How much is a predictive dialer?

Different Types Of Dialers And Their Costs

How much is a predictive dialer

How Much Can A Predictive Dialer Cost Your Business

The predictive dialer is, in essence, a piece of software that automatizes this dialing procedure. The computer dials multiple numbers simultaneously and connects messages that get answered by an agent. Agents are no longer waiting for calls that are not answered.

It greatly increases the effectiveness for your company’s call centers, by increasing the number of calls received each day. According to certain estimates, it could double the number of calls. This can lead to more sales and lower operational expenses. So,  How much is a predictive dialer? 

How much is a predictive dialer?

How Much Can A Predictive Dialer Cost Your Business

How much is a predictive dialer? The prices for predictive dialers are between $45 and $250 per agent when you opt for an online predictive dialer. If you select an onsite-only service that is dedicated that costs approximately $3000-$200,000.

Prices will differ based on the number of agents you require to use an on-site predictive dialer and your software for business or if you opt for an on-demand website.

On-Site Versus Hosted Predictive Dialers

Hosted On-Site
Minimal Costs
  • $350 per agent for setup
  • $5000
Maximum Costs
  • $500 per agent for setup
  • $250,000

There will be additional charges based on the needs of your business to cover things such as:

  1. CRM or Customer relationship management integration.
  2. Customized messages for voicemail.
  3. What kind of analysis your business needs.
  4. Call recording.
  5. Point of sale technology.
  6. DNC Integration to put callers on DO NOT CALL lists. 
  7. Extra minutes.
  8. Many other specialized services.

Predictive Dialer Benefits

  1. A higher number of calls in an hour Compared with manual dialing methods, predictive dialing eliminates agents from having to dial every number on the list manually. This means that they can increase the effectiveness of agents since they can call more customers in an hour.
  2. Increased talk time for agents Predictive dialing software is able to dramatically increase the productivity of outbound agents by increasing the time spent by agents and decreasing idle time. Actually, predictive dialing may increase the efficiency of agents to 57 minutes an hour, and only five percent idle time.
  3. More resolutions or conversions: The greater number of calls that your sales team receives within an hour and the more time spent with customers eventually leads to more resolutions and more leads that convert to sales.
  4. Reduced cost per call Agent efficiency is maximized, which means lower idle times, and more talking time, and more calls or resolutions/hour naturally result in lower costs per call, which has been a constant problem for call centers with outbound lines.

Predictive Dialers Features

A typical cloud-based call center software which includes a predictive outbound caller could include the following basic features:

  • Pacing ratio: allows for the increasing or decreasing of calls that are made outgoing per agent to maximize efficiency of the agent.
  • CRM display: allows agents to quickly access every customer’s record, including all information available to better meet the needs of their customers.
  • Filter based calling: allow to filter out calls according to their time zone and area code.
  • Answering machine detection: determines whether a call has been picked up by an actual human or an answering machine.
  • Voicemail message drop: if the call was taken by a real individual or an answering machine.
  • Call recording: allows you to record calls and then review them later for monitoring and training for training and monitoring purposes.
  • Call monitoring: allows management of call centers to keep track of the volume of calls that are made and to preview their quality.
  • Call-back scheduling and reminders:allow scheduling of call backs as well as setting reminders.
  • Reports and analytics: allow the creation of various kinds of reports. This includes real-time reports that track agents’ performance and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Best Predictive Dialer Software

Predictive dialer software can automate the outbound phone calls you make, freeing time to focus on other tasks. Your employees will be grateful and your business will expand. However, this software doesn’t work for everyone. You must choose the one that will help you communicate with your customers after they have picked their phone.

  • PhoneBurner : Best for Advanced Call Features
  • Five9: Best for Sales Teams
  • CallTrackingMetrics: Best for Enterprise Businesses
  • Genesys Cloud: Best for Multi-Channel Calling
  • ChaseData: Best for High Call Volume
  • Convoso: Best for Generating and Converting Leads

Each of these software applications comes with sophisticated features as well as predictive call options. Find out how they will maximize your team’s time and increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by reading the article below.

PhoneBurner Logo

PhoneBurner: Best for Advanced Call Features

PhoneBurner offers a cloud-based service that offers additional tools to aid your marketing efforts, such as an integrated CRM as well as electronic marketing software. It is an autodialer that can reach up to 60-80 leads per hour.

PhoneBurner is compatible when used with VoIP and phone lines. You can say goodbye to delays as your agents connect with customers, decreasing hang-ups and unnecessary time. The dashboard for administration will make it simple for your staff to handle calls and keep track of the progress of campaigns.

The CRM offers you the tools to improve productivity, such as the ability to schedule and automate workflows. With these tools you can track leads and help keep your team in order. PhoneBurner can also be integrated with other CRM systems, such as HubSpot and Zapier to expand the capabilities of PhoneBurner.

With filters built-in it is possible to manage leads and track prospects that have the greatest potential value.

PhoneBurner offers packages in three tiers:

  • Standard: $149/user/month
  • Professional: $179/user/month
  • Premium: $199/user/month

Five9 Logo

Five9: Best for Sales Teams

A top cloud-based solution Five9 comes with a variety of CRM integrations native to it. It has a variety of dialing methods to increase the efficiency of your team and efficient, such as:

  • Predictive
  • Power
  • Preview
  • Manual

With the many options available that allow you to increase the efficiency of your team, particularly with sales teams. Artificial Intelligence and Workflow Optimization ensure that things run smoothly, while using analytics to help you understand how your campaigns are performing and how you can improve them.

