How is Technology Used in Business?

Best way to incorporate technology into our enterprises

Research and development

Many businesses use technology for research and development purposes. Business success requires you to make extensive research on various factors, for example, you need to know what your customers want, and the best way to collect this type of information is by using internet technology. Study customer needs and desires, and use that information to scale out your businesses based on your customer desires. Research seeks to discover knowledge, so it helps a business owner know which product or service to give their customers. Both research and development are the ”backbone” of every business. If you don’t gather facts about your customer’s needs, business competitors and market behavior, then it will be challenging for you to succeed in this highly competitive business world.


One of the primary uses of technology in business is to increase production. The production process has three stages and these include;

Planning to produce

This stage determines the sequences of operations needed to complete a given task. Planning is the backbone of all production system. So before you start using technology to produce any product or service, you have to plan.

Producing the product or service

This stage involves changing the form of materials to add to their worth or value. Some of these activities include; locating and securing documents, producing the required stock and manufacturing the product.

Maintaining quality

Since customers need systems or products to meet their needs and wants, businesses have to keep the worth of these products and services. Quality control includes policies and programs which ensure the outputs of technological systems meet engineering standards and customer expectations. So after producing products or services, a technical team will need to inspect the quality of all products and services. This inspection process involves comparing of materials and products with set quality standards.

In all these stages, technology has to be used, for example, in the planning stage, we can use computer-aided design (CAD) to create 3D models on computers, the development process also uses these 3D designs, then in the production process. A business can use Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) or Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) systems to simplify the means of production and also reduce labor costs.


Producing the best products and services will not guarantee business success. You need to use technology to promote your services and products. Many small businesses have resorted to internet technology to reach big masses of consumers online. Internet marketing is affordable, and if you execute it well, its impacts can be significant. You can use social media marketing networks like Facebook to reach targeted consumers. On Facebook, you will be in a position to scale adverts basing on consumers interests, so in this case, your adverts will only be seen by people with enthusiasm and desire for your product or service. Another great advertising program is Google Adwords, with this media; Google search engine users will understand your advert, adverts placed in Google search results tend to convert into more sales than social media adverts because people who use search engines are always searching for products or services. Social Media are right when it comes to brand awareness. The results will happen in the long run.  As an advertiser, you can use both Facebook and Google ad platforms at a minimal cost, and you will determine how much money you will pay per click or impression. If you’re new to online marketing, stick to 3rd party advertising media like to handle your social media presence.

Control Financial Activities

Businesses today utilize technology to manage their finance and payment processes. The use of Electronic point of sale systems (EPOS) and Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale (EFTPOS) simplifies the way transactions done in retail stores; some businesses use online payment systems like Paypal to accept payments for their services or products. This payment processes can improve a business’s customer care department because customers you will be catering to your customers’ needs by offering various payment systems. When it comes to accounting and tracking of inventory, different accounting software is used to accomplish these tasks, which saves business owners time and money.

 Human Resources Management

Business owners and human resource managers are resorting to internet technology to hire and interview potential job applicants. Today we have many job portals where companies list different types of jobs, applicants can easily find their areas of interest, and then they can apply for these jobs online. Job portals like, allow job applicants post their resumes online, this makes it easy for screening purposes because the human resource manager will have a wide selection of job applicants and they will also have enough time to screen every resume.


New technologies like electronic mails, e-fax, cell phones, video conferencing tools, text messaging and social networks have simplified the way business owners communicate with their teams and customers. These advanced communication tools are relevant in the customer care department. If your customers find it easy to contact you and get a response on time, they will gain confidence whenever they deal with you, and this will help your business grow and expand. Also, communication technology aids in the flow of information within an organization, data can be shared across departments using electronic mail or text messaging services, this process will create a certain degree of efficiency within a business, and it also helps in the decision making process.

Secure Business Data and Information

Many businesses are using technology to secure business data, today; we have more than one cloud data hosting service, but the most reliable and popular cloud hosting services include; and Data hosted on these cloud servers is encrypted so online hackers can’t access it. Then some small business owners who fear to organize their data with cloud hosting companies have resorted to in-house cloud data hosting devices.

Improve Competitiveness

Small businesses have had a chance to gain a competitive advantage in highly competitive markets. If a small business implement technology aptly, it can produce the best products based on their customer needs and wants. They can also use technology to deliver services and products to potential customers on time. Many well-established companies ignore customer needs, so they end up losing potential customers to small enterprises which take time to understand each of their customer needs and wants. We live in a world where products and services are supposed to be tailored based on what customers want.

Types of Business Technology

10  Essential Business Technologies You Need

Top Companies depend on technology for pretty much every part of their business. Although there are numerous sorts of Technology accessible, going advanced doesn’t need to threaten entrepreneurs. Below is a list of 10 technologies you can apply in your business- if you’re not already doing that. 

