Highest-rated cloud contact center software

What is the best cloud contact center software?

Some of the best cloud based contact center software include; crazycall, freshcaller: Five9, VICIdial, ZenDesk Talk, and Avaya contact center. 

Once your business starts to grow, handling communications can become very challenging. There are varying levels of solutions available to help in this endeavor, starting with call handling and virtual private assistants. However, at some point, it may become important to employ a call center software solution to manage a larger volume of communications, particularly where the business works with a large customer base and sales team. 

Whereas traditionally a call center would handle telephone calls, these days the call center is just likely to offer email support and live chat facilities for web visitors to the business website, and can even work with social media.

SIP call centers are quickly replacing traditional PRI solutions by enhancing functionality and reducing costs for contact centers around the world. Call center SIP trunking refers to a method of delivering voice and data communications used by the virtual call center.

Previously call centers were the preserve of multinational corporations, but today, call center solutions are tailored to small business use, so you do not need to be an enterprise business to use one. Even better, pricing is based on usage so that call center services can be very accessible to businesses of any size.

There are perhaps several cloudbased contact centers softwares out there, and what solution you require depends on the degree to which the customer engagement needs to be managed. So to help you choose, here is a guide with the best packages to enable a business of any size to control its own customer care solution.

What is a cloud based contact center?

Cloud contact center solution 

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A cloud contact center is an extensive suite of tools, applications and cloud-hosted services for the contact center in large organizations that need more than one communication channel, including phone calls and messaging, sophisticated call routing, quality management of agent, and analytics. On the foundation of deployment, cloud based call center software can be segmented into –  private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. 

A contact center is a division or facility that handles clients or customer interaction. While a call center only manages phone calls, a contact center manages communications over multiple channels. 

Strategies for effective contact center management

Getting contact center-right is important for customer success. If support or sales calls are not handled properly, it can lead to loss of revenue and damaged reputations. To be able to face the challenges coming from contact centers it is worth noting that;

  • Clients and customers expect to be able to chat with the sales team using their preferred communications channel, whether that is a phone call, instant messenger chat, or an email.
  • Call centers need to ensure they have effective call management system by routing calls and messages to the right department and agent so that clients can get a quick resolution to their problem.
  • Ensure call centers efficiency as possible, and so you require to have a good internet connection, assess agent productivity and automate as much of the process as possible with functions such as music on hole and auto attendant.
  • Contact center supervisors require to monitor and optimize the services they offer and come up with strategies to improve customer interactivity with the company. They should also employ call center workforce optimization strategy to modernize employee performance, automated routing, and workforce quality. You can also download contact center white papers addressing customer experience management at contact centers or search for other materials at the resource library for an overview of more strategies.
  • Use a knowledge base together with the contact center to be able to resolve customer queries faster- some customers prefer knowledge base to customer care agent to find answers about issues.
  • Data secure- It is important to secure data to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. 
  • Ensure that your contact center offers great social responsibility so that you can gain and grow customers.
  • Keep your customers updated on upcoming events so that they can know when to attend or visit your contact center.
  • Finally, note that performance management of a contact center is not an easy task, but, it plays a significant role in contact center success.

The importance of call center software in a company’s operation 

Cloud contact center solutions can help large businesses meet the challenges of communicating with their customers or clients. Cloudbased call center software typically;

  • Easily integrates multiple communication channels into a single system. These CRM integrations allows agents to communicate with customers or clients by email, phone call, or instant messaging, and maintain a consistent report of all communications despite the format.
  •  Hosts workforce management tools so that agents and supervisors can manage their time well and other additional resources.
  • Features predictive dialer to help agents screen for busy signals, no answers, voicemail, and disconnected numbers. 
  • Is featured in the cloud by a cloud contact center provider or a dedicated contact center service, removing the need for the contact center business to deploy or maintain any hardware system other than business phone system and computers that agents and supervisors required to access.
  • Features unified communication tools to allow one person to reach many and teams to collaborate with each other from many devices. 
  • Includes advanced call-routing, assisted by an auto attendant and other times by interactive voice response(IVR), to make sure that customers and clients get to speak to a qualified agent in the right department as fast as possible.
  • Features preview dialers that allows you to preview details about the contact prior to dialing and progressive dialer to connect agents to calls answered by a live person. 

Which software is used in call center?

Best contact centers software

In case you are looking for a call center software, then you are likely supporting your customers through other communication channels as well such as press releases, email, live chat or promoting customers success stories on social media platforms. It is crucial to consider how well your new call center software will integrate with your other channels, and also that the provider is in gdpr compliance. Below are some of the available options.

Improve your customer experiences with Crazycall

Crazycall is a cloudbased call center service that can easily be managed through a mobile app. You can make calls both via an automatic dialer and click to call browser extension.

A distinct feature of crazycall is that it enables you to route outgoing calls via local phone numbers, which may amplify response rates for contact sales. Call recording comes as standard to assist monitor agent results, and reporting it encompasses to enable you to manage and analyze calls and organize success rates.

