Preview Dialer: The auto dialer software for you?

According to PC Magazine, a preview dialer, just like any other automatic telephone dialing system dials phone numbers from a predetermined list. The difference is that this dialer presents the call center agent with prior information about the client to be called and needs a response of whether to call the customer or not to call. 

Depending on the outbound campaign settings, the preview dialer allows the automatic delivery of numbers to the agents. The call agents then get time to review contact information before making a call and thus preparing themselves for better customer engagement. 

This dialer is all about making an educated decision whether to call or skip the number of a particular client based on the set parameters. The campaign settings will determine which phone number to prioritize while making outbound calls and which numbers to skip. 

The goal here is to increase the chances of making sales by prioritizing numbers that are more promising. The call agents who already have done some research on the number are better placed to deal with the prospective client. 

Unlike the progressive dialer, the preview dialer gives the call agents a choice to either continue with the automated call or skip it. Progressive dialers and predictive dialers automatically calls the next phone number on the list without the decision of the call agent. 

How a preview dialer works in a contact center?

Preview dialer software: how it works?

Call centers make a huge number of calls on a daily basis, and outbound dialers are a key tool for increasing productivity. Regardless of the business size, getting the preview of the details of a prospective client can push your calling campaigns to the extra mile that it needs. The preview dialer works in the following way:

The system picks a customer’s record from a prepared list of leads and suggests the lead details, which usually includes the call history to a sales agent. After reviewing the information, the call center agent decides whether to call the specific client or to skip to the next customer. 

So in the first step, target contacts are presented to a qualified agent. Next, the agent is required to review the presented information of each contact. After that, click to call is activated, and the workflow of the call agent is presented. After this, the call is then connected, and the agent interacts with the customer. Alternatively, the agent leaves a customized message on the answering machine for the customer. The same automation process continues, and more contacts are fetched and delivered. 

This sort of setup is great for large, small, and midsized businesses. It is specifically great for campaigns that involve complex sales where customer research is key before phone calls. 

The benefits of a preview dialing system

Why businesses should adopt the preview dialing system?

Preview dialing is a very effective outbound dialing tool. This auto dialer software is perfect for all business sizes, and your outbound contact center will definitely benefit from it. Below are the major benefits of the preview dialing system:

With preview dialer, you can say goodbye to dropped calls

Dropped calls in the sales translates to lost leads. The preview dialing system ensures that this never happens. Apart from lost leads, dropped calls can affect the spirit and confidence of the call center agent.

The preview dialer has no delays in connection

The main reason why people hang-up is that the calls take a long time to get connected. This makes them frustrated to tells them their being called by a telemarketer, yet they are not interested in buying anything. The preview dialing system has no delays, and therefore, the agent gets in contact with the prospective client immediately. 

The preview dialing system improves customer engagements

It is always handy when the call agent knows some background information about the prospect. This makes the agents more prepared to handle the client at a more personalized level, thereby improving customer engagements. The preview dialer makes this possible. This setup is particularly helpful for the outbound contact center that calls thousands of people on a daily basis. 

The preview dialing system increases the efficiency of call agents

The call center agents are in a better position to achieve their goals if they have some prior insights before getting on a call with a prospect. The software gives the agents the upper hand before the interaction with a client. With this system, you empower agents. 

The preview dialer is cost-effective

In any business, a cost-effective option is usually the preferred option. An all-inclusive call center software will save you a lot of money and also work well with your business phone system.

The preview dialer carries a lot of the load

The telemarketing business is a hard one. A preview dialer goes a long way in helping the call agent in performing their duties and attaining their targets. This technology should not be missing in your business phone system. 

The difference between a preview dialer and other automated dialers

Preview vs. Progressive vs. Predictive

We have discussed what a preview dialer is and the benefits it has to the business. Now let us look at how preview dialers compare with the other automated dialers, progressive dialers, and predictive dialers. 

Progressive dialers

A progressive dialer is the traditional concept of an auto dialer. That is, when one call ends, another call is dialed automatically by the system without waiting for any green light from the operator. This removes the risk of making a mistake while dialing a number from the list and also the tedious process of manual dialing. Unlike the preview dialer, call agents here have no say whether to dial or skip a number.

With progressive dialer, the system dials a customer number ones a free agent is available to attend to them, whereas in the preview dialer, it is the agents that prompts the system to call a specific client. In both cases, the customer is assured of getting in contact with a sales representative immediately. 

When it comes to customer engagement, both progressive and preview dialers achieve this. However, the interactions of preview dialers are more personalized as the call agent has more information. A satisfied client is always a good referral program for the business. 

Predictive dialer

Predictive dialers do not also give the call agent the choice of whether to call or skip a number. Rather they queue up the next call like progressive dialers. The difference with a predictive dialer is that it does not wait for a call to end to initiate a new call. 

The high dialing rate, however, is calculated. The system predicts, using the average call duration, the next time a call agent will be ready to answer the next call. Immediately an agent answers any inbound calls; the predictive dialer estimates the time the call will end and dials another number. When the first call ends, the agent is automatically connected to the next call.

Unlike the preview dialer, no time is lost in between calls. However, there is a delay during the connection when no free agent is available. This results in reduced customer satisfaction. 

The best dialer software for your business

The nature of your calling campaigns is a key determining factor in the type of dialer software to choose from. The available auto dialer varieties include the preview dialer, progressive dialer, predictive dialer, and the TCPA. 

If customer engagements are a key aspect of your calling campaigns, then a dialer software that gives special attention to quality customer interaction is important. In this case, a preview dialer or a progressive dialer will be ideal. If you run a phone bank for someone vying for a political seat, for example, you will need a virtual phone bank plus CRM integration, something similar to NGP vans. There are also additional features such as click-to-call, voice broadcast, safe dial, time zone conscious feature, and answering machine detection that you should ask about. 

Getting the right phone dialer is as crucial as getting the right business VoIP. A leading provider for this software will always offer the best services. 

How much does an auto dialer cost?

Again, the calling campaigns have a say on the amount of money you will invest in an auto dialer. If you want one outbound call at a time, then you will have to go for a standard version, which is a few hundred dollars. If you want advanced features like a power dialer that is capable of handling thousands of automated outbound calls, then you have to pay thousands of dollars. 

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