Task Management Tools 

These tools are a simple, cost-proficient path for entrepreneurs to spare time and cash. Any instrument that enables you to track an errand carefully, as opposed to physically, is an incredible aid to occupied entrepreneurs who need to spare time imparting and following their work and crafted by their representatives. 

Online assignment administration devices can enable you to remain over your daily agendas, venture advancement, and timetables. You can set programmed updates and updates with the goal that you don’t need to invest energy in checking every easily overlooked detail by hand.

Phone Systems 

The kind of telephone that your folks and grandparents utilized may have functioned admirably before, however, there are a lot more alternatives that are currently accessible. Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) is well known because it works through the Internet, which gets a good deal on local, national, and universal calls. Picking a business class telephone supplier can offer plenty of highlights to streamline correspondence and give you a more elevated amount of control amid telephone calls. A few models incorporate three-way calling, call hold, call forward, phone message interpretation, and meeting call. 

Email and Social Marketing 

Today, some day by day you can robotize “occupied work” assignments so entrepreneurs can center around more intuitive tasks. Email advertising frameworks (EMS, for example, Aweber and MailChimp enable you to effectively keep your email endorsers educated of news about your business and necessary arrangements and advancements. Shockingly better, numerous EMS stages will likewise push out your email pamphlet to your interpersonal organizations, so you don’t need to post alone. 

Web-based life Scheduling Tools 

Entrepreneurs know the imperative significance of utilizing internet-based life to interface with their imminent customers and clients. Shockingly, getting via web-based networking media over and over again can be a period deplete. 

Web-based social networking planning apparatuses, for example, Buffer and HootSuite enable you to plan presents on the go out on the coveted dates and times, without setting foot on the real internet based life destinations themselves, keeping away from that diversion. You can likewise review a week’s or month’s posts ahead of time, at the same time, and after that utilization these booking frameworks to siphon out your advancements right when you need them so you can develop your business without investing energy excessively in online networking. 

Inventory Control System 

In case your business offers products, you might need to investigate a stock control framework. These frameworks monitor each thing in your stock, guaranteeing you don’t come up short, nor you arrange excessively. At the point when new stock arrives, the framework is refreshed to mirror the increases, and when you sell, there is a deduction from the sums. 

Booking Meetings 

Setting up meetings can mean heaps of messaging forward and backward to discover come up with an agreed time. Planning devices like Calendly and Acuity can help computerize the way toward setting up gatherings. You can send the other individual your connection, and they pick from the accessible occasions to meet. 

Getting e-Signatures 

When you require e-marks on contracts, HelloSign or DocuSign can assist. Transfer your archive, note where marks are necessary, include the correct email address, and the framework will send it to you! No more bothering individuals for signatures or trusting the mail station is as yet open so that you can get an agreement out in a rush. 

Customer Relationship Management

Client relationship administration (CRM)  alludes to practices, procedures, and Technologies that organizations use to oversee and examine client associations and information all through the client lifecycle, with the objective of enhancing client benefit connections and aiding client maintenance and driving deals development. 

CRM frameworks assemble client information crosswise over various platforms – or purposes of contact between the client and the organization; and this includes the organization’s site, phone, live talk, standard mail, advertising materials, and internet-based life. CRM frameworks can likewise give client confronting staff nitty-gritty data on clients’ close to home data, buy history, purchasing inclinations and concerns. 

Computers and Software 

Personal computers stacked with office and efficiency programming bundles enable specialists to compose letters, investigate money related data, send and get messages, and plan deals introductions. 

Efficiency apparatuses, for example, Microsoft Word, a word preparing bundle, and Microsoft Excel, a monetary spreadsheet framework, can perform a large number of the most widely recognized assignments a private company requires. Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote enable clients to plan proficient looking deals introductions rapidly and effortlessly. 

Records Collaboration 

When you have to team up with others, record sharing frameworks, for example, Google Drive and Dropbox are an absolute necessity. These advanced instruments guarantee that everybody is working from a similar rendition of the same record. It additionally keeps everybody’s inbox from getting stopped up with various adaptations of a related document. 

You can work continuously with one another or go in at your relaxation to perceive what work individuals have included. You could utilize it inside with your very own group, or you could even use these sorts of instruments with customers and merchants to monitor what everybody needs and needs.

Role Of Technology in Business

10 Important Roles of Technology in Business

Below is a list that will encourage both small and large enterprises on reasons why they need technology in their daily activities.

Technology Enhances Business Communication. 

Organizations depend on a few parts of Technology for correspondence, for example, email, Skype, texting, business telephones, video conferencing Technology, and so on. Correspondence breakdowns can prompt fiascos for organizations and representatives. Innovation can help with guaranteeing that you are set up for even the most troublesome correspondence hindrances. 

Technology builds productivity. 

It’s a well-known fact that there have been some impressive mechanical progressions as of late. Headways, for example, Lifesize’s video conferencing Technology and Zulty’s VOIP telephone cloud arrangement are deliberately intended to enhance productivity and lessen lazing in the workplace. 