Instead of providing general customer or client support, crazycall is more focused on being a sales calling platform and doing that well, particularly in terms of improving conversions and increasing ROI.

Freshcaller contact center solutions

Freshcaller is an all round call center platform that functions from the cloud and is easy to use. Everything can be controlled from a single control panel, and calls can be made with nothing more than a click. The reality that it does not require any hardware makes it an obvious solution for small businesses, but it still includes many features such as routing, call masking, monitoring and recording, and conferencing calling. Even though it offers global voice, local numbers still have to be bought via the freshcaller management inventory.

Typically, it is a good basic platform for integrated call purposes, and that it is an internet-based making it both very affordable and accessible. The starter degree is free to use for unlimited agents, with the only cost being call charges. 

Avaya contact center

It is one of the heavyweights of telecommunications, offering hardware and software contact center industry solutions for business networks. The Avaya Aura platform has constantly been evolving and growing over the years and keeps on maturing.

Avaya contact center software offers a comprehensive range of advanced features as standard if it is through automation, performance management, and call routing. It does not just work with voice calls, but can intelligently control and route communications via website sales chats, SMS texts, instant messengers, scanned documents, video and even business social media platforms.

Nonetheless, Avaya’s main focus remains on telephony and the extensive management of communications through the channel. For the array of features and advanced settings here, you can expect to pay enterprise-level prices.

Zendesk talk contact center solution

While most call center providers build customer management cloud platforms into their product, ZenDesk has done it different by creating a cloud call center software around customer relations management. The effect is ZenDesk Talk, a smooth and sleek solution does put the customer first.

Customer service teams now have the capacity to offer telephone support from the same place they manage other channels, with customer information and history offered as the call is obtained. The goal here is to maximize efficiency and workflows by presenting everything together. Nonetheless, as well as calls Zendesk Talk also has built-in SMS, with texts automatically working to raise tickets, making it easy to keep track of communications.

Besides, there are all the features you would normally expect with a call center solution, not least call recording, routing, IVR, and real-time monitoring. As a cloud based system, it can set up within minutes, and analytics enables KPI to be monitored and tracked.


Five9 is an all in one call center solution that allows management of customer support and sales via a single dashboard. Aside from all the basic features, you would expect, it also includes a predictive AI to maximize efficiency among teams.

This indicates that if there is a surge in inbound calls, agents normally involved in the outbound call will be diverted to handle the additional workload, and vice-versa. There are many settings and features involved with this; all focused on improving efficiency.

In case that was not enough, this solution also integrates with several major CRM software platforms. Like  Zendesk, Salesforce, and Oracle. Five9 software is also a cloud-based solution, making it simple to access without the need for telecoms hardware.

VICIdial software

VICIdial is the widely used open-source call center platform, and it is free to use. This cloud solution is also very future rich and undergoing continuous development. You can either download and install the software on your server network or else opt to use VICIdial own hardware and have the business manage everything for you.

The system covers the fundamentals such as inbound and outbound calls, website chat and email, but centralizes everything into a unified agent screen for easy management.

There are settings for forecasting reports, predictive calling, call recording, and call balancing. It is simple to operate from the outset, with no complicated configuration settings.

What is the best auto dialer?

Auto Dialer software for small business call center

Auto Dialer software dials lists of phone numbers inadvertent and is basically used in cold calling sales. We evaluated at a range of auto dialer software and narrowed it down to the top six based on price, features such as analytics and call routing, and customer support to evaluate the best auto dialer overall.

  1. ChaseData- best for small businesses that require a comprehensive auto dialer at a competitive price- it is an international organization with global offices in most of the countries.
  2. Five9- good for small businesses that want a cloud based auto-dialer that does not need expensive equipment
  3. Velocity dial IQ- perfect for a business that needs an autodialer with built-in lead management designing for sales teams
  4. CallHub- the perfect solution for advocacy, volunteer, and nonprofit groups that utilize phone banks
  5. Phoneburner- Businesses that want an autodialer that depends heavily on customer relationship management tools for cold calling leads and sales pipeline movement.

How much does call center software cost?

Call center software pricing

Successful organizations invest in contact center technology that allows them to be efficient in their provision of customer service. Increasingly, this means moving to the cloud with their contact centers.

When you are purchasing call center software for your business, you should expect to pay between $86 and $210 for every caller for a hosted solution. If you are planning on running all your software inside sales, the cost may be increased depending on your needs, a complete station encompassing software and hardware for a user can be priced in a scope of $2,900 – $4,000, but in case you have existing hardware that will function with a software upgrade, you may be able to buy a solution for $1000 or less.

Artificial intelligence solutions for call center software have made it much more cost-effective for smaller operations to get established with an in house call center. The cost of even a small call center being developed from the ground up can reach six figures. However, when you work with a provider providing hosted solutions, there are many ways to structure your contract to operate the call center on a much smaller budget.

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