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Press release

To set up a briefing or to obtain media credential for the FlashMob I event, contact Gary McDonald at 415-422-2699.

FlashMob Schedule

The following is a schedule of the day's events. Your computer(s) must be part of the FlashMob Supercomputer to participate in the day's activities. Our goal is to make the event fun, educational, family friendly, and an all around good time for everyone. In addition we want the event to be both safe and a success so we have a couple of important ground rules that everyone must follow. If you can't abide please don't plug in!!

  1. Before the benchmarking begins at 11AM, we must secure the gym. Everyone must exit the gym while the benchmarking is going on. There is a large viewing area, and we have an exciting day's worth of fun activities, but during the benchmark you will not be allowed on the gym floor for any reason.
  2. Once the benchmark begins, under no circumstances will you be allowed to unplug your computer until the benchmark ends. (Everyone's computer runs as one, so if you unplug your computer the entire system will immediately and unconditionally fail.). In the event of an emergency, we will take responsibility for returning your computer to you after benchmarking.
  3. Immediately after the benchmark, we will announce the results and you may pickup your computers. But not before.

During the benchmarking we will have lectures, round table talks, an exhibit hall, an XBox tournament, frisbee, internet access, etc. There will be plenty to do and see.

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Here's what's currently planned:

Koret Gym
University Center: Parina Lounge
University Center: Parina Lounge
Harney Science Hall Room 232
Harney Science Hall Room 127
8 AM
Doors Open
8 AM
Installation and testing
9 AM
10 AM
Exhibit Hall Opens
NEGL XBox Gaming Tournament
11 AM
Benchmarking Begins -- Koret Floor Cleared -- Restricted Access Until Benchmark Completes
11 AM
Benchmark Runs

Exhibit Hall Open


XBox Gaming Tournament

Basic Parallel Programming
Roland Krause
Weidlinger Associates Inc
The Future of Supercomputing Using Ethernet
Ian Gray
Foundry Networks
10 Years TOP500
Erich Strohmaier
1 PM
The Amazing History of Supercomputing
Eugene Miya (NASA and the Computer History Museum)
Common-Off-The-Shelf Technologies in High Performance Computing
Mark Gantly (Hewlett-Packard)
2 PM
The Evolution of Single System Image Supercomputers
William Thigpen (NAS Engineering Branch, NASA Ames)
The Architecture, Programming and Applications of Clusters
Nan Boden (Myricom, Inc)
3 PM
Building Big Data Servers for the Internet
Jim Gray
Microsoft Research
OK, maybe it was a computer, but a parallel, clustered supercomputer?

Benjamin Wells
4 PM
Archiving the Internet on a Petabyte Machine
Brewster Kahle
Internet Archive
5 PM
Exhibit Hall Closes
What Supercomputers Still Can't Do
Horst Simon
6 PM
Benchmarking Ends -- Results Announced -- Check Out -- Unplug Laptops -- Celebrate
7 PM
- 10 PM
LAN Party!
Volunteer Party!

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