Do you need to dial a vanity phone number on the iPhone? Do you know the phone numbers that are listed as words or phrases instead of numbers? Such phone numbers are mnemonic and listed as letters are not always automatically detected by the iPad or iPhone. At first, they do not seem to be usable on the iPhone, but it turns out they are, with some tips. 

To dial a vanity number and change it to numbers on iPhone, tap and hold on the alphabetic version, then chose Copy and then go to the Phone app. After you are in the Phone app, select the Keypad, then tap and hold on the blank region on the top and select paste. 

This will immediately change the lettered vanity number into a real phone number, and of course, you can dial the number. You will realize the alphabetic vanity number is still maintained below the converted numerical version, so you can make sure you are calling the right company.

You possibly know that iPhone will automatically detect phone numbers in web pages, allowing you to tap directly on a phone number and select to call that number. You can also send a message, add the number to contacts, or even copy it to the clipboard. The tap to dial function is easily the fastest way to call a number found on the web, but in case you come across a vanity number, you know how to call it from your iPhone number.

Dialing a vanity number from another territory

Let us say you are in Canda and you need to call a vanity number registered in the United States; this will be entirely up to the company who owns the US toll-free number. The owner may opt to block calls from other North American countries. If the number is accessible from other countries as the calling party, you might pay international rates.

However, some Voice over Internet Providers (VoIP) such as Skype enables dialing the US vanity and toll-free numbers free despite the caller’s location. In other words, you can call a toll-free number from Europe and still not be charged.

Features and benefits of Vanity phone numbers

Vanity number features

Vanity phone numbers come with additional features. All vanity phone numbers have call tracking, which has various features to assist not only the performance of your advertisement but the return on investment of your custom phone number. Below are some of the features that you will get from vanity phone numbers.

Total missed calls and calls

When clients dial your vanity phone number, your call tracking reporting will show you how many total calls your number receives in a specific period, and how many missed calls happened. This way, you can ensure you are answering all calls and not missing out any opportunities.

Call recordings

The call recording feature enables you to listen to the conversations that happen within the incoming calls to your vanity phone number. All phone calls are recorded so that you can listen and make sure you are getting the right type of callers and productive conversations happening on people calling into your vanity number.

Call volume

you can determine which times of day and days of the week you get the most dials into your vanity number if you know that your commercial or advertisement only runs on specific days of the week or times of day, pay attention to any spikes in incoming calls.

Call information

CallSource can obtain caller demographics by utilizing the most recent census data by zip code to assist your target specific markets and see who is calling into your vanity phone number.

These are the main benefits of using vanity phone numbers in business.

Vanity phone numbers tell customers who you are

Choosing the right vanity number enables people to see at a glance what your business is about. Maybe your company name is the perfect choice such as 844-VOXRELL- or perhaps you can use your number to describe your company. For example, 212-LAWYER OR 1-800 FLOWERS. Always keep it simple and avoid any unusual spellings which might mislead and confuse your clients.

Vanity phone numbers enhance professionalism

Even though you are simply beginning a business, having a vanity phone number is a good way to gain credibility for your business. When a customer calls you and is greeted by a professional phone system that lets them to easily navigate to where they want to be, all the better. When you use a vanity phone number that is suitable for your business, you will assist in consolidating your brand and enhancing the image of your business.

Other benefits of vanity phone numbers include:

  • Increased return on investment (ROI)
  • A memorable marketing tool that can be applied across many advertisement channels
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increases call response rates
  • Adds a new sales avenue with extensive tracking and monitor options.
  • Provides a competitive advantage to help stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Increased repeat-calling and referrals
  • Improves customer service contact points
  • Improves customer feedback contact points
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