What is level 3 communications VoIP?

Level 3 communications VoIP in 2019: What is it and why do you need it?

Level 3 communication VoIP is designed for call-center operators, voice portals, and conferencing providers. Level 3 sells voice and information services to other carriers, which then provide services to clients.

The way level 3 communication llc works are that toll-free voice calls that originate on the public switched telephone network (PSTN) are then changed to IP using the organization’s Softswitch technology. The traffic is transported over level 3’s multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) IP network.

Level 3 communication VoIP allows your company to access all the advanced features and capabilities of a traditional Centrex or PBX phone systems deployment. Your organization can realize significant cost savings compared to traditional analog or TDM services. VoIP expertise on-site is not necessary with level 3s communication VoIP news built-ready software with outsourced support-allowing advanced capabilities unknown by premise-based systems- like distributed deployments.

Typically level 3 communications is a leader in VoIP Softswitch capabilities offering business turnkey hosted VoIP software to meet vital performance requirements of companies and organizations.

What does level 3 communications phone mean?

Level 3 communications phone meaning

The reference of level 3 communications phone is found in the older volume of the Telecommunication Service Restoration manuals (TSP). Today, given the diversity of communications, this restoration priority is often referred to as level-3. Some commercial companies have started to use it. Level 3 (no dash) as a critical word meaning urgency.

A level-3 communications phone is not only used in the USA but also other countries. Level 3 can mean anything, depending on service carriers.

What is level 3 carrier?

Who owns level 3 communications VoIP

Level 3 Communications own level 3 communications VoIP. Level 3 Communications is an international telephone company specializing in internet access and telecommunications services. Its headquarters are at Broomfield, Colorado. Level 3 has Europe headquarters in London, Latin, England, and American headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

According to the company profile, Level 3s service include: specialized services to its customers, which include businesses, government agencies, and wholesale distributors. Among its offerings are transoceanic services that connect North America, broomfield colorado with Europe and Latin America.

The carrier provides several services;

  1. Wavelength services for companies and organizations that control their network internally
  2. High-speed connections to many networks, including the public telephone network, the internet, and competitors’ networks.
  3. Network management and design, installation, and continued monitoring of sophisticated systems.
  4. Storage centers for customers’ service and cloud hosting

In 2012 level 3 communication was appointed to host textPlus application. The app offered next-generation IP-based voice and messaging services, including short message service and telephone number services, Level 3 is a crucial contributor to the services textPlus provides. The application allows users to send and receive text messages and phone calls from a variety of connected devices inclusive of smartphones and tablets and is widely offered on platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

Advantages of level 3 communications VoIP: Unified communications benefits

Cloud-based voice communications have developed from a potentially promising concept to a critical system in today’s business environment. As a result of proven cost savings, increased flexibility, and improved scalability these systems bring to companies, many businesses have changed their communication systems management to cloud-based software. However, not all have made the transition, which puts their enterprise at a substantial competitive disadvantage in the market.

In this section, we will discuss why businesses should shift to a cloud voice platform and how level 3 communication VoIP can benefit your business.

Communication technologies keep on evolving as the needs and demands of enterprises changing. Today, enterprises are digital companies: their main products and services are connected digitally, and their customers demand a digital, self-service relationship. As a result, the responsibility of IT has changed from a necessity to a critical business driver. Today IT is responsible for delivering innovation and is expected to continue with the pace of change as voice services become software(Unified Communications, UCaaS) and migrate to the cloud.

Replacing outdated communication technologies and systems with level 3 communications llc VoIP applications is no doubt the top priority for many of today’s companies, mainly mid to large enterprises, since they start to realize the merits of the cloud and rapidly come to see the limitations of analog phone systems.

Level 3 communications VoIP and cloud-hosted solutions outshine traditional phone systems in various ways. Level 3 communications VoIP ensures that there is no unused bandwidth, wasted costs, and provide unified communication application. They also possess greater security via built-in redundancy, have more comprehensive disaster recovery alternatives, and provide a reliability that traditional systems cannot match. Besides, with the evolution of business and technology such as hybrid communication systems and network operators virtualization , analog phone solutions will not be able to keep up.

Tips to a successful transition to level 3 communications VoIP

Not all VoIP level 3 communications VoIP packages are built equal. Choosing the right VoIP provider and level 3 communication VoIP package needs careful consideration to make sure that the solution matches the needs of your company depending on the business’s size, budget, industry, residential VoIP and other factors.

A company should also consider a number of vital factors when making a decision. These include but are not limited to: a large underlying network footprint, a clear history of delivering quality service, virtualized web-scale software, the ability to automate, a feature set designed to meet the present and future needs and integrate back-office systems through APIs.

Apart from these factors, it is also necessary for organizations to strike the right balance between competing priorities guarantee a smooth and successful upgrade. These include:

  1. How to build a consistently exceptional user and customer experience.
  2. How to reduce the overall cost of operations without affecting reliability
  3. How to simplify the purchasing model, particularly for multinational businesses(single contracts and SLAs, standard features, shared calling resources, multi-regional invoicing and currencies)
  4. The ability to keep on using legacy equipment and transition to new technology on the business’s timetable, not the carrier’s

Level 3 communication solutions to level up your communication

Companies looking to level up their cloud communications also require to understand that it is not sufficient to merely browse via various applications. It is also crucial that they have access to a trusted carrier who can help them in their digital transformation strategy. This is where level 3 communications can provide their applications to assist businesses to get and stay connected.

As a premier provider of global communication service, Level 3 Communications has a complete portfolio of enterprise voice services and software, which aims to enhance external and internal communications, security products and efficiency, and offer cost savings. Level 3 communications VoIP services include the following:

  1. Level 3 Voice Complete- suitable for companies that want to make a gradual transition from legacy services to more efficient unified company communications systems and companies that specialize in media and entertainment. This application combines ISDN-PRI and SIP, outbound and inbound calling, and a range of business VoIP features and capabilities.
  2. Level 3 managed web, video, audio, and event conferencing: This is a complete package of conferencing software that enhances the collaboration experience.
  3. Level 3 control center services_ This is a private cloud solution that provides a comprehensive set of services designed to transform outdated, premise-based operations in cost-efficient call center and contact centers enhancing the brand and agent performance and consumer satisfaction.
  4. Level 3 managed voice migration(Professional Services) business solutions: With this facility, organizations can stay focused on their operations, whereas Level 3 experts implement a phased and developed migration approach. The service includes all aspects of migration, from managing many vendors to integrate legacy and new technologies across many sites.
  5. Skype for business managed by level 3 communications: This software combines the robust features of Skype for companies with level 3 communications IP network storage, SIP, content delivery, conferencing and data center services, and security.
  6. Level 3 Voice Complete telephony( hybrid Cloud PBX): Accessible for companies in the United Kingdom that need to free themselves from the troubles of managing their voice infrastructure. This software is a fully managed and hosted telephony solution that comes with technical support.

Level 3 communications also offer standard competitive local, toll-free, long-distance, international inbound, freephone, and international outbound and inbound services.

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