The platform provides a user-friendly interface. Its easy-to-use reporting system provides an array of options that can be customized. The system even includes agent scripts which means your sales team is able to take the most effective route to connect with customers. Five9’s platform takes into account variations in time zones, and also regulatory compliance among companies. However, Five9 doesn’t have a mobile application, which could cause remote tasks to be more difficult.

CallTrackingMetrics Logo

CallTrackingMetrics: Best for Enterprise Businesses

CallTrackingMetrics utilizes AI to provide predictive dialing which can increase connections and leads. You can tailor the platform’s features to suit the needs of your clients. It also supports live chat and text messaging to provide more support channels.

The system includes training and onboarding for your employees and also professional assistance. Other tools used internally include queue automation, workflow automation and setting up guidelines and milestones to ensure that your team isn’t overwhelmed.

CallTrackingMetrics is compatible with a variety of other platforms, giving you all the features you require in one location. It also has integrations for Google Analytics, Microsoft Advertising, Slack, HubSpot, Mailchimp and other services.

You can set up alerts to different occasions, like missed calls. It also features intelligent call routing based upon the web page actions of the caller. This ensures that callers are connected to the correct person without the need for transfers or waiting in line.

It can send repeated callers to the correct queue automatically, without having users go back through the menu over and over again. Additionally, it features intelligent speech recognition and transcription.

The disadvantage is that it can only provide compliance monitoring on the more expensive levels. A majority of the automated functions are included in the Contact Center level, which is one of the most costly among all.

Contrary to many other predictive dialer software applications, CallTrackingMetrics gives you unlimited users and isn’t cost-per-user. You can also request a trial prior to purchasing and receive the first month of service for free.

CallTrackingMetrics offers for packages:

  • Business: $39/month
  • Marketing: $99/month
  • Contact Center: $299/month
  • Build Your Own: Custom pricing

Genesys Cloud CX Logo

Genesys Cloud: Best for Multi-Channel Calling

Genesys Cloud works well for large and medium-sized businesses. It lets you use email, calls as well as live chat, SMS and social media. It lets you manage everything on one single platform.

It has automatic dialing, predictive and manual calls, and also takes care of inbound calls. By keeping call logs as well as records, you will always be able to access all the data you require.

The platform offers more than 280 integrations and applications which include CRMs. It provides social media management and self-service in order to make life simpler for customers and to ensure that they can contact you via the channels that are most suitable for them, without making it more difficult for your staff.

Genesys Cloud analytics show which channels are receiving the highest amount of attention, where your customers are contacting your company, as well as what marketing campaigns get the highest success. Its AI-enhanced technology and software updates provide you with the most recent technology to connect with your customers, and to convert them into buyers.

You have a choice of three packages:

  • Genesys Cloud 1: $75/month
  • Genesys Cloud 2: $110/month
  • Genesys Cloud 3: $140/month

ChaseData Logo

ChaseData: Best for High Call Volume

ChaseData lets you call several customers at the same time to increase efficiency and connect quicker. ChaseData also does not charge set-up or porting fees.

The higher priced packages provide greater protection for your business and provide the ability to create a visual script to ensure your team has efficient conversations and improve conversions.

You can try a free trial of the predictive dialer software from ChaseData to try it out and decide whether it’s appropriate for your company before you purchase.

ChaseData gives you the choice of three packages:

  • Small Business: $89/agent/month
  • Professional: $139/agent/month
  • Enterprise: $169/agent/month

Small Business gives you call recording and playback as well as call monitoring and remote agent capabilities. Injection dialing and preview as well as Zapier integration ensure maximum efficiency.

The Professional package includes power as well as progressive as well as preview dialing. With the trainee mode as well as dedicated support for your phone The Professional package includes everything you require to keep your team at the top of your game.

Convoso Logo

Convoso: Best for Generating and Converting Leads

Convoso is one of the top programs to generate leads outbound. The cloud-based omnichannel software tackles the major issues that customers and users face with the predictive dialer program. It improves call rates, decreases dropped calls and detects answering machines and gives more insight into the effectiveness of your campaign.

Convoso provides a variety of productivity tools like SMS, voice, email voicemail, as well as an agent virtual. It also follows up automatically with leads. With tools for managing leads and custom-built, real-time dashboards and reporting you will be able to monitor your campaign at each step. The platform also offers advanced speech recognition technology and automatically connects leads to leads.

With the power of predictive, advanced, and preview dialing capabilities, the platform offers everything needed to make calls and customer connections more efficient.

Convoso connects to other CRM platforms to give you greater capabilities. It makes use of AI and machine-learning technology to help customers find the appropriate agents and enhance efficiency for your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are predictive dialers illegal?

Although predictive dialers are legal, they are not legal under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) which prohibits companies and other organizations from making use of auto dialers, which includes predictive dialers, to make unwanted calls to cell phone numbers without having a prior written authorization from the recipient. This applies to both telemarketing and non-telemarketing calls. Additionally predictive dialers can’t dial numbers that are registered by the National Do Not Call Registry. Contact centers that use predictive dialers as part of their outbound calls must adhere to these rules.

What is the difference between a predictive dialer and an auto dialer?

The auto dialer as well as predictive dialers can be described as sales dialers which use automated. The auto dialer caters to single-line dialing. This implies that the auto dialer will only call one person at one time. The predictive dialer, on the other hand, uses multi-line dialing. That means it dials up several numbers at a time.

How much does an auto dialer cost?

The cost of software that auto dials depends on the kind of software and features that are desired. Businesses can expect to pay anywhere from $300 and $10,000 based on the number of channels they need.

How much does a power dialer cost?

A power dialer speeds up the call initiation process as well as the volume of calls outbound for call centers that are outbound. The cost that a phone dialer can cost is between $100-$150. But, there are superior phone dialers that are less expensive.

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