What Is Power Dialer Vs Auto Dialer?

Learn The Difference Between Power Dialer and Auto Dialer

Difference Between Power Dialer and Auto Dialer

What’s a Better Dialer For Your Needs? 

Telephone dialers allow you to quickly contact prospects and increase your calling efficiency by automating the dialing of your customers for you. The faster you can reach people, the higher number of you are able to call plus the higher number of sales you will achieve. It’s that simple. What is power dialer vs auto dialer? What type of phone dialer do you require? The Auto Dialers as well as Power Dialers are the two main kinds of dialers for phones So let’s examine these two types to help determine the most suitable dialer.

What Is Power Dialer Vs Auto Dialer?

What Is Power Dialer Vs Auto Dialer? You could describe a power dialer as one that is a more sophisticated variant of the auto dialer. Auto dialers make calls for you and make connections with those who aren’t accessible via messages in voice or texts. Power dialers are software programs that permit users to make outgoing calls using your computer, without having to manually enter each number. It does this using a voice recording later playing it back over the phone line when necessary. You can specify times at which the power dialer will call you and stop calling at specific times of the day or evening.

What is a Power Dialer?

What is a Power Dialer

A power dialer is a device that automates the process of prepping and calling the next number for the agent. When an agent is finished with a call it is a power dialer that calls the next number that is in your information, thereby reducing any time that is lost between end of the call and beginning on the second. This mode calls multiple numbers at once for each agent, and will only call the agent only whenever a user answers their phone. However, unlike Predictive Dialing mode Power dialing does not automatically adjust the dial volume.

Without a power dialer agents who complete an interview are forced to search for their next destination for calls and then dial them, which will result in delays between calls. Although this process of looking through the call lists of the company and manually entering the number to dial next may appear as a tiny delay however, the cumulative data will reveal a different picture. The minutes, seconds and eventually hours swiftly get accumulated, regardless of whether you’re managing a large-scale enterprise or only employ a handful of employees–and, over time, create massive losses for your company.

Power dialing technology is used to eliminate loss of time as well as money.

How Does A Power Dialer Work?

If a power dialer is able to reach an unconnected or not in use, or is unmanned it will dial the next number from the list of contacts. If a person responds to the call the power dialer instantly connects them with one of your call center representatives.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Power Dialer?

There are numerous advantages and drawbacks with making use of Power dialers. Let’s look at these.

Advantages of a Power Dialer

  • Prospects always speak to live sales reps. There is never an interruption at the beginning or end of the phone call.
  • Dialing efficiency. The power dialer is the most effective method of calling prospective customers with live agents. When the sales rep is available the power dialer contacts the next person.
  • Simple CRM integration. Power dialers have an integrated CRM system with a variety of popular CRM applications that make it simple to search, sort and separate your contacts.

Power dialers, similar to PhoneBurner are also equipped with useful features such as:

  • Playing testimonials during your sales call.  For instance, you could make use of a recorded testimonial from your client as a tool to increase sales on your call, while you’re in complete control.
  • Leaving a pre-recorded message when you reach a prospect’s voicemail, allowing you to be able to send the exact message that you’d like with just one click.
  • Skipping past each prospect’s voicemail, to ensure that you don’t need to wait to hear the recorded message or wait until you hear the sound to be heard when you drop your message.
  • Sending emails based on the call result, in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of prospecting outbound Any call can be concluded with an entirely customized email that is sent out in a matter of just a few seconds.

Disadvantages of a Power Dialer

  • You reach fewer prospects than auto dialers. Power dialing concentrates upon having a real-time representative throughout every call, meaning that it is impossible to make calls during times when agents are not busy.
  • They connect less qualified prospects to sales reps. Auto dialers require each prospect to demonstrate curiosity before they speak to an agent. Since this is not the case with power dialers, no action takes place with power dialers. The salespeople talk to a lot of leads who do not have a desire for the product they sell or services.

While auto dialers employ an all-one-size-fits-all-purpose approach Power dialers enable marketers to tailor their messages to every individual prospect in light of research or note-taking from calls in the past or other data that can be seen within the call window. This results in personalized messages and more effective interactions.

What is an Auto Dialer?

What is an Auto Dialer

Auto dialers are computer programs or software applications that call numbers automatically to determine if the call is either an answering service or person, and leaves a message and connects to a person.

Let us discuss how it feels to receive a phone call from an automatic dialer.

  1. If you receive a call from a person whose name and number that you don’t recognize. If you decide to respond and say “Hello?” it is met by a brief pause.
  2. And, much to your surprise you discover that there’s no live person at the other side of the phone. Instead the recorded voice announces that you’ve been accepted for the new credit card.
  3. The phone is hung up and you wish you hadn’t had it at all. If this is a familiar scenario then you’ve probably experienced the auto-dialer.

Even though the auto dialer may not be the best tool for making connections with prospects, let’s go deep into its advantages and drawbacks.

How does Auto Dialer Software work?

