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Press release

To set up a briefing or to obtain media credential for the FlashMob I event, contact Gary McDonald at 415-422-2699.

FlashMob Scoreboard

This release of the FlashMob software is designed as a proof-of-concept to confirm that the software works and on a variety of hardware. We are interested in any performance numbers you get from running the software on a single node or across multiple nodes.

In the very near future, we will make releases that attempt to maximize the best Gflop number. Stay tuned!

Mob Results

NameEquipmentGFLOPsResults submitted
USF60 x 1.0 GHz P3
120 processes with 200 megs per process
46.8March 27, 2004
USF32 x 2.0 GHz P442.0March 21, 2004
USF32 x 2.0 GHz P430.0March 21, 2004
USF60 x 1.0 GHz P3 200M RAM per process29.88March 21, 2004
USF16 x 2.0 GHz P411.3March 21, 2004
Greg White9 x 2.4-3.06 GHz 100MB network7.161March 23, 2004
USF8 x 2.0 GHz P45.7March 21, 2004
Pat Miller2 x P4 @ 3GHz, 1 P4@1.8GHz, 1 Celeron@2.4GHz2.9March 24, 2004
Scott Dougan2 x 2.6GHz P42.536March 27, 2004
Aaron Murray2Ghz Celeron, 1.8GHz P4, 1.8GHz Mobile P42.345April 3, 2004
Kyle Hamilton2 x 2GHz Celeron over a 10 Megbit Cisco Network1.145March 22, 2004
Dave Dobbs1.7 GHz P4 + 1.1GHz Celeron1.093March 29, 2004
Vishal Sahay2 x 2.4GHz P4 512M RAM0.9055March 27, 2004

Single Machine Results

NameEquipmentGFLOPsResults submitted
Pat Miller3.06GHz Xeon (512 cache) 1G RAM3.384March 30, 2004
Scott Dougan3.124GHz P4 (hyperthreading)1.836March 23, 2004
Yiping ZhangP4 @ 2.8GHz 1GB dual channel DDR3200 memory1.756March 24, 2004
Dave Benson2.8GHz P4 (hyper-threading)1.721March 23, 2004
David Thomas2.8GHz Prescott P4 1G DDR3200 RAM1.624March 31, 2004
A PolitGQ 2.8GHz P4/533 FSB laptop1.615March 25, 2004
Orange BuffaloP4 2.66Ghz1.59March 25, 2004
Scott Dougan2.4GHz P4 (hyperthreading)1.488March 23, 2004
Deniz Efendioglu2.4GHz P41.442March 28, 2004
Craig Humphrey1.7GHz1.426March 30, 2004
Vishal Sahay1.7GHz 2G RAM1.42March 27, 2004
Jeff Buckwalter2.2GHz P41.329April 2, 2004
dnode1.984GHz P41.241April 2, 2004
Rhys SmithOne 2.0GHz Intel Pentium Four Mobile (P4M)1.218March 22, 2004
Aaron Murray1.8GHz P4 256M RAM1.203April 3, 2004
Kyle Hamilton2GHz Celeron1.172March 22, 2004
Aaron Murray2GHz Celeron 256M RAM1.103April 3, 2004
Aaron Murray1.8GHz Mobile P4 512M RAM1.087April 3, 2004
Dave Dobbs1.7GHz P41.076March 29, 2004
Vishal Sahay2.4GHz 512M RAM1.039March 27, 2004
Rudd Stevens1.6MHz P4 Laptop1.014March 26, 2004
Dave Dobbs1.1GHz Celeron0.61March 29, 2004
Scott Dougan731MHz Celeron 256M RAM.4817March 26, 2004
Dave Benson633MHz Celeron.4671March 23, 2004

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