New Developments Secure Critical Resources. 

Digital assaults are developing at a disturbing rate. So too are the astonishing digital security resistances, for example, Sophos’ Deep Learning Technology. During a time where essential business resources are put away in the cloud or on endpoints, it is vital that organizations utilize security Technology to ensure those advantages. 

Technology is on Demand by Workers. 

The job of Technology in business isn’t new, yet it is extending. Representatives anticipate that their bosses will furnish them with the most recent and most prominent Technology which will, thus, enable them to be fruitful in satisfying their activity duties. It is difficult to contend with organizations that utilize Technology progressions entirely when your very own business is slacking in their Technology. 

With Technology, There Are No Constraints. 

Organizations the country over are assorted in requirements, culture, and training. Advances in Technology can enable organizations to address these distinctions dissimilar to ever previously. There is no restriction on what can be defined by a business that utilizes a fruitful Technology plan. 

Technology Keeps Representatives Locked In. 

Innovation keeps representatives occupied with a wide range of ways. It enables representatives to work from home to work. It empowers joint effort between associates in organizations through devices, for example, document sharing. It enhances correspondence. It lessens worry by enabling you to plan critical due dates and gatherings on your electronic schedule. It likewise gives representatives adaptability to perform work works on your cell phone. 

Vast Amounts of New Assets Exist That Can Enhance Your Business. 

Technology is developing quickly, costs are dropping, and new advancements always come up. If you haven’t been reliably paying a keen mind to new technology to help your business, the odds are that you have missed something. Most Public Schools found the need to thoroughly redo their technology and have since delighted in an improved educational system. There positively are technology arrangements out there that can improve your business. 

Technology is Essential for Success. 

In any case, technology is fundamental to business achievement. Representatives depend on it for everyday tasks. Outside organizations, customers, and forthcoming customers assess you on your utilization of technology. HR depends on technology to prepare and create workers. Bookkeeping workers depend on technology to finish finance and execute necessary money related administration capacities. Administration depends on technology to speak with those they direct. Without technology, organizations would result in all likelihood neglect to achieve all that there is to do. 

Technology expands the limit of organizations. 

Technology enables organizations to contact more individuals in less time. You can utilize an assortment of technology mediums to speak with your customers, potential customers, and professionals in the business. A good example is using technology to have a month to month online classes, to convey e-bulletins, and distribute news and web journals. Innovation additionally expands the limit of organizations to cooperate through Technology, for example, CRM’s. 

Technology spares time and cash.

Presently technology has taken over a large number of the usual assignments that workers used to perform. This situation enables representatives to center their time somewhere else around more critical obligations. It can set aside some cash by decreasing worker costs and enhancing profitability.

Business Technology Trends

7 Latest Trends in Business Technology

Here are some of the 7 latest trends that are under implementation in the business technology sector:

Huge Data to Control an Intelligent Framework

Data is something that all organizations have and their most critical asset. Extensive data was made to break down and deal with the broad measure of carefully accessible data, whose essential goal is to settle on more astute choices and more accurate forecasts for organizations. 

Machine learning

Also known as robotized learning, machine learning is relied upon to act as a device that enables organizations to acquire more noteworthy business esteem and advantage from the information they officially claim. 

It’s vital to realize how to utilize them, amass them in bunches and make projective learning models by creating calculations that make the analysis and advantage from the accessible data conceivable. This way you can distinguish similar standards of conduct and make more precise expectations. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Creating wise frameworks that can run freely and self-adjust will be an essential objective for innovation specialists and providers. Interests in AI made by associations should center around masterminding and coordinating information, making calculations, choosing preparing procedure, and making models. 

Use of Blockchain 

The blockchain is an upright computerized record of monetary exchanges that can be modified to record budgetary transfers as well as everything of value. 

Edge Computing 

IT specialists are looking to make a unique and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) limits in a domain on the open cloud. Edge figuring was made to reform the common thought behind the cloud storage. It alludes to the intensity of information preparing around a system, rather than taking care of it in a cloud or focal information vault. 

Each connection in the chain works freely and can figure out what data ought to be put away locally and what transfers to the cloud for its later utilize. 

The Internet of Things (IoT)

 The Internet of Things has been a standout amongst the most well-known terms in recent years in the innovation business. It alludes to the systems administration of a wide range of things through the Internet. It intends to influence gadgets to speak with one another and, accordingly, turned out to be more smart and free. 


Safeguarding an organization’s information and data has turned into a definite need. Shielding data and keeping it a long way from any conceivable assault is vital. That is the reason why cybersecurity is one of the quickest developing regions in the Information Technology Sector. 

It consolidates an arrangement of devices and tech arrangements devoted to ensuring data resources in an advanced organization. Cybersecurity will be critical for every one of the patterns above, and also how they cooperate.

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