The process of setting up an automatic dialing program is simple. There are generally no other needs other than dialer software, an internet-connected computer or a voice modem and a phone line. One reason the use of VoIP is superior is the fact that the modem may be eliminated. The software that handles auto-dialing initially tells the computer which numbers to dial and what to do if it receives an unwelcome call (such as busy signals or automatic voice message).

Additionally, the software determines which number to call and how long it will take to talk to the system before it connects. Calls are typically answered in about 25 minutes, that’s about the equivalent of the time required for a telephone with four rings to be ringing four times. If calls go unanswered, they are routed to voicemail. The busy signals are discarded also.

A dialing system uses the following key technologies:

1. Voice broadcast This system is used primarily for marketing and sales calls, which work by auto-dialing with a prerecorded voice message. Marketing companies can save money by using pre recorded messages instead of live operators when making their sales pitches.
2. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Incoming callers can access information from pre-recorded messages with interactive voice response (IVR) without speaking to an agent or pulling up a menu. Your clients can communicate with specific departments and specialists via the touch-tone keypad or 0. An effective IVR system can help improve customer satisfaction and credibility of the customer service department. KPIs will be achieved with the support of this system.
3.  Answering machine detection This setting determines whether a machine answers the call or if it’s answered by a person. Users can pick what action to take when the machine answers their call. To accomplish that, a detection time of a minimum of five seconds must be attained. You can choose whether to mute the call or continue to play your message to your end users’ mailboxes if a machine is detected.
4. Call routing The software responds accordingly once it recognizes an answering machine or a person. With it, calls are queued up and distributed among teams of agents. Contact centers use call routing to manage high volumes of incoming calls, unlike call forwarding.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of An Auto Dialer?

There are many advantages and disadvantages in auto dialers. Let’s look at these.

Advantages of an auto dialer

  • Reduced agent idle time: Predictive dialers can reduce the time your agents are idle by placing the next call that is waiting for them to take, even before they finish the current call.

  • Less manual effort: Automated dialers save agents from spending lots of time manual dialing by bulk-dialing numbers in their database of callers simultaneously and automatically. If the list of contacts is at its limit in the process of calling the software for auto dialers, it alerts the supervisor, who then plans outbound calls accordingly.
  • Efficient lead conversion: Auto dialers that preview help agents concentrate on leads that are worth their time since they have all relevant information on each lead available to them prior to the call. Agents can use this information to connect with customers and customize each call — turning high-value leads to sales quickly.
  • Improved operational efficiency: Automated dialer software eliminates obstructions like long wait periods as well as misdialing, redirects and drop calls -significantly increasing the efficiency of your operation. By detecting busy signals, voicemails, or disconnecting numbers, automatic dialers guarantee only live calls that are connected are routed to the appropriate agents and can increase the number of calls connected to your line.
  • Campaign management: Intelligent auto dialers allow companies to manage and run multiple outbound campaigns at once. Decision makers can create reports in real time either for specific campaigns or all-inclusive and then adjust the reports automatically to meet particular requirements, like the time zones of campaigns or the integration of CRM programs.

Disadvantages of an Auto Dialer

  • Increases agent headcount: Contact centers should have sufficient agents to utilize auto dialers to their maximum capacity — especially predictive dialers because they dial numbers, but without taking availability of agents into account.

  • Errors in detecting calls accurately: Auto dialers can detect answering machines as well as disconnected phone numbers; they can fail to differentiate between the human voice and prerecorded messages that are sent to answering machines. In the end, voice messages or answering machines can be directed to live agents, which reduces their efficiency.
  • Predictive algorithms can falter: A predictive dialer employs specialized algorithms to determine when a client will be ready to make an in-person call, however it doesn’t always check the availability of the agent. If calls are made through the automated dialer on behalf of agents having queues that are jammed, the entire procedure of outbound calls is ineffective.

Final thoughts
Auto dialers use an all-one-size-fits-all-purpose approach Power dialers enable sellers to customize messages for the specific prospects by analyzing research or note-taking from calls in the past or other data that can be seen within the call window. This results in personalized messages and more effective interactions. If you’re looking to establish more connections with leads and convert more of those into paid customers, using a good power dialer is the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Different Types of Dialer?

There are 5 Types of Dialer : 

  • Auto Dialer
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Progressive Dialer
  • Preview Dialer
  • Power Dialer

What is Predictive Dialer

The term “predictive” is used which means that we need to decide on the number of outbound calls that are required to be made and when another call needs to be answered based on an agent’s availability. This is another commonly used technology used in call centers, particularly big call centers, which are prone to relying on the technique because they need to manage thousands of customers each day to generate leads.

What is the difference between predictive dialer and auto dialer?

Auto dialers are praised for their ability to manage the load through the assignment of connected calls to the available agents. Predictive dialers are the preferred choice when campaigns aim to boost connectivity. Auto dialers are suitable for teams that have less than eight agents, and for campaigns with a small list of contacts. Predictive dialer software is great for teams that have over eight employees as well as campaigns that feature high volumes of calls and rapid turnaround times.


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